Last Hari Raya holiday, I went to Hatyai with Air Asia. This time I did not go alone. I brought 29 other friends and relatives with me. So imagine, it was like a group tour. Since I have booked the flight for some time, I got a promo fare…it was even cheaper than traveling with a train, and of course a lot faster.

I went to some famous and interesting places in Hatyai and Songkhla. You have to go to Tan Kuan Hill if you go there. You can ride a “tube” lift which will bring you uphill. From there you will see magnificent scenery. There is a Buddhist monk statue on a pedestal facing the ocean. It is as if he looks after the area.

Be careful as there are a lot of monkeys in that place. I ate a very good coconut ice cream which was placed inside the coconut shell. I also bought balms with different aromas in the shop. I was sorry only to buy 2 balms when I have left the place. I should buy more since they were very good.

I also went to Songkhla Beach, where we could see the statue of a golden mermaid.
But when I was there the area was closed because a royal princess came to the place.
I bought a mermaid souvenir instead.
I also enjoyed the legend of Cat and mouse islands. If you watch the islands, it looked like a cat and a mouse. Funny, isn’t it ?

We stayed in Hotel Sakol which was in the center of the city. In front of the hotel there is the best chicken rice stall in town. I never got bored eating the same menu every morning when I was at Hatyai.

Do not forget to visit the floating market when you go to Hatyai. It is not a very big market, but you can find all kinds of dishes there. Even you will find weird food like cocoon, cockroach, scorpion, and bugs.

Do not forget to eat Tom Yum Goong. It is a very special sour and hot soup with clams, fish and shrimp and mushroom. Very, very addicting !

I bought a lot of souvenirs and clothes in Hatyai. It was cheaper than shopping in any other place. Thanks to Air Asia that made this trip possible. I will visit Hatyai again in the future, and not only Hatyai but other places in Thailand and other countries as well. With Air Asia this will become a dream come true !