i really have no idea how to put words together to just write this post..

i having a very mixed feeling now as i feel as though i am at the point of life where every single steps i take and every single word i speak takes into the account in my future.. i am now only 24 hours away from my final stage for the Cadet Pilot Programme from AirAsia Berhad… well to me, its more than an interview.. Its a matter of life and dead (not literally) and the decision from the judging panel will affect my future for now..

Honestly, i have never planned for what to happen after I’ve successfully passed the 2nd stage interview, which was the psychomotor test last 2 months.. all i had in mind was that i might fail and there goes all the effort i’ve put in to just become the cadet pilot of AirAsia..

to some readers, you might not know on how much i’ve wanted to become a pilot… it has always been my dream to be able to be the man flying the plane.. i know very well that there are tonnes of kids or teenager out there who are better than myself, but i just want it very very very very badly.. I am having this mix feeling now la.. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow before, during and after the interview.. I have no idea how i will feel and how i will react to everything… All i want to do now is just to pray and to hope for the best so that i can perform my very best tomorrow.. I really hope that all my effort put in so far, so long, is at least enough to qualify me to become their cadet…

As I am typing this post, I’m listening to this song, and having this video playing which I’ve made earlier this year for the blogging competition.. Honestly, without this blogging competition, I won’t be able to here.. It is the competition that gave me the 2nd chance to attend the interview after failing my interview at the first attempt last year.. My journey to be a cadet pilot for AirAsia might end tomorrow if i fail the interview… However, it will not be the end of my dream and I will never let myself stop in realising my dream.. AirAsia, if i am to fail in becoming your cadet pilot this year, do look forward in receiving more of my entries and application next year, and the following year till i manage to join your airline and to celebrate your success…


  • Kong Sun

    Eh man. Hope you pass the interview and live your dream to be a pilot.

  • Weng Hooi

    haha…i know this is you…I still can recognized this pic that u used it to post for the blog competition…haha…anyway,have faith ck..chat to u soon in msn…cheers….

  • Hare

    Hi, don’t worry man…you will make it….

  • Joey

    Hey, I feel Air Asia has done a good job in their corporate communication with public. Now their pilot not only as a pilot but also blogger as well. haha. Chee Kong, wish you pass your interview and maybe one day you’re the one who send me to my destination when I take Air Asia flight. 😉

  • Wee Kiak

    “Good morning Ladies & gentlement, this is your captain Chee Keong speaking… ”
    Wish you all the best, hopefully can hear this annoucement in my future flight with AK

  • Chee Keong

    thank you guys…

    well, i’m having this mixed feeling now… nervous, anxious, glad, mad etc. etc…

    whatever it is, thank you very much Air Asia for giving me this chance to be here and to go through all these.. I am not the Chee Keong today without you giving me this chance, and i sincerely hope that you will forever, continuously give this chance to the rest.. thank you…

    Best regards,

  • Lee

    chee keong ,
    at least at last you made it through …
    hope you all the best for your coming bright future ….