Location of where we sit on long-haul flights plays a bigger part in the overall experience and comfort for our guests. We have thus provided options for those that want seats that provide benefits including extra leg-room, located near exit doors, near lavatories (some prefer to be far from them!), and those with baby bassinets. These are what we term our HOT SEATS.

Our guests have the option of pre-selecting their seats according to their preferences, before they fly. Based on numerous feedback received, Iā€™d like to use this platform to provide more information on our HOT economy seats.

The full seat map for our A330 and A340 (according to scale, identifying all the locations of the hot seats, exit doors, lavatories and bassinets) is available in my other blog post (Finally, New Seats for AirAsia X).

Here are some pictures of hot seats at different locations.

This is the picture of seats 7A, 7B, and 7C. These hot seats have more legroom than regular seats, but not the most legroom. Their main advantage is the location right in the front of the economy section, enabling convenient boarding and disembarkation. The extra legroom is comparable to other seats in row 7. The equivalent seats on the A340 Europe aircraft are the seats in rows 1 and 16.

My personal opinion is that the best hot seats are seats 15H, 15J, and 15K shown here. They have maximum legroom being next to the second set of exit doors ā€“ and therefore also convenient for boarding/disembarkation, and near a lavatory and food galley. There are no direct equivalent seats on our A340.

These are seats 17A, 17B and 17C which are also very good. They have more legroom than row 7. Its also similarly conveniently located as row 15. Its near a lavatory ā€“ which can be a positive or negative. The lavatory door is discretely facing the exit door, away from the seat.

Seats 16D, 16F, 16G are also similar to seats 17ABC in terms of legroom and location convenience. They are in the middle section and are best for baby bassinet.

Similar in generous legroom as 16DFG are seats 34DFG, except the location is further behind the aircraft. Here you can also see views of seats 35ABC and seats 35 HJK, which again, have maximum legroom because they are next to exit doors. On the A340 aircraft for Europe service, the equivalent seats are in row 27.

Another view of seats 35HJK (equivalent to 35ABC):

Besides having these HOT SEATS that offer extra comfort and convenience, we have many more ideas on how to improve the overall experience. One of our upcoming projects that we are studying is how we can tailor different zones of to suit guest preferences, e.g., a quiet, no-kids zone, or a social zone (how about speed dating games?) I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can make our long-haul flights more comfortable and fun by managing where people sit onboard.


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  1. Hi Azran,

    What a good idear creating different zones such as the one you have described many people are not neccessarilly sometimes travel with their own Kids and therefore “No Kids Zone” or a”Quite Zone” etc will be a plus bonus specially on a long haul flights provided it is not charged or charged exorbitantly!!and used as another means of adding cost on the overall fare .

  2. Azran – this guide is really good and useful. How many CEOs of airlines will ever dare to comment of the negative sides of their seats (near lavatory). Keep up the good work!

  3. Dear Azran,

    Long time follower of this blog, first time poster. Like many Australian based travellers, I deliberately use KUL as a ‘convenient’ transit point to break up my extended EU or other destination flights. I have since left the confines of the Enrich MH monopoly and gratefully embrace AK/D7’s truly exceptional business and service model.

    Thus far, having only experienced ASEAN sectors with AK, I am looking forward to expanding my long haul experience with my premium experiences in October and then again in February.

    Trust AK to be the first to consider the impact of demographic zoning. Well done to your extended team for forward thinking and looking beyond the scope of ‘conventional’ air travel. I look forward to reading up on its implementation.


  4. I had been experience with the old seats. Is there anyway from light numbers to tell if they have news seats i.e. D7 2725, 2724, 2723, 2722? do these numbers tell of the plane type and therefore new seats or not? I tried your phone and online help but no reply šŸ™

  5. I’ve got a booking for September this year and have been really concerned by a lot of the negative things I’ve read about Air Asia X. I know that there are some good things because we used them whilst in Thailand.My concern is that I have pre-booked what I thought are extra legroom or hot seats and they don’t appear to be on the photos.My seats are :Outward..42h and 42k.Inward…31h and 31k.I really don’t want an arguement at the airport or to take legal action when I return but I just hope that I haven’t been stung.

  6. Hi Azran,
    Thanks for the pics, they are qutie informative.

    Just wanted to clarify … the armrests don’t lift? So, if the flight was not full, we can’t use the extra space anymore?

    Thanks… šŸ™‚

  7. Dear Azran,

    Your details blog on the New seats certainly help for many of us whether to get the Hot Seats or simply chose the other seats.
    I will be flying LCCT-GC on this June and want to know why the seat no. 17A, 17B & 17C are not selectable and someone ask before on this question and still waiting for your answer.
    Thanks for your follow-up.

  8. Dear Michael,

    On the seat selector, the HOT SEATS are clearly labelled in Red and the Standard seats are in grey – as per the reference key at the bottom. They are also priced differently at A$40 for Hot and A$10 for Standard. Neither 42HK nor 31HK are labelled as Hot Seats and nor do the maps give the impression that they are. Please provide me with more details why you were led to believe that 42HK and 31HK are Hot Seats with extra legroom.

  9. Dear Amelyn,

    As with any airline, only the seats in the front rows of each economy section don’t have arm rests that can be lifted – that’s where the mealtrays are stowed.

    All other regular economy seats have liftable armrests that allow you to stretch out.

  10. Dear Capt Wong,

    I just tested and 17ABC are selectable.

    For flights where they are already ‘X’ crossed out, that means someone else has booked those seats.

  11. Hi Michael and Azran. I had a similar experience. We booked Perth – KL – London in July last year and chose the same seats (Rows 42) because on the map at the time, they were the exit-row seats with extra legroom. So we were very surprised when I checked the booking on the website a few weeks ago, to find out that the entire plane layout had changed! As a result we had been moved from the exit-row seats we had chosen to standard seats (and seperated!)! Luckily the exit-row (“Hot Seats”) were still available, and the change actually worked in our favour because we were able to book them for the return journey as well. I have to say that Airasia did not notify us about the change in layout and I wish they had. I only checked on a whim, and it would have been an awful surprise on the day. Anyway, thank you for sharing these photos Azran. I really like the look of the interior and I appreciate the extra information shared with us on this blog. I am looking forward to my flight in June with AirAsia!

  12. After all the negative feedback I have read over the last few days I felt I had to leave something positive.
    In my earlier post I stated that the original seats I had booked were no longer in the same place due to the new planes configuration.
    Even though our flight has now been put back 3 hours , I have to say a big big thank you to Azran for upgrading our seats on both legs of the journey.His response was swift and pro-active.As long as there are no other major changes to our flights (especially our connecting flight from Sin-KL to get our flight back to London)then I hope to report back with more glowing positivity in October.Many thanks again.

  13. Dear Anonymous,

    Your flight numbers are all Australian flight numbers. As per my ‘Finally New Seats for AirAsia X’ blog article, all Australian flights are now with new seats already.

  14. Anne Jacinta Reply

    Looking at flights from KL to Melbourne (return) in Oct / Nov.
    COuld you please advise me on the ‘hot seats’.
    Firstly, would like to know if flights D7 2723 / 2724 / 2725 / 2733 have the newly modified seats? There is no indication of the aircraft type when making a booking.

    Secondly, are the middle “hot seats” narrower?

    Thirdly, there have been many complaints of booking a “hot seat”, paying for it and not getting it due to some technical issue – usually change of aircraft type.

    Hope to get a response from you.


  15. Dear Anne,

    Best to read this blog post together with my other post ‘Finally New Seats for AirAsia X’ which has more detailed information on location/seatmap.

    It also mentions that all of our Australian flights now have already been operating with the new seats.

    The new seats no longer have ‘narrower’ middle seats in the front row. All seats have the same width.

    There have been a few cases mainly because we’re going through the transition period between old seats and new seats – but now, with aircraft having been retrofitted, there should not be incidents of not getting hot seats.

    In any event, we will refund hot seat fees if for any reason you don’t get it.

  16. Love the idea of a ‘quiet zone’ — my closest experience of something like this is the bullet train in Japan, which has a quiet carriage, which is very peaceful. However, as another poster commented, am wary about extra fees.
    I have been on a fun AK flight (about 5 years ago) to Kuching where cabin crew initiated a quiz over the PA… this was fun (and clearly memorable, as I still recall after all these years), but would probably not want anything like that (including speed dating etc) on a long-haul flight on Air Asia X.

  17. Thanks Emma.

    There shouldn’t be extra fees beyond standard seat assignment fees to choose which zones you sit in it.

  18. Hi Azran,

    I’m curious to know…for the A340 flying between KL and London, the economy seat configuration generally appears to be 3-3-3 as compared with a 2-3-2 configuration of old.

    How much has this affected a passenger’s personal space (legroom, seat incline, chair width)?

    Many thanks in advance.



  19. Hi Nigel,

    Original was 2-4-2, now its 3-3-3.

    No difference is seat pitch (legroom).

    half-an-inch narrower width.

    Better headrest.

  20. Hi Azran,

    my family and I booked flights from Phuket to Hong Kong FD3924 and then Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur on AK77 on Sunday 18th July. When I went to select seats there were hot seats available and the system advised that these would have extra legroom. I’ve noticed from reading some of the blogs here that there is no mention of extra leg room on these flights whcih will I assume be on A320 aircraft, that the extra legroom is only available on A330 and A340 flights. Is this correct? I really didn’t want to pay extra for normal seats, I really wanted the extra legroom.

  21. Dear Joanne,

    Yes, Phuket-Hong Kong and Hong-Kong-KL are on AirAsia, and not AirAsia X flights (flight code: D7).

    The A320 does not have the same legroom as the AirAsia X flights.

    Their Hot Seat value is two-fold: Rows 1-5 no extra legroom, but convenience of sitting infront for easy boarding (boarding first) and disembarkation). Rows 12 and 14 do have extra legroom compared to other seats (emergency exit doors) – something like 32″ pitch vs 29″ pitch.

  22. Hi,
    Can you please tell me which, if any, of the hot seats on the London-KL route would give extra legroom and be suitable for under 16’s? We would be travelling as 2 adults, a 15 year old and a 16 year old. I don’t really want to pay extra for hot seats if all I’m paying for is location – it’s the extra legroom we want.

  23. Dear Judith,

    Per the seap map, if you’re flying on London-KL on our A340 aircraft, for pure legroom, best to go with the seats on row 27

  24. Superamani Reply

    Just wanted to comment that I greatly enjoyed my journey on the AAX’s A330 from LCCT to Mumbai. Slept all the way on your hot seat (the sleeping berth). Although delayed by an hour ay LCCT due to check-in system breakdown but caught up and was only delayed by 30 minutes at touch down from original schedule.

  25. Dear Azran

    Do you think AA will ever fly from Melbourne Australia to Denpasar Bali? Thanks.

  26. Dear Azran,

    May I know is the seat for flight to Taipei has been changed to new seat? Thanks.

  27. Hi Azran,

    Thanks for useful info. I have 1 really important question for you! I am flying with you on christmas eve with my 5month old bub & husband. I have called the call centre several times but can’t get a straight answer from them šŸ™ There are no bassinet seats showing on the flight seating plan Perth – KL OR KL- Perth. Due to a 6am flight there & a midnight horror home we really require a bassinet for bub. I am more than happy to pay for hot seats BUT clearly I need to know which ones are fitted with bassinets + I can’t book an exit row as I assume holding a small baby in the exit would pose a risk? Can you PLEASE advice me what to do?
    Kind regards

  28. Dear Renee,

    If you look at my other blog article ‘New Seats for AirAsia X’, there is a detailed seat map for both our A330 and A340 aircraft.

    For Australia-KL, we use our A330 aircraft.

    Bassinets are found on the hot seats in the middle sections, e.g., 7DFG, 16DFG, and 34 DFG.

    Will check why Call Centre did not know this.

  29. Hi Azran,

    Really appreciate this blog. We are travelling ex-KL to the Gold Coast on 21st January with 2 children & back on the 1st of Feb. 1 child is an infant. I am trying to book the seats but all 7DFG, 16DFG, and 34 DFG are taken. Does that mean there are no bassinet options? Also if I book 1 x hot seat for my wife (& infant) how do I know she will get a bassinet? There are 3 seats in a row so is it possible all 3 are mums looking for a bassinet?


  30. Hi Azran,

    Really appreciate this blog. We are travelling ex-KL to the Gold Coast on 21st January with 2 children & back on the 1st of Feb. 1 child is an infant. I am trying to book the seats but all 7DFG, 16DFG, and 34 DFG are taken. Does that mean there are no bassinet options? Also if I book 1 x hot seat for my wife (& infant) how do I know she will get a bassinet? There are 3 seats in a row so is it possible all 3 are mums looking for a bassinet?


  31. Akmal Nizam Reply

    Hi Azran,

    I will be travelling from kl to London on 5 Feb 2011. This is my first time travelling long haul with baby. I could imagine travelling long haul with baby on the lap can be a daunting experience. For this reason, I was looking for a hot seat with bassinet unfortunately, there were all taken. Can you please advice me what to do ? Through your vast experience what options do I have ?



  32. Mohd Hashim Reply

    Hai Azran,
    We are travelling to London in June 2011 with 2 infants travelling with us. What is your best hot seats considering legroom, window view and baby comfort? appreciate your reply early.TX.

  33. Hai Hashim,

    For A340 flights to London, would suggest 01HJK, 16ABC and 16HJK.

    Have a good time in London!

  34. Puteri Fatia Reply

    hi azran.. me and my husband will fly the kul-orly flight on september, could u recommend me which is the best seat for us.. we read on the map that the backside on the plane have 2-4-2 arrangment.. is the ‘2’ seat is located next to each other or is there any barrier in the middle because we see on the map that theres a slight gap between the ‘2’ seat..


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