As we flew on flight no. AK5104 on 24th May 2009 @ 1110 hrs…we thought that it will just be another ordinary flight to Kota Kinabalu. Boy, we were wrong. Why?

1) We had ordered online the famous Nasi Lemak Pak Nasir and found that it lives up to its name as it tastes really good and for RM6, it’s one cheap sky high meal.

2) We had a really great time with the cabin crew with the likes of Melissa D’Cruz, Shazlin, Ayu & Tracy…..They are not only a pretty face but also fun and warmth. Thank you ladies. May we meet again some day.

3) Flight activities. I was the chosen one to sing on the ‘air’….Whooohoooo…I didn’t know that I still have it and made some new fans on ‘air’…. : ) Vote me in for AirAsia Idol ok… : )

4)Enjoying the time with the crew at the kitchen….having titbits and chit chatting….not to forget those career enquiries….how on earth we can missed out on giving out our business cards to you girls.

5) Last but not least…we had a group photo with the crew and still figuring out how to send those authentic photos to the crew….

Thats me in the pink polo shirt!

Take care AirAsia and keep up those creative ideas and out-of-the norm activities….

Moreeza Mohamad & Friends



  1. wei brader, layan awek air asia tak ajak aa. aku ingat diorang ni reject2 mas, tapi nampak bolehla nak bawa ke majlis ha ha.

    bila mau minum ni? xxrizalxx

  2. Moreeza Reply

    Whooooohuuu…what a surprise…ada gak member comment post aku dlm blog air asia ni…bangga juga….ni buat semangat nak hantar post lagi ni….ok, nanti aku balik kita pi minum orait….

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