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My first experience flying with Air Asia was in 2006 when I sent my 2 kids to Jakarta for a holiday. Back then, being a budget or low cost airlines, there were a lot of negative feeling and thinking about Air Asia. Was it safe flying Air Asia? Was the plane old? Would there be any problem during the flight ? However, all my questions were answered when I boarded the airplane and arrived safe and sound at Jakarta. During the flight, there was no unsecured and uncomfortable feeling at all.

With the continues growth of Air Asia and with the continues opening of new routes with low fares, I become more often travel with Air Asia. I took Air Asia for my company trip to Guangzhou. I took Air Asia for my company training in Singapore. I took Air Asia often to visit my family in my home town, Makassar. And this year, I took Air Asia to Chengdu for a holiday while visiting my husband who is working there. That was my best experience traveling with Air Asia.

My trip to Chengdu was on the 19Th Nov 2009. Upon arriving at the LCCT parking lot, my elder daughter asked me: “Why do we have to take Air Asia? I wish we are taking Cathay Pacific.” So I answered her, “Well, Air Asia fares are cheaper. For the same fares to Chengdu, four people can go with Air Asia compare to one person with Cathay Pacific.” I am not very sure if she understood what I said, but no further comment from her.

Flying with Air Asia X, I was expecting a more comfort journey with a bigger aircraft and a bigger baggage allowance, but no entertainment. For this journey, I have carried myself a novel and an MP3 for my kids to kill 4 hrs 40 minutes on the plane. But after boarding D7 2626, to my surprise, each passenger seat was provided with a touch screen TV monitor with all the programs such as on-line games, movies, shopping and travel info, etc. I think the program was called X’cite. It’s not free, but I think RM30 is worth it for accessing all those programs with unlimited usage. Another interesting experience was that each passenger can chat on line with other passengers for free. With this facility, I was able to chat on-line with my two kids who sat few rows behind me to check if they were OK and if they ate their food, or simply a chat asking what they were doing. But I think not all Air Asia X flights have this kind of facilities, so maybe we should consider ourselves lucky that day.

Upon the flight touched down, I asked my kids, “So, do you enjoy the flight? Air Asia also has TV, right?” They smiled and agreed with me that Air Asia flight was not that bad after all.

With Air Asia X, it makes it possible for us to experience winter and snow in Chengdu. We visited a few places such as Chengdu Old Town, The River of China, not to mention shopping and dining in Chengdu. Even though we missed visiting the Panda Reserve Center on this trip, but we never missed to visit such a beautiful place like Mt. Emei. It was the best season to visit Mt. Emei when all the trees, grasses, and stones were covered with snow. We have a wonderful time there where we could touch and play with the snow, climbed up few hundred stairs on the slippery roads, met and disturbed by mountain monkeys, and enjoyed nice and beautiful views from a cable car.

Below are some of the pictures taken during our visit to Mt. Emei. It was the most unforgettable and wonderful trip me and my kids have ever had. Thanks to Air Asia that makes it all happen and that makes our journey a pleasant one.

So, yes, I have flown AirAsia. Have you flown AirAsia?



  1. Hi there very warm greetings to every one.My first experience with Air Asia started in June 2008 when I booked Bangkok – phuket – Bangkok flight it was a wonderful experience.The flight was on time on both ways.The next experience started in August 2009.This time I travelled from Kuala lumpur – Bangkok – Kuala lumpur – Langkawi.On the Bangkok – Kuala lumpur sector I was supposed to take the morning flight AK 735 @ 10.00 AM ( Booking No YIR5AV )but when i reached airport I came to know it was cancelled and I was automatically assigned 12.00 PM flight.They have informed me this thru’ e-mail,but I did not check my mail box the day earlier.I was ready to accept this , but had a problem because I was supposed to take a flight to Langkawi the same day,but due to the change in BKK-KUL flight I am in a position to miss that connection.Legally I cannot fight with Air Asia because they clearly state all these at the time of booking.But I requested my position to the Counter staff who alloted me a ticket in KUL-langkawi flight in the evening schedule on the same day without collecting a single bhatt.I was so happy inspite of delays.Because when we fly low cost airline we have to sacrifice something,that day I sacrificed time happily.After returning to India 2 weeks went by and suddenly I received a e-mail from Air Asia,I was taken by surprise and jumping in know what they have sent me a E-GIFT VOUCHER for RM 200 towards ON TIME GUARANTEE POLICY ( this was for the flight delay in BKK-KUL sector).I am flying for the past 15 years,I have never ever experienced this kind of service with any Airline in the world.THANK YOU AIR ASIA.In 2010 I have booked already 21 flights in Air Asia from Jan – October..Let us enjoy..

  2. Henny Reply

    Wow, I am so excited. I’m the second week winner. Thank you, Air Asia!

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