GOOD job for AirAsia to join the “GREEN our planet with 3Rs” campaign! I always believe that a recycling program which get started from a top management level or big company will make a good starting point then. However…

“Anyone want to purchase food or drink?”…. once you got your drink and…HUH?

Why AirAsia is still using polystyrene cups when serving hot and cold drinks? Can those cup replace by paper cup? As we all know that, polystyrene containers are one of the main problem to the environment. Oh my, each time i want to purchase the drink, i will have to think three times, is it OK to use those cup if I am a person who care about environment? Again, I feel a bit guilty of doing so when a cup is placed in front of me.

A “good” sign for AirAsia to replace the plastic nasi lemak food container with paper. How about a paper cup with hot coffee or tea will make the customer feel more relieve when we want to open our mouth and say “one hot coffee/tea, please?”

AirAsia has improved a lot, YUP!! We have seen it with our own eyes…and yet.. YOU can do it better!



  1. If you are so environmentally concern, bring your own cup then.

  2. AWWeeesoomee..pack d nasi lemak with banana leaves..fresh on daily basis..GO GREEN AA..splash splash!!!XOX

  3. Soon Kok Reply

    Bring our own cup? Not a bad idea.. haha! If you are not an environmental concern type of people, start thinking about health when your HOT water serve with polystyrene cup (+ chemical substances inside), HOT food with polystyrene container!

    Learn something like those famous coffee seller, serve hot with paper cup!

    Never take things as granted from NATURE, and what we have spent is not paid to take care of the nature!

  4. Yeah I totally agree with Li Zhi.. You should bring your OWN cup so you can feel ‘relieved’ when you open your mouth to say “one hot coffee/tea please”

  5. Hi Li Zhi,

    There is this thing about being rude. It is frown upon by allot of people. I think your comment is rude, obnoxious and inconsiderate and on top of all shows your ignorance towards the world’s direction which is for a greener earth.

    What Ooi is trying to say is that, since Air Asia has joined “GREEN our planet with 3Rs” they should start considering using environmental friendly things in their everyday business. This would include paper cups, plates on top of allot of other things.

    You do have the right to place your comment online, however try not to make a fool out of your self. I encourage you to watch films such as “The Eleventh Hour” & “An Inconvenient Truth”. These 2 movies will give you the idea on how the health of our planet is deteriorating.

    If there is an instance where Air Asia charge for their paper cups and Li Zhi’s comment is why there is a charge for the paper cup, then your comment would make more sense.

    Different people have different believes. It may be contributed to many things which can vary from upbringing, awareness, friends, mentality and influence and so on, so next time you want to express your point of view on something, you might want to place some valid points to support why not to something that is….instead of just disagreeing without basis.

    Ooi, I think your suggestions is excellent and Air Asia should definately consider this.

    Jason J David

  6. Soon Kok Reply

    If Thai Airasia can provide us the HOT drink COLD drink with the paper cup, why not Malaysia Airasia?

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