I can’t agree more with the saying ‘NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY’..

it was just a month ago, that i get to fly with AirAsia from the LCCT in KL to Penang
the flight was smooth and very descent, with the helpful Cabin Crew, as always…

Although it was not my first time flying, but I was still a little scared and all that..

I actually paid RM 35.50 for my flight which included the fair for the bus from the KL central to LCCT…it was exactly the same price as the price i would have to pay if i were to take a bus back, but the duration of the journey is basically half of that duration by bus… plus, if i were to take bus, my mom would be there on the phone, asking the usual question with that chinese ascent of hers “Boy ar, the bus drive drive very fast or not? Try to find a seat in the middle so you won’t puke ya..Try to sleep in the bus la, if not you’ll have nothing much to do also ma..”
But, thanks to the flight, she just called me early in the morning to remind me of the flight and all..

My flight was scheduled at 1.40 pm local time, and the gate actually popped open just in time…While queueing up to get myself checked through the final gate, there they were, the ‘lady in red’ smiling and welcoming…

anyway, if I were to take bus, I would sure to have missed out all the great services that i would have got in the plane..All the friendly and helpful (yet informative of course) flight attendant basically answered lots of my question pertaining their career and some random questions…

My flight was scheduled at 1.40 pm local time, and the gate actually popped open just in time…

Guess what, the plane landed exactly on time, and walla, when i walked out of the check points..
there was mom, giving me a big warm hug, with the usual, kisses =.=


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  1. When My family grows bigger, we didn’t get to go overseas nor travel by plane because it was too costly. But now with Airasia, the whole family gets to fly together.

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