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13th November 2010

Today, we started our journey with a day trip to a wartime location. We went to visit the famous Cu Chi Tunnels. Before starting our exploration of this tunnel, our tour guide explained about the history and the concept of the tunnels and showed us a documentary film for our better understanding. From his explanation, we got to know that the length of Cu Chi Tunnels is 250 km. By visiting these tunnels, one will be able to know the condition of life and struggle of the Cu Chi people before and during the anti-American resistance in 1960-1975.

Our tour guide, Dat showed us the way Cu Chi people entered the tunnel.

Next, we proceeded to the Thien Hau Pagoda after having our lunch. This is an ancient pagoda where the Vietnamese pray to a god as they believe that the god is able to help them.

Then we went to the Binh Tay Market located in the China Town. It is a wholesale market. Unlike Ben Thanh Market, here they will only offer 20-30% discount. They will not hold you back to bargain about the price should you walk off. Here, it is just a matter of buying or not.

At night, we went to Crown Restaurant for dinner. This is a restaurant serving typical Vietnamese food. The design is kind of traditional and once again the taste did not disappoint us.

14th November 2010

This was the last day in Vietnam. We departed to the airport for home at 1400 hours. Before checking out of the hotel, all of us went to Ben Thanh Market again to do some last minute shopping.

At 1330 hours, after having our lunch, it was time for us to go to the airport. As only drop off is permitted at the airport, we conveyed our last greetings to the tour guide and was time for us to say goodbye.

Until now, I am still thinking of the time spent in Vietnam. If you ask what is so special in Vietnam, I may not be able to answer you (not saying that there is none). However, it is the time we spent together and interacting with one another that make me still thinking of the memories of Vietnam.

The aim of having trips together every year is to allow us know each other and to mix around with each other in order to strengthen our relationships. It is believe that strong relationships in a department will result in higher productivity. Personally, I feel that we have reached our aim of strengthening relationships among one another. I am now looking forward towards our next trip.