Sing Lung

I would like to go to GOLD COAST, Australia because it is a family destination with lots of attractions to choose from such as hot air balloon, beaches, whale watching, casinos and so forth. It is a place where all members of the family of any age can enjoy doing the things they like.

Since me and my siblings are all working or studying, it is hard to have a family reunion where all members of the family can sit down and talk. Given this chance, we can finally enjoy a very well-deserved family vacation.

Mohd Hakimi

I want to go to Gold Coast, Australia for this holiday. I deserve to go there because Gold Coast has been my dream place to go for a holiday since my young age. However, my dream cannot be fulfilled by my parents because they cannot afford the cost to go there. I understand their situation and never force them to bring me there until now. So, when I see this contest, I feel very happy and without any moment a due, I enter this contest that I believe, it can fulfill my dream and also can bring my parents to my dream place that I have told them when I am in young age. Thank you Air Asia for your concern.