FRIDAY, MAY 01, 2009

Our day 1@ Phuket,

We safely arrived Phuket International Airport at 0750 hours local time. We were welcome by sea blue tour agent and took each and everyone individual picture with the sea shell chain.

All of us were so excited and ready to explore Phuket. Our first city tour visit was to a T-Shirt printing shop. There were many types of T Shirt for Kids, adult and many more ‘Barang’ to shop with reasonable price.

After a long shopping and city tour around, we were bring to the famous Bang Sang Tuan@ Ali’s Muslim Restaurant/Special Original Thai Food.

The foods were so delicious that all of us enjoyed and cleared our plates.

After so much of excitement and fun we had from Phuket Airport that has forgotten our tiredness after we saw the beautiful hotel and big bed for us to sleep. Thank you to Thanam and Zalifah the great organiser.

After a long rest we prepare ourselves for Fantasea Show, couldn’t wait to watch this show as we heard a lot about this show. Sad is that we were not allowed to bring our Camera or hanphones. We are not allowed to take pictures inside. However, we had a great time watching elephant bring dress with beautiful cloths, chicken run, suddenly form no where goats are running.

The best was people dancing on air, they were amazing… do not miss Fantasea show if you are at Phuket. We had lots of fund not forgotten our buffet before the show… if you talking about diet please forget it for that night… they serve delicious food that night.

SATURDAY, MAY 02, 2009

Day 2 of our trip in Phuket

Had our break fast @MoMo Café and we prepared to visits places such as shooting range, elephant ride, bee farm, Gem factory, cashew nut factory.

On the same day we went to Gem Shop…we saw how the gem necklaces, diamond ring and many more items are made. Wish we had Gold o Platinum Card to swipe and buy all. 🙂

SUNDAY, MAY 03, 2009

Day 3 @ Phuket, Thailand

Free and easy…Shopping….shopping and shopping…all day long shopping..Took picture every where we go…

Pick at 1800 hours and arrive airport at 1945 hours for departure at 2150 hours but flight delayed and finally we depart Phuket at 2355 hours.

Some of us were still shopping in airport and still had fun and can’t wait to see our beloved people.

Pictures to share

The End…Next trip is to LGK


Coming soon

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