On my flight back home on the 7th of October 2008 from Phnom Penh (Cambodia) to Kuala Lumpur,I had the most enjoyable flight ever. I always enjoy flying AirAsia, its becoming a habit to promote and correct people when they misunderstand about AirAsia.

It was a very full flight that day. Yet the calm and very friendly staff took it head on, no problem. I hope I didn’t trouble the stewardess Tan Pei Pei (I hope I got her name right) and the only steward on that flight that day by ordering a whole lot of food that flight! Between me and my friends, we had Roti Canai, 2 Onion Chicken Cup Noodles, Chicken Rice and New York Chicken. I believe in the price,even though it might pinch my pockets sometimes,you can’t deny the food on board is absolutely mouth-watering!

I truly enjoy flying AirAsia. But I have a feeling that would be one of the last time because my dad now works for MAS, thus I has somehow I upgraded. But I’ll miss the bustling LCC Terminal, the staff in vivacious red, the ever-smiling flight stewards and stewarders and just being a flyer of Air Asia.

Viva La AirAsia! :)