Dear readers of our blog and all AirAsians,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all a prosperous new year, Gong Xi Fa Chai and abundance of good fortune ahead. We have decided to record another video for all guests and our staff for a little laugh and a great start to the new year celebration ahead. To us at AirAsia, Chinese New Year is all about happiness, laughter and joy, what more with all of you!

To all those on the road, have a safe trip home and back. To all celebrating, season greetings. And to all simply enjoying the holidays, have all the fun in the world. To all guests travelling with us, we wish you a good flight and joy at the end of your destination. To all staff who have to work while we are away, you are always in our thoughts.

To Kanesan and Winston Chua that we unfortunately could not fit in this video, you have our gratitude and you are not forgotten and there will be other times. To Ruffy for kindly editing the video, thanks for everything.

To everyone, Gong Xi Fa Chai and angpow na lai!


  1. this is so sweet!

    Gong xi gong xi to AirAsia too!

    I’ll see you this evening 😀

  2. this is so sweet!

    Gong xi gong xi to AirAsia too!

    I’ll see you this evening 😀

  3. By the way, who is the ah moi that says “bu yau, bu yau!”? Funny video. Good work blog team.

  4. Nice video blog team! Will wait for appearance from Kanesan and Chua then.

    Derek, I can see someone who look terribly a lot like you at 0.41s. 😀 You cameo?

  5. Yeah i got ‘caught’ by the blog team on video. Had to ask them to remove bits of me during editing. Great job blog team and web team. To all on the eve of Chinese New Year, all the joy and love in the arms of your loved ones.

  6. so far I’m happy flying with Air Asia, and would like to get connected with every who fun of travelling. perhaps we can exchange ideas and pls email me at

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