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03 August 2009

Food, food and more food


By Safina

What would you do if you only have 48hours and a limited budget in Krabi?

These costs 5baht each stick.

This crispy and sweet dessert costs 20baht for 14 pcs.

5 pcs of these huge, fresh, prawns per stick cost 20baht.

This spicy Thai seafood noodle salad costs 40baht per serving.

This excellent ice-blended cappucino topped with fresh cream and others stuff costs 25baht each.

And this excellent beef noodle for breakfast costs 35baht a bowl.

Oh….and there’s a lot more choices of food to enjoy. Just travel to Krabi and visit their night market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you will definitely put on some extra kgs before you leave!!

  • Amina

    It make me drool.

  • Amina

    This is my town.
    Hey, every one coming here. ^__^

  • Supreeda

    pergi lahhhhh di kota Krabi best tau ….

  • Supreeda

    pergi lahhh … di sini kota krabi best tau …. !!

  • Safina

    hehehe…I know.
    Amina… I love your town! Definitely will be back for more 😉

  • Jang

    i dun wan stay at hotel…so is easy to have a room ka? is better stay near the beach or town area? may hope u can help…like to go there at end of this year.tq

  • Almond

    the red red cheery on top of the ice blended cappuccino makes me drool! 😛