People have all sorts of fears. Some are afraid of being alone, afraid of water, heights, small spaces, sharp objects, being touched, and many many more.

Being afraid of flying is also one of the common ones. Some are so afraid of it that they would not even go near an aircraft. But some less-serious ones are only afraid in times of TURBULENCE [when the aircraft goes in bumpy conditions when flying through weather conditions].

I was flying to BKI (Kota Kinabalu) one afternoon, and there were three ladies seated at the first row of the starboard [right] side. And during take-off, my crew and I noticed that one of them were already gripping her friend’s hand tightly.

Due to heavy rain over Kota Kinabalu International Airport, we were unable to even make an approach, not to mention to land the plane itself. After holding in the air for about an hour, the captain on my flight that day, Captain Lim Khoy Hing, finally announced that we were going to land, and informed us that it was going to be a bumpy ride in the process.

When the cabin was checked and ready, my crew and I took our seats. Then the bumps got slightly worse, but pretty much like a mild roller coaster ride. And the three ladies just started screaming!

The funny thing was, every time the three ladies in the front were screaming, two little kids seated at row 2 would echo with their childish laughter. The rest of us were trying very very hard to not laugh at the kids’ innocence, and I meant we were trying VERY hard!

After a few more bumps, Captain Lim did a BEAUTIFUL landing despite the conditions, and he even got a well-deserved clap from the passengers after that successful landing!

Oh well, the big bonus of having an experienced and good captain on board! =D


My office in AirAsia is none other than our fuel-efficient, brand new, young and modern A320! (And the term prefered is Flight Attendant, not Cabin Crew, thank you!)

I get to meet different people from different countries, lifestyles, religions and occupations everyday. And the stories they shared with me often falls victim to the topic of my blogs!

With this blog, I can say goodbye to the free Coca-colas I get from my friends in exchange for flight stories...oh well!


  1. Heh heh, I cannot resist this joke. An old couple was seated next to a young chap on a flight. As it was getting bumpy towards their destination, the young chap got rather restless. He then got really worried when he looked outside the window.

    Trying to assure him that everything is fine, the old lady turned to the young man and said, “don’t worry, the pilots know what they are doing”. The young man replied, “I am a pilot, and I KNOW what they are doing!”

  2. Liang Thian Reply

    CPT Lim K H is a highly experienced pilot and he have a very helpful blog on flying and related matters.

  3. Oh yes, I’m one of them – afraid of turbulence. Is it dangerous to fly over a turbulence?

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