The next morning, we departed from Manila to Clark with a shuttle van which costs us 500 pesos each. We arrived at Clark around 2.00 pm and checked in to our hotel at the Clark Aviation Complex. It felt a bit weird when we got to the area as there was a whole fenced area with malls, buildings, hotels and casinos inside. Looking out of the fence, I saw a lot of pubs, bars and restaurants. I was wondering why they would want to fence the area and call it the Aviation Complex (Clark Field).
10 minutes after passing the gate, I knew the reason why and it drove me crazy with excitement!
I saw buildings and complexes of duty free shopping! One whole complex for alcohol, one for clothes and each for pretty much everything you want! ALL OF IT IS DUTY-FREE!!!
I was hopping with joy when I saw all the Duty-Free complexes in the area. And it’s just 3 minutes drive from our hotel!

After we checked-in at the hotel, we went straight to Nayong Filipino as it closes at 6.00pm. Nayong Filipino Clark Expo is a place where we get to see the culture and old villages of Filipinos in the olden days. We get to see how the girls weave cloths under the house, guys doing carpentry works and also traditional dances and music performances. There are four different types of villages in the expo where it showcases the various lifestyles of different tribes.

Close to dinner time, we decided to head outside the fenced (Angeles city) to try the local street food we saw on the way in earlier. We tried the grilled/barbecued chicken and pork, colourful delicious pastries, Halo-Halo(Like ‘Ais Kacang’ with different ingredients) and Balut (a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside) – YUMMY!!! While eating we noticed that we were surrounded by loads of pubs, bars and clubs. Some of them have interesting names and signboards! I was laughing all the way while noting all the shops’ signs. Take this one for example ‘Eruption – Way out of your stressful life!’

After we filled our tummies with delicious local delicacies, I spotted a spa centre and marched right in. Surprisingly, it only costs 300 pesos for a one hour massage! As our legs and back were aching, we’ve decided to give it a try. I opted for the Shiatsu massage whereas the guys chose the Swedish massage (with oil). Seriously, this was the best massage I’ve had in my life so far. I used to love massages in Thailand as they pressure the right spots and it’s cheap. Now I’ve found myself a new place for that! **Philippines**

I also saw on their menu that they give manicures and pedicures which costs only 38 pesos at one of the decent saloons and shops around Angeles. Hair cut plus shampoo plus blow-dry is only 40 pesos! I think this will be a great place for my girlfriends and I to spend a weekend of indulging ourselves in massages, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and hair spa!

Immediately after the massage, the guys wanted to check out the Casinos. We remembered some signboards to a few casinos on our way out earlier and decided to check out Mimos, a 5 minute drive from our hotel. The moment I stepped into the casino I felt like I was in Vegas! It’s just so bright, colourful and makes you feel happy (I don’t know why!).

I bet this would also be a great place for my parents to spend their weekend as not only there are casino’s, there’s golf courses, duty-free shopping and affordable beauty centres as well!

As the day dwindled we called it a night with San Miguel beers and gave cheers to our awesome Philippines trip.

Thanks to AirAsia for making travel affordable for Everyone!