I wish I had a Dobby!!

If I had a Dobby all I’d have to do is tell Dobby what to do and hear the lovely response of ‘Yes Master!’ in return. Of course that is only possible in fantasy-land, although the office intern looks mighty free right now…

Poking my nose it into the screen with my colleague’s magnifying glass in hand is not what I’d call a great way of spending my lunch break but hey, we’re talking about paradise here!

Here I am at my desk trying to count tea leaves to win myself tickets to the destination that has yet to been named. The way I see it, free tickets to anywhere AirAsia is flying to, is a good excuse for a HOLEEDAY!

AirAsia is also my favourite airline and I am a really, really am a big fan. :) If my shameless tactic does not work then I’ll have to rely on my entry on AirAsia’s Facebook page to pull me through.

I’m thankful that the contest on Facebook doesn’t require for me to count stuff but instead, I’m asked to guess where ‘paradise’ is and tell ‘em what I’d like to do there in the least number of words. Is AirAsia secretly conducting a survey to see if their customers can read, write and count? Because it sure seems like it!

Since I could fit only so much in the Facebook comment column, I thought I’d put the rest here. This is what I would do in paradise so please pick me as your winner to paradise!

1. Spa all the way! Massage…ahh… need I say more?
2. Get my friends to bury me into a mermaid on a beach (photo!)
3. Speed around in a rented scooter!
4. Eat ice cream on the beach
5. Learn new words in the local language
6. Look at wildlife through my binoculars…
7. Then check out cute guys!

P/S. Can you guys in AirAsia please run a contest that involves making videos the next time around? (BIG smile)


  • Corally

    I entered the naming of a plane competition. I still have not been able to know the results. How do I go about finding out the results; or has it not been decided as yet. Have the results already been published or have the entrants been notified? How do I find? Would appreciate an answer.

  • Miyuru

    The destination is Colombo.