Ok, I’m not really officially coach Kate but I am helping our running club members get ready for the Gold Coast Marathon…and it’s just less than 1 month away!

AirAsia will be sending a team of 22 runners to take part in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon on 5th July.
We have been training for quite some time now. This has been in the form of our weekly runs by the airport, taking part in some of the locally organised 10/15km runs and of course this has been suplimented by people’s own personal training.

Me, Kabie and Sheikh at the New Balance 15km Run organised by Pacesetters – it was a tough run but we all did it!

AirAsia Fun Run

We have 3 brave staff taking on the full marathon – Azran included. Here he is happily training…I wonder if he will look the same after 42km!?

And guess who else will be running with us?!……

Most people are doing the 21km (myself included) with the remaining doing 10km. For some it will be their first official run but for many, especially after our participation in the Borneo International Marathon last year, it is our 2nd…I’m hoping to better my first time attempt last year of 2hrs22. I think the cooler temperatures will probably do me a favor there!
Afterwards, what ever the time, it will be a great achievement for everyone I’m sure.

Of course everyone is looking forward to the trip to Gold Coast. Most of the running team have never been there so it’s great that they will also have some time to look around and get to know the place.
We will all be staying at Radisson Resort Gold Coast which looks fantastic. After the marathon we will be having a team dinner somewhere near by there and on Monday we have a day trip organised through Tall Ships; we will be going whale watching and island hopping which should be a lovely way for us all to recover after the run!

Wow, time is going quickly! Can’t wait for the trip and I’ll be sure to blog about it when I get back.
If anyone has any extra tips on Gold Coast or Marathon running let me know…always good for insider tips!

Bye for now,

‘Coach’ Kate :)


I’m the tall English girl in the company and I help organize sport and recreational activities for the lovely AirAsia staff. The perfect job for me as sport is really where my passion lies; anything and everything, I’ll give it a go! Lacrosse is my main sport but over here in Malaysia its played about as much as quidditch…so I spend my time running, swimming, netballing and tennising and soon I will be trying my hand at rugby for the first time – why not?!

As well as sport I love traveling; and South East Asia is an amazing place to be to explore; Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia – the list is endless!

A friend of mine recently set me a task to visit all of AirAsia’s destinations – I think I’ve got quite a few more to go before that’s completed!

Other favorite things are extreme activities; bungee jumping, sky diving, glacier hiking…next thing on my list is Mount Kinabalu and the Macau bungee which is over 200m, and I will have ticked off another AirAsia destination – get in!

  • Mohd Muhaimin

    To Kate,

    Simple method for endurance running.. motivate yourself

    “It’s only a few hundred meters to the finish line”

    Try it out, it alway helps me to finish up the race and not end up in stretcher..

    one more tip,

    breath in for two steps and breath out for the next 4 steps..

  • Lap Seak

    can we join for the fun run??