Good day mate! I have just returned from a fabulous trip to Gold Coast via AirAsia X. The trip was truly memorable. Why? I had a fascinating return trip. Additional days plus free buffet plus free hotel stay, an opportunity to catch wild whales and a view of this:

What more can I say? haha!

Anyway, that’s not the highlight of this post. I would like to share something interesting that I’ve found in Australia…



Can anyone guess what this is? What exactly it is made of? Before this, I couldn’t figure out what it was until a friend of mine told me that it is …… *suspense*

Should I reveal the answer after 10 guesses? or 20?


  • Nurlin

    I bought this for boss at work – it’s a Kangaroo Scrotum =P

  • Shih Ween

    its a kangaroo scrotum pouch 😀

  • Phoek

    yups! I’m sure it is 😀

  • Amirul

    You serious? LOL First on my list of things to buy would be a satchel crafted of a kangaroo’s nuts. =D

  • Amirah Kausar

    no idea … but 3 out of 4 agreed on d kangaroo stuff .. time for answer, carrin … drum rolllllll …

  • Sze Jin

    Serious!! You got to be kidding me… they actually sell kangaroo scrotums as souvenirs? Gosh!! Is that the actual size or did you enlarge the image?? Size does matter…err I mean, the bigger the pouch, the more things we can put in it =P.

  • Amirah Kausar

    hey there .. GC is in my chill out plan next month … aiyaaaa .. fab trip, u said .. but why the short story .. not enuf feel lah … need to get some tips too … :) so, how much fare u pay to enjoy all those freebies .. i must have missed it anyway .. share more next time around .. ciao ..

  • Meng Han

    Wow.. kangaroo scrotum.. hmm.. not sure bout that thou.. i guess is made of something from kangaroo.. perhaps from its fur ?

  • Carrin

    First of all, TQ all for reading..
    Come on.. at least 2 more guesses!I shall reveal the answer in my next post and with a special tribute to Mr.Kangaroo.. =D

  • Dominic

    Synthetic material, Made in China, multi purpose pouch? heehee, its use depends on the creativity of the user mah…:)

  • Dominic

    ok… as what the others said… it is a kangaroo scrotum pouch… right, Carrin?