This few days I really felt homesick especially during this CNY celebration. I can’t even concentrate in lectures and doing things well. I really wanted to celebrate together with my family in Sibu eagerly. Early in the morning, I on my laptop and started to access to the flight pages to check available cheap flight during the festival after my first opening of eyes. Yet, I failed to do so…

Haiz… feeling rather sad.I could only blame and regret for not booking the flight earlier and now it’s price already been rose so highly. The flight company have to take these festivals’ opportunities in order to earn more so the flight fare is so costly. It’s so good if flight company could consider to give special offer for the undergraduates. The undergraduate like me from oversea (South China Sea), Sarawak which is currently studying in Penang is unaffordable to pay the costly flight during festival since many of the undergraduates just taking Ptptn or a tightly spendable scholarship yet can’t have financial support from family since mostly not come from rich family.

Another thing, we noticed that whatever flights to Sibu always more expensive than to the other places and I just don’t know why it is so. It costs us 1000++ for a trip from Penang to my hometown for just a week time. Come on, the money definitely can be used maybe for almost one and a half months of life expenses as a student. I wonder there must be a lot of students like me. They must have been sobbing quietly and thinking of their family so much during the festival of being unable to go back.

Maybe AirAsia Company can try to listen to our feeling and this is probably how the others feel too. Could the company gives some special offers to the unaffordable undergraduates so that they will be able to be with their family during this lovely festival? Isn’t it is just so sad being unable to be with loved one during this special season? Isn’t it helping those who are in needing is a blessed deeds? They will feel satisfy and happy too in doing so, right? I think I has thought too much already, maybe I’m just so sick of home.

When the CNY songs being heard, it’s rather sad because it reminded me that I’m unable to go home to be with my family. And, people might think that I don’t miss my family at all. They wouldn’t be able to know my complicated feelings. I can’t go back to hometown simply just because i’m unaffordable or choose to miss many lectures or skip class for a long period in order to get a cheaper flight.

I missed the moments of being together with my family for all kinds of festivals. I missed my mum, my sis and my bro. The pictures of how all my siblings of six including me were having fun together when we’re young freshly appeared in my mind.

We used to play the firecrackers together and watching the entire beautiful firecracker works that could only been seen in my hometown. The scene was when it reached 12 midnight of new year eve, almost every home started their firecrackers works and the “Pi Li Pa La” sound could be heard so loudly just like my hometown was being bombed and even could be described as an earthquake till 1am. The scene definitely couldn’t be seen anywhere here. It was just so merry and fun.

I still remember that I used to bake all the festival’s biscuits and cakes at home till the midnight of eve. I even had the sense of satisfy after looking my friends and relatives enjoyed my “victory product” and could treat them with my own made desserts.

However, it was really blessed since i’m able to study here by enjoying the really cheap flight of AirAsia during the other time. It will be greater if i would be able to enjoy the fun time with my family during this special season too. Thanks, AirAsia for offering such a great flight for the poor undergraduate like me.


  • Muqaddis

    Indeed the festive season will be the most expensive flight for all of us despite the promotion as people are taking the opportunity to either go back to their hometown or simply making a trip/vacation. Nevertheless AirAsia had done a great job in allowing us to mee our loves ones. Happy new year

  • Eu Hon

    It’s supply and demand.
    A coach ticket from Singapore to KL cost as much as S$ 90, triple the amount of what we usually pay.

    Lucky for me, got a return flight on another airline for only $78.

    AirAsia? Maybe I am slow, but can’t find anything cheap during the period of Chinese New Year.

    May the year of Ox bring us wealth and health.

  • Sze Chin

    hi evian,

    i am from sibu too. kinda sad i am not ever to back to home too this CNY. I only manage to go back on April for “Chin Ming Jie” hahahaha ==

    evian, however i am going back home for CNY next year because i will going to purchase the ticket this april 2009 for 2010 CNY. hahahaha… some might think this is stupid or funny but it is rather then no ticket for going back in the last minutes.

    This is the 4th years i didnt going back to SIbu for CNY and all of my relatives is pointing at me now.

    So….2010 CNY, here i come again with AirAsia!!!~

    p/s : belated gong xi fai cai to you, evian