Recently, 10 of us from Malaysia traveled to Jakarta definitely with AirAsia! It was my 1st experience together with my spouse & daughter fly with AirAsia. It was the day we supposed to be back to K.L(actually we wanna stay longer!!!) and we were @ Suhaerno-Hatta Jakarta airport about 7pm(supposed 8.30pm Indonesia time- departure).Right after the passport checking,we were told by …that flight delay..hmm..

I said to my self..this could be the best time for me and family to browse all the free duty shops @ the airport…!! And 10 of us separately window shoped and I knew some of my friends just chose to chit-chat @ a nearby cafe during the delay…

We really took our sweet time from door to door shopping,until I & my daughter finally rested right in front of flight screen information. She was curious with all the info& I started to brief whats the detail of it..until I read the details of our schedule flight!!! WHATTT!!! a LAST CALL from our flight!!???Hey!! where is everybody???? I saw them still enjoy @ cafe!!! I quickly signal & told them what I’ve read!!! Everybody was shocked & started running towards the Gate no….!!! Few of my friends were @ the other cafe(near Gate…) panicked too as they saw us running & they immediately joined us running towards the Gate!! We were very lucky as finally 10 of us made the AirAsia flight, just a few minutes before it departed!!! As we were late, everyone of us had to seat @ different locations!! and when looking @ each other…we were laughing at what had just happened to us!!!

Although we spent 2 nights(1 night each @ Bandung & Jakarta)but with AirAsia we enjoyed so much on cost, time and most recommended!!

Us in front of the row of famous flea markets in Jakarta