…or rather sit in the dark and make a Difference!

Question: If a helicopter flies and maintains a similar position for 24 hours, does it shift in location?

Answer: Technically, as the earth spins even if you remain static in the air, you would shift location. But the truth is, I don’t know the answer either (hey, I passed Physics ok). But what I do know is that YOU can make a difference!

Earth Hour 2009 is on 28 March 2009 which happens to be a Saturday. Do your part and switch off your lights for one hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. One hour is all it takes. Obiviously, do not sit in the dark and watch TV or surf the web either. Understandably, one hour is indeed a long time to chase mosquitoes in the dark or dwindle your thumbs, so here’s some stuff you can do while you doing your part in making sure your 1135th generation still gets to enjoy life on earth.

List of things to do in the dark during Earth Hour 2009 (leave the naughty stuff aside please but feel free if you insist):-

1. Take a walk with your special half and admire the moon and stars for once (it is visible in KL and other major cities contrary to urban myth although not as beautiful as it should be). Be sure to look him/her straight in the eyes and enjoy the moment. Note to bring along weapons or at least pepper spray if there is a danger of being assaulted.

2. Talk to your children (if you have any) about what one hour of energy saving can do to save our planet and then let them run around and destroy the house. If you don’t have kids, then you run around the house detroying everything instead.

3. Blink wildly and then close your eyes really tight for an interesting light show. This should eat up 5-10 minutes of the hour before you proceed to try to not think about penguins. This measure according to an urban forum should entertain you for a further 5 minutes. This is especially hard, because by trying too much, you remember what you were trying to avoid thinking of. If you try too little, you end up thinking about penguins anyway. You can then happily end the hour by making noises from Star Wars.

4. Organise a hike beforehand and get out to enjoy mother nature outside of town. Be warned though that if you mess with mother nature, mother nature will mess wth you.

5. Play the guitar in the real world and have a live version of Guitar Heroes celebrating the occassion. For those who can’t, theres still the ‘air guitar’. Knock yourselves out.

Have fun filling up the hour in your own way but remember to switch off the lights and just enjoy the moment saving our planet! Write back and share on how YOU will be spending your Earth Hour 2009!


  • Nickee

    Since the TV channels will be off for one hour and I do not like to surf in dark, I think I will take a stroll outside and feed some strays. Must remember to apply mosquito repellent 8)

  • Yvonne

    eavesdrop on what my neighbours are watching on tv… (??)