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26 May 2011

My Most Memorable Marathon Experience (Gold Coast Airport Marathon)

By Kin Kok

My most memorable marathon experience is the St George Melbourne Marathon on the 10.10.10. It is very significant to me because it is my second marathon and that I managed to break the 4 hour mark for the 42.2km distance. My official nett time is 3:49:32.

I flew to Melbourne on Air Asia X on a brand new plane which has the words ‘Liberate Sydney’ written over it.

I trained hard for this race and dedicated about 16 weeks to build up to the race. I also reckon that the flat route and the still air that morning plus the ideal temperature of 11-15 celcius helped me to peak.

I was of course overcame by emotions when I crossed the finish line. We also do a final lap in the iconic MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) before that. This is also the 1956 Melbourne Olympic stadium and the 2006 Commonwealth Games Stadium.

My second best timing for a marathon distance is the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2011. I did it in 4:26:23. This is the second time I ran the SCHKM. The year before I did it as my first marathon with a time of 5:01:06.

I started the race slow and ended the race strong. I was practically jumping up and down after I have completed the race.

The route is hilly but the weather is cool and the logistics are so well planned. Plus they also give out a souvenir medal according to the zodiac animal of the year. I have both the Year of the Tiger and Year of the Rabbit Medal. The organizers plan to give out the same for the next 10 years so that we can have a collection of 12!

My third fastest marathon is the Std Chd Marathon Singapore 2010. I did it in 4:28:41. We started from Orchard Road under the full Christmas light up at 5 am in the morning. We ran through Chinatown and the Central Business District area before finishing at the iconic Padang. It was fun because I had so many Malaysian and Singaporeans friends running with me. However, it was hot and a lot shorter distance runners will block your way when you are making your final 2 km dash to the finish.

I shall be doing my 10th marathon this June in my own hometown in Kuala Lumpur. It is significant firstly because of the number and also it is a place I called home. I am also accepted into the ING New York City Marathon 2011 on 5th November. I am looking forward to the world’s largest marathon. I will enjoy the atmosphere and the people there.

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