…If you had entered the competition then you would have had the chance to win 2 tickets to the British GP at Silverstone…read on to see my experience…

What a day!? On a fantastic English summer’s day I was lucky enough to escort the winners of ‘Have You Flown AirAsia Lately?’ to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

There were 2 winners – one from Malaysia and one from the UK and they were each invited to bring along one friend.
I flew over to London Stansted on AirAsia X along with the 2 from Malaysia.

On the Friday we met up with the winner from UK, who was actually from New Zealand but had been living in London for a while. The track is quite far out of London (you have to get a train to Northampton and then a shuttle bus) but it was set up very well with lots of merchandise, food and drink stalls. In true English style many people had brought their own picnic’s, chairs and blankets and set up camp for the day. I couldn’t believe how many people were there just for the practice day – there were probably more than the total number of people at Sepang on the final race day!
Maybe it was because of the buzz around Jenson Button, or the fact that it was possibly going to be the last time the British GP would be held at Silverstone or maybe just because the English love an excuse to take advantage of sporting events and good weather; but there was a great buzz around the track.

At about noon we all met with a representative from at&t Williams where we were given a sneak peak into the pit’s of at&t Williams – what a treat!?

It was fascinating to see behind the scenes; everyone seemed to be busy working on the cars or in the offices looking at the race data. As we were leaving we even caught a glimpse of Nico outside one of the motor homes!

After that we stayed on to watch the Red Devils Parachute Display as well as the 2nd practice session. Thank fully it was a bright and sunny day so we could be outside and wondering around without being too cold.

Unfortunately I was unable to go for the final but the winners took full advantage of their 3 day pass to watch the qualifying and the finals. I hope they enjoyed the other days at the race – I’m sure the atmosphere only got better.
It was a bit of a disappointment that Button didn’t win but he is still the only one really in the running win over all…we’ll just have to see how the other races pan out. And the at&t Williams team did well with Nico finishing in 5th place and Kazuki finishing in 11th.

Make sure you keep updated with Red Alerts to enter in the next competition and I could see you in Milan or Singapore…


I’m the tall English girl in the company and I help organize sport and recreational activities for the lovely AirAsia staff. The perfect job for me as sport is really where my passion lies; anything and everything, I’ll give it a go! Lacrosse is my main sport but over here in Malaysia its played about as much as quidditch…so I spend my time running, swimming, netballing and tennising and soon I will be trying my hand at rugby for the first time – why not?!

As well as sport I love traveling; and South East Asia is an amazing place to be to explore; Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia – the list is endless!

A friend of mine recently set me a task to visit all of AirAsia’s destinations – I think I’ve got quite a few more to go before that’s completed!

Other favorite things are extreme activities; bungee jumping, sky diving, glacier hiking…next thing on my list is Mount Kinabalu and the Macau bungee which is over 200m, and I will have ticked off another AirAsia destination – get in!