I’m a regular customer of AirAsia and always travel between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Due to the limit of 15kg for checked in baggage, sometimes I have to pay for the exceeded amount. It’s OK for me, but I have some suggestion about the payment services in LCC Terminal.

After comparing the payment services between LCCT and Penang International Airport, in LCCT customers have to walk to another counter and line up again to make their payment, and most of time their is only one counter available. But in Penang International Airport, customers just have to make their payment at the check-in counter on the spot.

This would be more convenient for customers because it will save a lot of time and energy. Sometimes I’m even late for my express boarding just because I have to line up again to make the payment. But in Penang International Airport, I don’t have such a problem and till now I have never been late for my express boarding. So, I hope that AirAsia will improve this service.

AirAsia have been making a lot of improvements to fulfill customers needs and I feel proud of it. Thank you for providing low fare flights to the customers so that almost everyone in this country can fly to anywhere they want! Great job AirAsia!



  1. Air Asia, I have been your client since the day you started business flying from the UK to Malaysia; I was on the 1st inaugural flight from London Stansted Airport to KL LCCT; unfortunately your website is not user friendly at all & it is impossible to contact you on the phone too! Your Live Help is open when I log in & as soon as I have completed logging in, it goes to CLOSE!! This is within the hours of business 9-6. I HAVE TRIED TO PURCHASE EXTRA BAGGAGE IN VAIN! Yes I completely agree your cheap flights have allowed many to fly to dream holiday destinations but I do wish your online services can be much much more user friendly. I look forward to the day where I need not try, try & try with no result for whatever needs I have when flying with you.

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