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21 October 2010

Flying Experience Redefined

By Josephine

When people say a getaway from the hustle and bustle of a town is a worthwhile experience, it is totally true. I am really glad that my best friend initiated a trip to one of our country’s very own famous tourist spot, the land below wind, Sabah.

Being my first time ever thousands feet from ground, I was very much looking forward to experience how it’s like to fly (in a plane that is!).

With the easy self check-in kiosk in the airport, I find it really saved a lot of time. Instead of rushing around, we get to mingle around the airport before our flight. Hey, that’s really what a girl who never been to airport after living 23 years would do. *giggles*

Our flight from LCCT to Kota Kinabalu took about 2.5 hours. I must have looked nervous when the plane departed because my best friend held my hand tight, telling me it’ll be a fun experience and nothing to worry about. True indeed!

Pictures will tell how awesome the trip went:-

This trip has definitely widened my perspective. Simply affordable, fun and nevertheless, creates stronger bond among fellow travelers. So all I wish for, is that one day, I will be able to share this traveling excitement to my parents too.

Having the thought of planes are only for the higher society in my parent’s mind, I believe with Air Asia, soon I will be able to bring them to feel how it is like to fly.

Papa, Mama, wait for me. I will achieve it soon ♥