It’s nice to know AirAsia has a blog ^_^ At least I can share my opinion flying with AirAsia.

Well, through this blog I’d like to give some critics and compliments.

First, both of my flight schedule AirAsia from JakartaPadang ( July 3, 2008) and PadangJakarta (July 9, 2008) was delayed. Delay period is about 2-4 hours longer than flight scheduled stated on Website while I ordered previously. When I ordered by AirAsia Website, there was 2 flight scheduled, I ordered the 1st, but suddenly at the H-Day 1st flight schedule was delayed too long until there’s only 1 flight schedule at that day.

Delay time also happened while I got back to Jakarta. I was surprised because the delay reason didn’t make sense, AirAsia Crew said “Delay because waiting Flight from particular destination “, not because of urgent matters such as bad situation in destination, or flight repair, etc. Their reasons made me curious, does AirAsia planes limited? Anyway anyhow, I’m really dissappointed because of AirAsia delay time, all of my holiday planning messed up 🙁 Well, how about if I have business trip? Should I used AirAsia? Hmm.. I suggest not . Does low cost fare mean low service to customer? I hope not

In other way. I give an applause to AirAsia Captain who already survived landing in Padang (July 3, 2008), while situations was really really bad.. Thanks Capt!

At the end, through my critics, I hope AirAsia can improve its performance constantly and consequent with flight schedule stated on website.



  1. Chang Pong Reply

    Guys, I think you should look into this. My mum is a frequent traveller to Medan and Jakarta on AirAsia, and there were more than a few occasions where flights are always delayed.

    What’s the issue?

  2. “I give an applause to AirAsia Captain who already survived landing in Padang (July 3, 2008), while situations was really really bad.. Thanks Capt!”

    Care to explain on this? Is it something to do with turbulence?

  3. Ahmad Faizal Reply

    i hope, i will have chance to go to Indonesia. Really want to go even once in my life.

  4. I agree with you, Yossi. For addition, The Flight almost and always delayed for the last trip at night. Since this is become usual, I never complain again, just be patience to wait in Executive lounge, Hehehe..

    Please use the first flight If you want to flight on time but that’s not guarantee either

  5. I had the experience with the delay schedule from AirAsia when i went to Padang from Jakarta last year. I booked for morning flight but then they informed me 1 day before that the schedule has changed to the before afternoon time. Due to the technical problem.
    And then when I return back to Jakarta from Padang to Jakarta, it was delay also due to the weather. The schedule should be evening time but we waited until almost midnite. It was tiring. But then, the flight cancel.
    AirAsia gave the passangers the accomodation for hotel room at Bumi Minang. I was going there for holiday, so it was no problem for me. But I am sure if you guys do the travel for business and and face the delay such like that would be a big problem.
    But, I take a note, tht for the international flight, I never deal with the delay time eventhough i make it quite often using this airline.

  6. Ahsan Imaduddin Reply

    I have been used AsiaAsia for past 3 years but I’m also faced the same experience of delay flight specially from AirAsia Indonesia… compared your other sisters; AirAsia Malaysia and AirAsia Thailand never been happen..

    Both delay flights involve evening flight QZ; KUL-Surabaya which taken almost 2 hours… The latest one happen on July 25th as the flight arrived late 1(one) hour from Surabaya and by the time it should fly, the flight delayed another 1(one) hour due to aviation signal not function and you should restart the flight computer…

    Based on my observation, it mostly happen to flight used Boeing instead of Airbus… Did AirAsia Indonesia look forward this matter how to minimize flight delay or AsiaAsia as the whole organization should look forward to achieve “ZERO DELAY” for your Quality Policy instead of rewards RM200 for reimburse your guest!

  7. I am a frequent flyer of AAsia and these were my observations. Some passangers, who reached the plane early from the rest of the passangers, just stuffed their luggage into the luggage compartment nearer the front or rear exit and sit at the middle section of the plane. The problem comes when other passangers occupy these seats, they can’t find space on the overhead luggage compartment. This will lead to the searching of space for their luggage and time is wasted just to find another compartment far away from the seat. I hope AAsia encourage passangers to put their luggage above their seat and NOT somewhere else. This will cut the long queue and time to sort luggage and seat location. Thanks

  8. Mohd Irwan Reply

    it’s no longer a suprise when it comes to the term of delayed flights scheduled by Indonesia AA. I am a frequent traveler of johor bahru-Jakarta route and i encountered multiple frustration on my trip. I dont think it’s a healthy practice, and the consequence will not be on AA alone! It will also affect Sultan Ismail airport as many passenger will divert to Changi international Singapore which offers countless flights to Indonesia. probably we need to woo more airlines to fly this JHB-CGK route, to provide competition to airasia

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