When AirAsia want to fly to LONDON …? Late this year or next year?


  • Kan

    Is there any plan to fly to London?

  • Paul

    If they fly to London as cheap as they say they will I will definately fly with them.
    Speed it up !!!

  • Scott

    The Man himself says it’ll be from March 2009. Excerpt from


    Fernandes: AirAsia to fly to London in March

    KUALA LUMPUR: Budget carrier AirAsia X has reiterated that it will fly to London in March, with Stansted airport the likely destination.

    “Definitely, it is going to happen and I am optimistic that it will happen in March,” said Datuk Tony Fernandes, AirAsia X director, founder and group CEO of South-East Asia’s largest budget carrier, AirAsia.

    Fernandes said AirAsia X favoured Stansted, on the outskirts of London, but would finalise its plans in September when it meets officials from Stansted as well as Manchester airport, which is its other option.

    He said the carrier would use a leased A340-300 to mount direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, which will act as a hub for other regional destinations in the AirAsia network.

    Hope the information was helpful! – Scott Thong

  • Shih Ween

    cant wait for their flight to london!!

  • Shi Han

    it would be a direct flight or flight with stop(s) at somewhere?

  • Dennis

    Hey, be great to see Europe come into the destinations,Im getting a bit “Asianed out” after 5 or 6 trips out of Gold Coast to KL.
    Dont get me wrong,I love KL,especially the restaurants.
    But are longing for the tastes and wines of Europe.
    And definately love the great deals from Air Asia that make it all possible.

  • Mei Siew

    Would be great if AirAsia can fly London, pray for it. hopefully the tax & others charges will be reduce.

  • Mei Siew

    Hopefully, this will come true.

  • Patrick

    AirAsia have started uploading their GB site

    you can see it now if you select GB under the the locations tab

  • Mardhiyah

    Am really looking forward to visit London. It’s way too early to say this, but I am already imagining going for Olympic in London in 2012 (AirAsiaX-London 2012 package?). Perhaps Tune Hotel can plan for low budget hotel there.
    Thanks AirAsia for making it happen !