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21 April 2009

Have you flown AirAsia to watch U2 Live?

By Rudy

First off, I’m probably the worst blogger. ever.

We brought you our GP contest and now thanks to the people over at Universal Music, we recently scored some U2 tickets and we’re giving it away on our “Have you flown AirAsia lately?” contest.

U2’s been around for ages, and I’m honestly not much of fan. Why? Because I’m more a The Cure kinda person. Not that it matters.

Anyway, if you are a U2 fan then you should check out our FACEBOOK page because in conjunction with the online premiere of our brand new AirAsia TVC directed by Yasmin Ahmad, we launched a contest to catch U2 live at an already sold-out concert in Wembley, London. The grand prize is a trip for two to catch U2 live with a 3D2N stay in London and a return flight for two via AirAsia X’s Stansted flight.

All you have to do to take part is:
1) Make sure you’re an AirAsia facebook fan
2) Watch our new TVC on facebook, youtube or haveyouflownairasialately.com over and over again
3) Figure out the answers to the riddles which are posted every 2 days (Started on the 15th of April) but don’t post them up on the wall or submit them yet! DISCUSS with other AirAsia facebook fans if you want to
4) Compile the answers to all 7 riddles and fill up a slogan
5) E-mail all the answers to londoncalling@airasia.com and hope you win

It’s really as easy as that. So, tell ALL your friends to join the contest, viral it, spam it, scribble it on your school desk, talk about it during your lunch break, call the radio and ask them if they have any idea what the answer is. The answers to the riddles can be found either in the new TVC or on haveyouflownairasialately.com .

Have fun people!

P/S: haveyouflownairasialately.com is a new brand microsite and we’d love to hear your feedback. It’s currently up as a test run and we’re making changes and upgrades to it.

  • Low

    how bad can your blog be? At least yours get posted up without typing more than a thousand words =p
    Yo Mr Rudy!