The contest is called Have You Flown Airasia? HUFA for short

My Answer : Yes * with a big smile *

Although for my entry, I would like to improvise a little and call it How Many Times Have You Flown Airasia? I hope the very nice people at Airasia don’t mind πŸ™‚

So, how many times have I flown Airasia? Well, let’s start counting shall we?

1) Bali, Indonesia – New Year 2005
It was my first time flying with Airasia. I was stoked. Spending the new year in a foreign land with a few of my best buddies and best of all the flight tickets were cheap! I was only into my 1.5 years working at that time so I was pretty much thankful for Airasia and it’s free tickets promo. That was the only way I could afford my holiday trips.

2) Phuket, Thailand – New Year 2006
Again, new year in a foreign land with my best buddies courtesy of Airasia’s free tickets promo!! yes, we are THAT lucky! and airasia made it possible for us and our overflowing needs to travel πŸ™‚ It was my first time in Phuket and I was amazed with the beauty and serenity of Phuket’s beaches. I have not been to many beaches my whole life, and i thought Phuket’s beaches were truly breathtaking! The weather was almost perfect – blue skies and sun of most the time. And not to forget, we stumbled upon the best ever Padthai in Phuket. It was a small stall by the road side in Patong Beach area and the Padthai was cooked to perfection!

3) Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia – July 2007
Yet again, I managed to bag a few free tickets to Kota Kinabalu courtesy of Airasia’s free tickets promo. It was my first time stepping foot on the great East Malaysian soil. KK was great, chilled and laid back – unlike the fast-paced KL. The beach was amazing, crystal clear water with sandy beaches. I didn’t get to see Mount Kinabalu up close , but it’s okay cos I’m definitely coming back to climb Mount Kinabalu!

4) Bandung, Indonesia – March 2008
okay, I’m gonna copy and paste this again from the previous text . i went to Bandung courtesy of Airasia’s free tickets promo!! . The ultimate “goal” to Bandung was to get things for my wedding. I heard from my friends who had gone to Bandung that textiles there are super cheap. And indeed, they are amazing and oh-so cheap! We went around shopping in Bandung since there went a lot of branded outlets in Bandung. Besides shopping, the other two things that got me hooked on Bandung were Nasi Padang and Es Jeruk!

5) Perth, Australia – April 2009
My husband and I flew in to Perth with Airasia X. I enjoyed the inflight entertainment; great selections of movies and TV series kept me occupied thruout the long flight to Perth. I consider Perth as my 2nd honeymoon. My husband and I wanted a laid back trip (unlike our 1st honeymoon – backpacking around Europe which was hectic), so Perth was pretty much it. Perth was interesting, the weather was great, sunny blue skies with chilly breeze. I loved their zoo because Perth Zoo was very clean and properly maintained, with a number of animals that I’ve never seen before in my life especially from the Australian bush walk. Best of all, I got to stroke a kangaroo! We also went to Cottesloe Beach which was the late actor, Heath Ledger’s favourite beach and the port city of Western Australia, Freemantle.

5) Perhentian Island, Malaysia, July 2009
My friends used to make fun of me when I tell them I’ve never been to Perhentian Island. I was adamant to make Perhentian Island as one of my holiday destinations in 2009. I gotta say, I was truly amazed with Perhentian Island. It was so beautiful that I almost cried, I kid you not. It makes me proud being a Malaysian cos we have such AMAZING nature. Perhentian Island was literally a big, crystal clear swimming pool! I didn’t take many pictures cos I was so engorged in the beauty of Perhentian Island. So i didn’t bother much cos it felt it would be waste of time hahaha . Its too pretty that u wanna enjoy each and every bit to yourself. We flew back home tired but with full of satisfaction with Airasia from Kota Bharu.

so is that it?
well, yeah it is up until 2009.

But for 2010, it is LONDON calling !!! and again, i bagged a REALLY good deal for my London flight from Airasia

It’s time for me introduce myself

Hi, I’m Sara.
I’m a travel junkie and I need help.
I’m addicted to traveling and my condition is getting from bad to worse.
If I could get my hands on a couple of free tickets from Airasia, I’d be ever grateful to cure this condition of mine.

P.S: I heard China is beautiful during spring πŸ™‚
P.P.S: Yes, these pictures are mine, not randomly “stolen” from flickr or something :p



  1. Amirah Kausar Reply

    Sara, i cant stop grinning .. hehe, im just like u .. and ooooohhhhh, im dying to go LONDON .. AA help us both, plzzzzz …

  2. Hey, Sara, I’m also addicted to the Airasia free tickets, just like u… hahaha… I just came back from Thailand with free tickets bought last year this time…

    Btw: Where are u from?

  3. Hi Sara!

    I’m a travel junkie too, nice to meet you πŸ˜€
    I just came back from Jogjakarta on Friday with free tickets that I managed to snap last year!

    Linda x

  4. Devi Da Lil Devil Reply

    that include me..a travel junkie three…just back from my europe tour…i miss paris and amsterdam…

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