The title of this blog sound abit weird but i guess it is his dreams to make a promise to someone he love and bring happiness to her. Together they walk towards a new journey of their life.

Last 2 weeks I was taking AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur back to Sibu. Since I had waiting for so long to be back home, I am really excited. I had my Hot Seat at 1F seat. This time going back, I am bring my baby Nikon D60 back for the first time. While the flight took off about an hour, some happening moment happen in the flight. The cabin crew make a very ear-catching annoucement “Lady & Gentleman, as for your information AirAsia is making everyone dreams come true. As today, AirAsia going to make someone dreams come true.”

Mr Lau had propose to future-Mrs. Lau. (I guess my Nikon D60 had very great start journey too) I manage to snap a few pictures of this unforgettable moment.

( Sincerely wish this new couple all the happiness and love will be with them till another 100 years of their life. Another thing is hoping i not getting their name wrong. Someone please correct me if i am wrong )

I was asking my friend, what is the feeling of marry on a plane. Perhaps you guys next time can try to get both side parent and also the registration person go on board and get married on the plane. It must be so romantic. (:


  • Phoek

    SO SWEEEET!!! :)

    very touching indeed….

  • Kong Sun

    that was one of my dream too. proposing to my future wife on board a flight.