Reunion dinner = dinner with your family on the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Dishes include chicken, fish, prawns and many more. All the cooking in the kitchen attracts puglet, Apple.

Apple the Princess Pug says: Please be home for reunion dinner. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

If not I shall eat first.

* Disclaimer: the plate of meat is her food (to be shared with another dog), so do not worry 😀



  1. i think its great to have our first post for pets, in this case for pugs (no offence to our muslim friends). Hopefully more AirAsians will talk about their pets and the cute moments that make their day. Thanks nickee for sharing. And agree with danny, give that pug a chopstick!

  2. adorable! festivities are also about our family pets too … my family’s pets were a pair of ducks. 😀 glad you shared.

  3. Princess Apple 1st to eat at 1st day of CNY… Yay!! Then Njoy….. Cheerss….

  4. @ riki, not recommended to keep a pet for the sake of the year, this will lead to pet abuse/ abandonment when the baby pet is no longer cute. plus where to find a dragon pet for dragon year? anyway.. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

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