Rare it is that I have enough strength to blog after a long flight.

As we launched our historical London flight this morning, 10 of my colleagues and I were preparing for our return to KUL. We were in Perth.

Having flown in on a late night flight two nights before, we arrived in time to catch the first rays of sunlight as we made our way to the hotel. It was such a bumpy ride that none of my attempts to photograph the deep colours of the horizon qualified to pass as a photo. (they went right into my PC’s recycling bin though)

Right after we checked in, we still had so much energy in us that we all posed for a group photo! Presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen, my fun and loving set of night owls to Perth! (Mind you, this picture was taken at 0700hrs, after our 6 hours flight.)

Standing R-L : the sweet FA Joyce, hilarious Capt Zain, perky FA Nadiah, the quiet-but-nice FO Amirul, and myself
Seated R-L: the fun-loving SFA Hasniman, kind-hearted SFA-in-charge Ezlyanty, funny FA Faiz, soft-spoken FA Sharizah, bubbly FA Laema, and cheerful FA Ruzanna.

It is flying with people like them that provides half the fun for my job. We all came from different backgrounds but the interest we have to serve makes us the AirAsia team. And in my opinion, a great team we made!

Our lady-in-charge, Senior Flight Attendant Ezlyanty, was one of the first few crews selected to progress onto the A320 fleet when it first came 3 years ago. I have always thought that she has one of the sweetest smiles. If you see her on your next flight, you can be sure that you will see that heart-warming smile of hers!

Capt Zain, on the other hand…he looks fierce! Hahah…but he is just the opposite. When making our way to the hotel from the airport, all of us were joking and laughing in the van. Captain was the main one fuelling us with rounds after rounds of outburst! Capt Zain carries with him many years of flying experiences, and flying with a fatherly figure like him always assured me of a good flight.

Our First Officer Amirul was the pilot flying us back to KUL. And he got us back ONE hour ahead of the scheduled time!

Thanks to this team, the flight was smooth and easy. All our guests on board were happy. One family particularly appeared to be very happy to chat with SFA Hasniman. Well, who wouldn’t? He’s funny, friendly and makes you feel at ease almost at once!

The rest of the team? Well, I would call us a typical AirAsia team. So much of laughter to go around. Few of the girls were even singing in the galley!

So what if that was a 6 hours flight? Time passes when you are having fun!

The aircraft we flew home in…9M-XXA, the first of our brand-new A330-300s!

SFA Ezlyanty’s team. Picture courtesy of our FO, Amirul!


My office in AirAsia is none other than our fuel-efficient, brand new, young and modern A320! (And the term prefered is Flight Attendant, not Cabin Crew, thank you!)

I get to meet different people from different countries, lifestyles, religions and occupations everyday. And the stories they shared with me often falls victim to the topic of my blogs!

With this blog, I can say goodbye to the free Coca-colas I get from my friends in exchange for flight stories...oh well!

  • Lau

    Rare it is that I have enough strength to blog after a long flight.

    you sure DONT sound like anyone who’s out of energy 😛 go play with the marsupials!

  • Yvonne

    hey venice, good to see you back on the blog-o-sphere! 😉

  • Venice

    Haha…Yvonne, it’s good to be back! Not like I’ve had any intentions to leave lah, but like I said…rarely have any strength left.

    Mr. Anonymous,
    It’s my tendency to lean towards my hobby (to sleep)that gives me less energy to sit in front of the computer. Haha… on my first long flt (8 hours to Gold Coast), I came back home and slept or 14 hours straight! Haha…That’s all my recharging time for being hyper during flight!

  • Shi Han

    Hihi… Congrates for the promotion to D7!!! started to have night stop huh? hehee….

    enjoy your entry and hope to see more in the future!

    Thannks for sharing. 😀

  • Lau

    8 hours of hyperness to 14 hours of sleep. what a ratio! betul2 super (oo)

    oh btw, anon was me on experimental. heh.