Long Distance Relationship can be a total toughie but thanks to AirAsia’s affordable rates, seeing Aldrin more than once a year is now possible. We’ve been together for almost 3 years..had our good and bad times … but we’re still in good terms.
It was him that I wanted to see and not Singapore… seeing the sights was a second priority.

Thanks again AirAsia,

The distance ain’t long anymore because of you guys..
you just don’t know how many relationships you have saved because of the value that you offer to the people and for that I’m thankful 🙂



  1. More than that. I now can go back KL 1-2 times per month. Thanks to AirAsia on the innovative KL-SIN route, and Harimau/JetBintang to imitate!

  2. so sweet 🙂

    btw, why not HE does visits you instead of YOU do visits him ?

  3. haha phoek, i share yr tots, but i’m thinking he does the same too… let’s not question that… anyway, Josey.. i think ur sweet…

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