He just sent an email to me today. Today is my 30th Birthday. Although I feel I’m big enough to make any decision but I never think that I’m too old to start a new career in aviation.
He wrote:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY Theresa……….haha..I am happy for you…don’t worry…life is tough but we have to be strong and keep fighting..I will try to help you as much as possible..don’t worry..I will try to call up some people and find out..I know your requirements already so I will do my best to help you out to the best of my ability..Yeah if you get into AirAsia,do help me..haha..but yeah,I really hope to see you soon in Singapore..

lets hope everything works out fine for us now…And being 30 and not achieving anything doesn’t mean you will not…Sometimes the lord just has got something else planned for us which we don’t know about..but it is very natural to get upset and worried…Just leave all the worries to the lord..let him do his job, while we do our job and try hard……”

This is an email that my best friend sent me from Singapore. His mail almost make me to tears…..I just realized that I’ve not been forgotten!! In fact many other aviation friends always sent me emails and gave me a lot of advises. But, he’s the closest to me now. I wanna post this here because this is my only pilot friend who always give me biggest supports to join cadet pilot!! He is already a pilot but he spent too much for his self-sponsored flying course and he’s now holding overseas types of flying license. Thus, he has some difficulties to join home base airlines, for example Singapore Airlines and others.

Remembered that I was living and working in Singapore for the past few years? But I wasn’t happy with all of that. My passion is not not there. Since 20 years ago I ‘ve been aspiring to become a pilot and of course to attach to one of the best Malaysia based Airlines…..I have no ideas what airlines it will be. But, now I found it!!

If you read properly, he did mention to join Airasia too… I knew he is actually wants to join me as well. So, I already knew that there are many people out there are actually working so hard to get a pilot programme. I was also telling you guys that one day I want to work out my flying career and show it to some people who always despise Malaysian girls…that’s the biggest ambition now. Also, I would never let my best friends down who always give me the best supports, mentally or financially.

Today is my birthday and I wish myself to be able to achieve my dreams and bring the happiness to my parents, friends and other people…and I wish all that celebrating their birthday in March, ” Happy Birthday and may your dreams come true!!”

Note from blog team: Happy Birthday from us Theresa and we’re with you.



  1. I thought of becoming a pilot, ever since primary school.

    When I graduate from high school, my parents want me to go uni, and I went to Singapore, got a B.Eng.

    Then I thought I wanna join SQ, but with a huge study loan and the small allowance that I got as a cadet, I join an investment banking firm instead.

    I took my CFA last year, I told myself, if I fail, I will resign and become pilot (SQ & CX was recruiting that time), but I passed, continue my job.

    Now, if I were layed off, I will try joining Air Asia Cadet Pilot.

    Leave the worries to the lord?

    Anyway, All the BEST Theresa.

  2. Cinta Theresa Reply

    Hi Airasia blog team, hi Calvin,

    Thanks for your guys wishes….Now I have more birthday wishes!!! I was just feeling a bit down today…my brother keeps putting me in wet blanket…”whenever you go i’m sure that you won’t be succeed. Because you don’t have the “heart ” for it..!

    Ok, whatever you said. It sound useless to me. because I’ve my heart and passion in Aviation. I will get Pilot programme. I ‘ll tell you that I have the big heart for my future, but it just depends on time. I need to work it out sometimes..

    I wanna make my journey back to singapore to work a bit and save. While waiting for the cadet pilot programme, I need to earn some money!

    Of course, my 30 th birthday had just remind me to be strong and mature enough to make my own decision. “We always plan well but sometimes things has gone wrong in our life. The most important thing is we need to be possitive and strong. This is life.” I always remember my poilot friends advises.

    So whenever I go, I will remember their words.. they are really friends of mine!!! Airasia blogteam too, I’ve not seen you guys axcept “Datuk Tony” , well, I saw his pictures on the blog only..hahah. Hey, I want to tell you guys, only on this blog, I can learn to be happy, patient and positive. that’s because people here are so warm -hearted..

    Calvin, in fact you should say you always want to join Airasia. It’s Malaysian proud!!!

    SIA , well, for guys is fine. But somehow they are quite anti-female. This is real, and I don’t crap. I know what you ‘re saying…study loan right?? yeah, i loaned it too for my NUS degree. Now still paying back.

    Maybe we need to seek for financial help a bit if we all got into the airlines. But, I will tell you that I won’t give up this opportunity if I got into Airasia!! So yeah”leave the worries to the Lord’..so that we can be patient and act wisely..

    Actually I ‘m quite happy for my 30 th birthday, you know why? because amost 10 years ago, there was a fortune teller who told me that I’ ll be a Billionair after your 30th birthday!! haha. I’m not sure this, but i’m curious why he said that. I think that I’m still broke!!

    “So what will do if you got such a lot of money?” He asked?

    “I get a pilot job. I will build up a flying school for the young generation.One more, I wanna be a “Philantropist”!

    So anyone is willing to join me?


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