It’s kind of funny how a massive GLC like MAS cannot come up with some identity and positioning that they can call their own. I mean, looking at what they’ve been doing the past few months, have they run out of ideas? Look at some of the things that they have done to “copy” others:

1) The use of Everyday Low Fares… original……
2) The use of red in their ads? Wow, again….how original…..
3) Low fare offerings….what’s the point? Is that the new business model?
4) MHInsure…..sounds very much like GoInsure…..again… original…..
5) Hot food on board? Wow… they were the first…..WHATEVER!!!……

Very soon, they’re probably going to say “Now Everyone Can Fly Too”, and they may also well brand their nasi lemak on-board. They definitely won’t have a problem branding their roti jala if they ever do serve it.

This brings me to my ultimate point…… original?????



  1. This show AirAsia marketing is showing a strong impact to the market, see how people imitating AirAsia’s idea to their bussiness, they are just out of idea to do publicity, that’s why.

  2. I actually think they’ve been quite smart in that sense, especially in their low fares campaign – you get great service, decent food you dont have to pay for, seating preference, an aerobridge so you dont have to walk in the hot sun or get drenched if it rains, decent punctuality (as oppose to annoying delays being served cheapo food while waiting), all at maybe a little bit higher cost, but hey, beats having to deal with the turbulence and dodgy AirAsia landings.

    In the end, marketing gets the word out, but cant beat the actual experience. And I think we’re all mature enough to admit that you cant expect much for the price that you pay so its pretty much personal preference.

  3. Redzuan Hanafi Reply

    No doubt AA is doing a great job. But if something is successful there are bound to be others who would follow suit.

    MAS is a business so they’ll do whatever they think will work even if it means “copying”? After all they have people to answer to, and I’m sure no one will care if at the end of the day they turn a profit! Seems to me that’s what is most important to all these big businesses these days. Unfortunately.

    The challenge is not about being original or not, but to deliver what is promised. If MAS thinks they can, let’s just wait and see….

  4. I used to love MAS not less than AirAsia. It used to be a proud airline, until it make itself another cheap airline.

    MAS has been successful in being one of the few 5 Star airline awarded by Skytrax. It should be well positioned to take on international challenge, go heads on with big boys like Cathay Pacific, SIA, Aseania and other 5 Star airline. Deliver value added service to customer at a premium price to achieve high margin. Look at how SIA lauch it’s all biz class A340 flights to LA & NY. There are definitely demand in the luxury/premium travel market, and with the reputation and quality of service which MAS has built, they should be targeting that blue ocean, and leave the low cost sector to AirAsia.

    AirAsia is no doubt the most successful budget airline in the region. They have the widest network coverage, and the on-time performance is also improving. Much more value added service are introduced at a price. When travelers are here in Asia, they thought of AirAsia. Even a few of my colleague on business trip fly AirAsia for short trip to Bali/Phuket/Bangkok/younameit. While they arrive here in MAS from Europe/Australia in business travel.

    That should be the way to go. MAS cater for high margin Biz Travel while AirAsia cater to the budget travel. In that way, both company can assist each other instead of going into war, and make KLIA as well as other Malaysia Airport stand out in the world.

    Hope the MAS management can see the point, leave the bloody red ocean and venture into a brand new blue ocean. Afterall, the world is going into M-shape society, while MAS capture the wealthy, AirAsia capture the low-cost market, creating a vibrant Aviation industry in Malaysia.

  5. Follow AirAsia Tag Line, the colour, marketing style is nothing new. But they are still far behine AirAsia online booking compare to firefly (always no flight) and mas (even everyday low fare, I’m not even manage to get one ticket for my desire destination).

    To AirAsia keep up the good job.

  6. AA also copied from other companies. It is the cycle of life and business.

    Anyway,everybody can fly .. kite..

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