Being a new mother, a lot of things are through trial and error. Time has come that I had to bring my nine month old baby on a flight and I am a bunch of twisted nerves not knowing what to expect especially since I am flying a budget airline.

Elders and good meaning friends have been giving all sort of advice. “Let her suck on something to relieve the air pressure in the ears”. “Don’t feed baby at least 2 hours before the flight to avoid the baby vomitting” and the list goes on.

One thing for sure I got the Express Boarding to avoid the jostle for seats and not one of the ‘advisers’ thought of that!

My baby was so excited that she did not sleep throughout the flight as she was busy marvelling over the length of the airplane (as we were on Row A) with the sea of heads, checking out the menu and gifts catalogue and oh yes, she was busy having her feeding time thousands of feet up in the air.

On arrival at Bangkok, she slept like a log for hours and deprived me of my planned shopping time.

Conversely, on the flight home, she slept all the way right until just before touch down! How I wished it was the other way round, slept all the way to Bangkok and awake all the way back to Kuala Lumpur.

All’s well ends well. Am excited to see my baby’s antics during our flight (of course with AirAsia also) on my future trips.


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