I would like to cover 4 main points in this blog:

Meals on board
I have used AirAsia frequently between Miri, Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, Macau. I personally think they are good value for money. My favorite meals on board the flights were nasi lemak and sandwiches. However, I stopped eating nasi lemak as the gravy got too much of santan. With the pre-heating after it has been cooked much earlier, the taste gets deteriorated. Most often I get indigestion.

I wish they have a simpler nasi lemak with ikan bilis sambal. Alternatively go easy on the oil and santan (coconut cream) on the nasi lemak. The sandwiches were good. The bread is too soft. Good colour of the bread but little fiber on the bread would appeal bread lovers like me.

Route to India
Looking forward to Trichirappali [India] flight route. I make two or more trips on that route. It will be much easier for me to get to my destination. Currently, I go to Chennai and put up a night and travel the next 8 hours to get to a destination close to Trichy and I do the same thing on my way back.

Day/night rooms at LCCT
As I am a frequent traveler I transit Kuala Lumpur LCCT during day as well as at night time. Too far out to city, to spend a night at a hotel. I have seen a number of travelers hang around the limited waiting areas during the times. I wish AirAsia can work out a deal to arrange for a simple air conditioned rooms with single and double beds with common or attached bathrooms/shower facilities. For more ideas please visit the dormitory they have at Egmore, Chennai Railway station. We can do much better than that.

Toilet cleanliness
I observed that the number of steward/stewardess on AirAsia is limited than other commercial full service airlines. Almost 30-40% overstaffed in my view in those airlines. AirAsia crew takes care of the toilet cleanliness. Before plane touch down they clean the toilets and when passengers leave they pick up the trash. Great training, ethics and efficiency instilled on the crew. They take the pride to do this. This is amazing and I use this example in my lectures in my Business classes.

Well done! Reach a new high on your services!



  1. Thanks so much for your feedback. We will take note and get our chef to improvise them. Please do try our new rice addition, chicken rice. If you prefer something light, you can opt for roti canai or hot dogs. We are looking at introducing some vegetarian options soon. Watch out for our new menu!

    Shireen Chia
    Regional Head
    In-Flight (Procurement & Efficiency)

  2. Michelle-ann Reply

    Re: Day/night rooms at LCCT

    Good news Namasivayam…high-quality low-cost accommodation will soon be available at LCCT when the Tune Hotels.com – LCCT branch now in development launches in Jan/Feb 2009.

    The 222-room hotel will feature 5-star beds with ensuite/attached showers at 1-star prices starting from as low as RM9.99, similar to hotels already open in Downtown Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Sultan Ismail) and Kota Kinabalu (1Borneo hypermall).

    Check out http://www.tunehotels.com for more information.

    Michelle-Ann Iking
    GM Sales, Marketing & Corporate Communications
    Tune Hotels Regional Services Sdn Bhd

  3. woo… chicken rice! cant wait to try, i love your nasi lemak and nasi briyani!!your roti jala taste fantastic!!! i was hoping that the nasi goreng and satay from QZ flights could be introduced in AK flights too, maybe for a promo period, in vice versa maybe AK meals can introduce to FD/QZ flights! anyways your foods are value for money! love it

  4. Hi Shih Ween, the nasi goreng with satay is available in all AK/FD/QZ flights. It was all introduced at the same time.

  5. Great suggestion, Namasivayam for Day/Night rooms at LCCT. I wish it’ll come true…

    Michelle, I’m looking forward trying your Tune Hotel, I have check your website already.


  6. I personally think that the actual food is far from photos in the poster or menu. I hope AirAsia can take more effort to ensure foods taste as good as it look too. Especially on the portioning as it might look much larger in photos but turn up to be smaller when crew gives to you. I think on this aspect AirAsia should investigate why food do not look much like what they are advertised as. TQ

  7. Hi, i would love to see AirAsia introduce more food variety to passengers on board esp vegetarian, which will definitely be my choice of order if i see them in menu on my forthcoming trip to Guangzhou.

  8. Hi AirAsia,
    I would like to suggest that to introduce or replace the Express Boarding with pre-book seating for all AirAsia flights. With Express boarding, you still need to line up and “compete” with other Express Boarding ticket holders, I prefer the relaxing style of boarding the aircraft, knowing your seat are already allocated, especially when you are travelling with young children.

    Thank you,

  9. Kenny Sia has complained before that AirAsia’s in-flight food stale. Then Tony Fernandes intervene to improve the food. Now it seems back to the same old story again. When will this problem be eliminated?

  10. Namasivayam Reply

    Hi Folks,

    Thanks for your comments in response to my earlier query.

    Well, only one part remains unanswered – Route to India!!! When can we expect the route to be introduced?

    Day rooms will be very useful, improvement on food – just great! I look forward to try your new food spread.

    Best wishes and thank you.


  11. I’d like to follow up on the India route issue brought up by Mr Namasivayam.

    (1) There was buzz on July 16, 2007 stating AirAsia is going to fly India coming 2008. News provider bernama has stated AirAsia X has been granted the rights to enter India.

    (2) A few months back, there was news in all leading paper media, stating AirAsia is confirmed flying to Trichirappali [India] on October 2008.

    (3) And very recently, There is this AirAsia.com info corner which states:
    Flight Info
    Coming Soon!
    Kuala Lumpur – Tiruchirapalli

    If we sum all these 3 news together, where does this leads us to?
    Is AirAsia serious about the India chapter?

    – If it so … that we are flying next month (oct) to Trichirappali [India], then the bookings should have been up by now (sept).
    – I hope AirAsia could give a brief explaination on the status of Trichirappali [India] due on October 2008.
    – The critical outcome of whether AirAsia is/not Flying to Trichirappali [India] on October 2008 would solve many complex holiday planning which wanted to use AirAsia as their transit means. Thousands of holidays are on hold in their plan-making, just for the launch of kl- Trichirappali [India] on October 2008. Not just Malaysia, but Asia & Pacific.

    Kindly, Can the AirAsia Manager/Director whom holds the India route answer our questions. Its time to break free the silence.

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