I just got back from our Gold Coast flight yesterday, after launching our Melbourne route. Had to handle a barrage of media queries/interviews and caught up on emails. Adrenaline from the last intense 48-hours is finally dissipating.

Launching a new route, especially a major destination such as Melbourne is a mammoth undertaking, and one that we tackle with bare minimum resources to make it happen. Its always a major drama. Final regulatory approvals need to be secured. The booking engine with promo fares must be loaded to face the onslaught on sales at midnight. Advertisements and press releases must be vetted. Logistics of the press conference must be scrutinised – especially when we were lucky to be graced by the presence of two senior Victorian Ministers at our event: Minister of Trade & Industry Theo Theophanus (whom I’ve come to regard as a personal friend after working with him for over a year to make Melbourne happen), and Minister of Tourism Tim Holding.

Wouldn’t have been possible without a stellar team: Kat, Spencer, Senthil, Darren, Sherliza and many others who made this happen through sheer will spiced with madness.

The flight back yesterday was an 8+ hour day flight. I only managed to get 1-hour’s work done on the laptop before my mind started zoning out. Couldn’t focus and concentrate any more.

Thankfully, since July, AirAsia X has introduced portable media players that come with a selection of Hollywood blockbuster and regional movies, TV shows, music and games – to while a way the long flight hours – for a small fee 😉 (RM35)

We’ve realised that for long-haul flights, we must provide an entertainment option for our guests who cannot sleep on the flight. The new aircraft that will come into service this November, will be equipped with in-flight entertainment systems in all seats! Latest interactive, touch-screen system with a lot of entertainment content as well as cool applications, including a USB port to charge your iPod/Blackberry (two devices I always have with me when travelling).


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  1. Mohamed Ghouse Reply

    When you guys are launching the Trichy route? I am holding on to my travel plan just for that?

    BTW, Congratulations on your acheivement so far!

  2. This sounds great! I really hope the in-flight entertainment unit will be available by January 2009, otherwise I don’t know how I am going to entertain my 2 children for 8 hours flight from Melbourne to KL.
    Thanks AirAsia.
    Go AirAsia.

  3. Chang Pong Reply

    A question on these portable media players. How do they work? They run on batteries or off a power supply? If on batteries, how long can they last?

  4. Great! I am flying off to Brisbane in October and at least I have something to look at.

  5. I travel every year with you and it will be even better with some entertainment. Fail to understand why people would travel with anyone else. Well done!!!!!

  6. Thanks for all your support.

    The Portable Media Players are already available on AirAsia X flights to Gold Coast and Hangzhou.

    When we start using our new aircraft in November for Perth and Melbourne, all seats will have installed entertainment screens – all ready in Jan 2009 for your trip, Hung!

    Chang Pong – the portable units use batteries, and last about 8 hours – so enough time for the full flight. If for any reason you run out of batteries mid-flight, we’ll replace your unit.

  7. I travel quite frequent with AirAsia to local destinations and overseas eversince it started operation. I shall feel more comfortable and relax on my future trips when it was installed with portable media players in AirAsia flights to their designated destinations. Syabas to AIRASIA!!

  8. CONGRATS AirAsia X for flying to its 4th destination – Melbourne! I’m a great fan of AirAsia especially Mr. Tony Fernandes and Mr. Azran. From day 1, I believe AirAsia X can make things happen and so far kept its promise of flying Malaysians to great destinations. I must say that the 4 destinaions you’ve chosen so far (Gold Coast, Hangzhou, Perth & Melbourne) are hard-to-resist destinations! Can’t wait for more NEW long-haul at low cost destinations!

  9. Great to know that finally there is some entertainment on long haul flights. We went to Gold Coast last year and I hv to bring lots of games, cards to keep the children quiet. they are so restless and excited esp the younger ones who are flying 1st time.
    we are going to melbourne this coming december, so to speak, eff Nov all flights to Mel and Perth cfm equipped wz the entertainment screens ? will the games on the entertainment screen and the portable media player be the same, if no, do u think we can just book on board ?

  10. Great news on the upcoming inflight entertainment system! We are flying to Gold Coast in early June 2009. We are wondering if the flight to Gold Coast on first week of June would have been equipped with the entertainment system by then, as we will bring along 2 kids with us. Could you please confirm if it would have been ready on the flight?

    Great innovation on low-cost travel. Keep it up!

  11. I am totally confused. Using AirAsia in January 2009 Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur. Some blogs say there is onboard entertainment and others say can’t wait for it to come in November. What is the story. Is there onboard entertainment yet for these long flights or I won’t invest in a portable DVD player?

  12. As per my post – we started introducing these portable media players onboard AirAsia X flights since July 2008. Its already available now.

    Come November 2008, with our new aircraft, the flights to Perth and Melbourne will be with our new aircraft, that comes with the in-seat entertainment version.

    Enjoy! and thanks so much for choosing to fly with us.

  13. So means RM35 is for the portable entertainment set? How about the second picture that shows LCD screen behind the seat? Or the portable unit is just the controller for you to view movies on the LCD? Azran, can intro abit how to use this set? Thanks

  14. So only flights from Perth or Melbourne have inflight entertainment? and not from Gold Coast yet? Do you book these online as per meals and comfort sets, or are they just organised when you get onboard?

  15. Yes. RM35 for the Portable Media Player.

    The second picture shows the In-Seat InFlight Entertainment System. We haven’t finalised pricing yet as we’re sorting out with supplier, but I’m pushing to get it lower than RM35 (since we don’t have to pay for handling of portable units (incl battery charging, etc).

    The portable is a standalone unit. You watch movies on that red screen in the pic.

    The In-Seat LCD is for our new aircraft.

  16. Patsy – all of our planes are currently equipped with entertainment units.

    The Gold Coast flight has the portable version, and the Perth/Melbourne in November will have the in-seat version.

    Its currently only available onboard but we’re working to introduce the pre-purchase option soon – with the usual discount offered for pre-purchase during booking.

  17. Tks Mr Azran for the clarification of the in seat version. By the way, I could not find details of which airport in Mel that AirAsia lands. Will it be the same airport as Virgin Blue ?

  18. AirAsia X lands in Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne.

    Mr.Azran, can I ask if we did not pay for this in-flight entertainment package can we still charge our MP3 players (like iPod) using USB connection? Is this service provided free to all AirAsia X customers? Is there 3 pin plug should I bring my laptop to do my work while on the plane? Thanks

  19. Hi Tan.

    Just Azran please, without the ‘mr.’.

    Yes, charging iPods/phones via the USB port is free.
    We are working on a 3-pin plug power solution, but it will not be ready for this year’s aircraft. This will be a new feature on our aircraft in late 2009.
    I’ve started to hunt around Low Yat for a laptop power source based on USB power but no luck to date.

  20. Hi Azran
    Thanks for the info. AirAsia must be the coolest airlines where customers can actually chat and speak their minds off directly to even the CEO himself 🙂 Keep up the good work. Wish AirAsia many many more successes in future. Looking forward your next destination to Manchester!

  21. This is excellent. I was wondering if the flight from Gold Coast-KL, will they get the new aircraft with the in flight entertainment?

  22. Hi Azran,
    How about adding Sydney, Australia to your list? Jetstar Au have stopped their services, thus depriving M’sians of a budget carrier to this beautiful city. I am sure alot of travellers will agree that this sector is well worth your effort! Cheers!

  23. Sydney’s on our radar screens. Stay tuned.

    The fact that other carriers have withdrawn from these routes show how tough it is to make it work – but we’re up for the challenge!

    In the mean time, 8% of our Gold Coast passengers come from or are going to Sydney, via a connecting domestic flight from SYD to OOL.

  24. Hi Azran,
    I’m one of the 8% orginating out of Sydney. Looking forward to fly the AirAsia X service to KL.

    Could you please clarify something about the portable entertainment units – are they available on all OOL-KUL flights – my flight details – D7 2703 on 28 Sep and KUL-OOL on 6 Oct D7 2702….any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  25. Hi Pravin,

    Thanks for choosing to fly with us. Truly appreciate your support.

    Yes, the Portable Players are available on your flight dates – available everyday!

  26. Hi Azran,

    Thanks for the prompt feedback. Will get back to you regarding my experiences. Thanks Again.

  27. Hi there

    In December it will be my family’s first ever fligh with Air Asia X and I’m looking forward to it. With 2 kids travelling from Gold Coast to KL, is there plenty of availability for the portable players or can we pre-order?? Thanks!!

  28. We’ve taken the plunge and booked the new flights to London for next July. Although we frequently travel with Air Asia and are always highly satisfied with the service on the short haul flights, we’d like to know if there will be in-flight entertainment on these air asia X flights from KL-London. Many thanks

  29. Thinking of booking my daughter with her 2 kids Stansted-KL-Stansted in August 09. A few questions:-

    Which model of Airbus do Air Asia plan to use on the route?
    What type of inflight entertainment system will it have?
    Will it fly non-stop or have to make a re-fuelling stop?
    What are the main benefits of the XL Promo seats?

  30. Hi Adrian,

    For our London Stansted route, we will be deploying an A340-300 variant. It is the same size as our standard A330-300 but is equipped with 4 engines instead of 2.

    This means it can fly from London to KL direct, non-stop.

    This aircraft comes to us with the same configuration from a full-service carrier, so the seats are the same size and comfort.

    The XL seats are full business class seats, so you get max comfort, while saving significantly compared to biz class fares on premium carriers.

    We intend to deploy our portable media players onboard, for personalized video-on-demand type entertainment, available for those that elect to rent them.

    Once the aircraft goes in for a full re-fit next year, it will be equipped with in-seat entertainment units in every seat.


  31. Hi Azran,

    I am one of the AirAsia and AirAsia X fans. I travelled a lot using both airlines to Hangzhou etc. I would like to ask about any new routes to Shanghai and Beijing non-stop flight.

    Secondly, I really recommend AirAsia X can set up a hub in northern asia like Shanghai or Hongkong or Shenzhen so that passengers can have some connecting flight between Asia great cities (HKG-SHG MACAU-PEK HKG-HANGZHOU HKG-USA).These routes and market are currently occupied by all those premium airlines but not the low cost carrier, like Jetstar. I believe AirAsia X has the lowest operating cost who can beat those airlines in China and it could be another huge success for AirAsia & AirAsia X. 🙂 thank you and good luck to AA&AAX in 2009.

  32. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comments.

    We will continue to pursue Shanghai and BEijing, but for the moment, there are government restrictions against LCCs operating into these two airports. 🙁

    We are about to launch a service to Tianjin, which is linked to Beijing by a high-speed train that takes only 30 minutes to downtown Beijing. Hope to get this going by this April.

  33. Hi Azran,
    God willing, this coming march will be my first ‘flying’ experience with AAX. Looking forward for a great journey 🙂

    My question
    – does the in-seat ent. includes the ‘wheres-i-am-right-know’ features, to know whats the current local time onboard?

    – how about kiblat and prayer time info?


  34. Yes to both.

    Thanks for choosing to fly with us.

    Do consider making the flight experience smoother by pre-purchasing your checked baggage, meals, and choosing your seats (including our extra leg room choice seats, or the XL seats)

  35. Hello! am considering AA XL seats for trip home to UK this summer (July). How many hours is flight?

    What will be the status on inflight entertainment by then, and will we have power for ipods etc, as mentioned for long haul?

    UK is MUCH longer haul than Aus, believe me!!

  36. Dear Gary,

    The flight times for the London sector can be derived from the arrival and departure times on our booking website – but I believe its 13 hours one-way and 14 hours the next.

    We’re commencing this service with the same seat configuration of a full service carrier that we have leased the aircraft from. The seats are much more comfortable, but do not come with in-seat screens. However, we will be providing portable units for rent as described above.

    Initially, there will not be the USB port to charge iPods. Those are only in the new A330s that we have custom-configured.

    However, when the A340 for London goes into its annual maintenance check in 2010, we will replace all the seats to include in-flight entertainment and USB ports.


  37. What a shame about the power – will your portable units last for the journey, or will they have spare batteries?

    What will the XL seats be like prior to 2010 refit? Will they be in the old airline’s ‘business class’?

    I have now booked AAX XL because of more width/leg space: we are both around 6ft, and can’t sleep in economy long haul!
    PS – when I booked, the ‘choose your seat’ bit wouldnt load, so I couldnt do that.

  38. Hi Azran, how cool is it to speak direct to the Man himself. My family and I will be travelling with you from London via KUL to Melbourne in December 2009 returning Jan 2010. First of all let me thank you Azran and AAX from the bottom of our hearts to be able to visit long lost family in Australia at last, and at such fantastic prices. Secondly we will be stopping over in beautiful Kuala Lumpur for a few days. If you had 1 thing you would do in KL City for 1 night what would it be and what would you recommend. The party consists of 2 adult and 1 child aged 10……I know difficult question but a certain restaurant or Show. Many many thanks once again and all the very best for your future success.

  39. Hi James,

    Consensus seems to be that you should check out dinner in the revolving restaurant at KL Tower – with great views of the city skyline including the Petronas Twin Towers.

  40. We are flying from Gold Coast to KL because the offer last year was too god to refuse but I am not sure of some things.
    Is there onboard entertainment? I can’t seem to find where you can book it or a schedule of what is on. Also, how do you upgrade to the XL seats?
    I have seen mixed reviews to date and getting abit nervous that we may be in for 8 hours of pain.

  41. Hi Jason,

    The Gold Coast flights will have in-seat in-flight entertainment at every seat. There is a a single fee of RM30 for access to all the movie, TV, music and games content. We presently do not have a pre-booked option but you can purchase it via entering your credit card details directly onto the screen or pay via cash or card to the flight attendant.

    You can upgrade to XL seats via the call centre. On some days, we may have a promotion for upgrades at the airport counter during check-in, but this is only subject to availability.

    The issues with the economy seat (that caused pain) was because some passengers were not aware that our new seats get its recline from a new method, by sliding the seat cushion forward (and the seat back moving forward with it to create a recline). It does not lean back like traditional seats. The advantage of this design is you better manage your personal space without having the person in front of you lean back into your area (esp when you’re eating or using your laptop or watching the in-flight screen.

  42. Hi Azran,

    I bought tickets for next month (April) from LCCT to Stansted. There’ll be 5 of us — myself, hubby, year 1 daughter, mom and aunt. I wasn’t concerned about the seats on AAX as I’m used to travel coach on other airlines as well, including long-haul. However, reading the following post, I’m pretty worried now especially for my tall husband and my mom and aunt:-

    Wld be great if you can give some feedback to ease our minds.

  43. Dear Sofea,

    Thank for for sharing your concern.

    I know there are a number of people that are not happy with our economy class seats on the A330s (not the A340 to London!).

    Our principle is simple. The number of seats (leather or fabric upholstery doesn’t matter) drives our economics. You cannot get a 30%-50% savings, or ~RM1000 savings and still get the same quality of seats as a legacy carrier.

    For most people, the savings are what counts.

    For those that want the extra comfort, we do offer a couple of upgrade options.

    1. There are 18 seats in economy at the front of each section that are our Choice extra-legrooms seats. For tall people, they have the option of selecting these seats to get ample legroom.

    2. For those that want even more comfort, our XL seats are definitely much better value than economy seats on legacy carriers. For the same fare, you get a massive 38″ seat pitch (legroom) similar to Virgin Atlantic’s and BA’s premium economy vs 33″-34″ on MAS/SQ. You also get the same seat width as most business class seats – 19″.

    The economy seats do recline, but use a glide-forward design vs traditional seat lean-backwards. The angle of recline is the same. The disadvantage is it reduces legroom for tall people (but we have the options above) but the advantage of the design is it eliminates the discomfort from having the person in front of you lean back into your personal space.

    Having said that, we are now designing a new economy seat that will be like the AirAsia short-haul seat with more legroom and a bit more recline angle.

  44. Any plans to fly to New Zealand?

    Also, when I was looking at London to Malaysia flights before, some had XL seats cheaper than the ecconomy ones, on the same flight! Am I missing something?

    Lastly, what is the deal on check-in bags for long-haul? Will you still be charging, as per chort haul?
    Also, will you still charge for meals?

    Kind regards

    Jonathan Kubiak

    P.S. Congratulations on the launch of flights to/from Loughton. I will thorughly enjoy seeing Virgin, Quantas and what have you get a good kicking!

  45. I bought 8 tickets to London on August. I was wondering anyone able to let me know that if i had pre-order the meal, how many times they serve in the long haul flight? once or twice? I am travelling with my parents and my dad in law.

  46. Dear Jonathan/Jennifer,

    We’re looking at New Zealand but it will depend on our confidence that there is strong demand for trans-Tasman to fill up a widebody jet and a new operational design with a hop from an Australian port.

    The price for seats on Economy and XL are based on demand take-up – as more seats are sold, fares go up. There’s a point where the last few economy seats may be priced higher if XL seat demand does not go up – but that would be rare indeed! Which dates did you find had this phenomenon?

    For charges on baggage and meals, check out under Bookings/Fee Schedule and Products & Shopping/Snack Attack (AirAsia X meals).

    For pre-booked meals on London flights,you get two meals served after take off and before landing.

  47. Hi Air Asia,

    I am really proud of AA. I actually used AA since 1994 when AA was managed by DRB as I was working in Sabah and had to travel back to KL quite often.

    Now that I travel to US quite often I am looking forward for an AA flght either from KL to US or from Stanstead to US – that would be great. Is that thought off? Being in east coast of US maybe landing in Seattle or Portland would be less congested than landing in LAX as I know there are many budget airlines here in US like Southwest using these airports.

    Any ideas whether you would be like Virgin – internet in the air? I think Virgin is doing great and I hear a lot of my friends are using Virgin America to travel because of all these extras goodies which even top airlines cannot provide.

  48. Thanks Edward.

    As neither a European or American carrier, we’re not likely to get approvals to fly from London to the US. However, we’ve seen many of our passengers traveling via transit points on different carriers – i.e., if in the East Coast, finding the best fare on any carrier to London, and then taking our flight back to KL.

    We’re continuing to explore wifi on board but its a lot more complex for us compared to VA because they are only flying domestically and need to only deal with one telco/satellite provider whereas when we fly across different countries and geographies, its more complex to get a structure that will lead to affordable rates for our passengers.

  49. Hi Azran,

    Thank you for letting me know about the meal for London route.(accidently click show as annoymous for my comment yesterday). I have been calling and writting to airasia but no one reply and able to tell me that. I am so concern about the meal because i am bringing some senior citizen along with me and i have to make sure they are not suffering anything when they are on board.

    Thank you!

  50. hi azran,

    i’ve tried calling the inquiry number given and also emailed many many times. my KUL-BKK flight was cancelled on the 18th of December 2008 and we were told that we are eligible for the RM200 on time Guarantee. It’s already March now and still there is no news. Can anybody get back to us? thanks ya?
    And keep up the Good work! We are strong supporters of Airasia and we look forward to flying, flying & continue flying with Airasia!!

  51. Hi Kiat Lee.

    That’s an AirAsia short-haul flight. I’d recommend you on to, click ‘Help & Info’ and Click ‘Contact Us’ and then select the Online feedback form.

  52. Hi Azran

    This my 8th trip on AirAsiaX from gold coast to KL i have to say your airline service is fantasic cabin crew are very polite and very pretty also for a budget airline service is better then most hi end airlines keep up the good work.

  53. Hi
    I plan on traveling to London from Perth via KL in December 09 so am wondering if there are ample hand held entertainment sets on board. My experience on other carriers is that these are limited and if you don’t sit in the front few rows of the plane you miss out! If they are limited what is the best way of securing a set for the journey?

  54. Dear Jennifer,

    The short answer is that the portable units (especially on the London flight) are limited. We are constrained by regulatory approval on how many ‘battery units’ we can carry onboard.

    There are only about 60 units available onboard, and the max number of passengers on London-KL is 286.

    However, from our experience so far, only 5% of flights have sold out.

    We are still working on an option to pre-book your units before the flight, but I would advise that you tell our cabin crew upfront that you want a unit so that they’ll get one for you.

  55. Hi Azran,

    Flying to Perth soon. I really need to know if I can use my Nokia N95 8GB in offline mode to watch movies and listen to music? If the answer is no, can I then use an Ipod Touch or Ipod Nano? Thanks so much for your reply.

  56. Hi Azran,

    I am looking at booking with Air Asia to travel from London to KL at Christmas time. However, I am a bit worried about the entertainment options as I cannot see anything about this on your website. Will there be portable units or seat back entertainment on London flights? I understand Air Asia prices are very low but I cannot imagine flying for 11 + hours with absolutely nothing to do!

  57. Hi John,

    No problem with using your Nokia N95 or iPod in offline mode, as long as it is not during taxi, take-off and landing. Just follow cabin crew announcements on when all electronic devices need to be shut off.

  58. Hi Jade,

    For our London flights, during Christmas 2009, we will still be using our portable media players as described and displayed in this posting.

    There are 286 seats onboard (may be full if during Christmas) and we have approx 60 units available. We rarely rent all of them out so very limited instances of stock-outs, but do grab one as soon as they’re being rolled out.

  59. Hi Azran

    I wrote to you recently about the nokia n95 and Ipods. Thanks for clarifying. Just one more thing. Are normal laptops allowed too during flight? thanks

  60. Hi John.

    Of course. I never travel without my laptop! Same rules apply as with any airline. Laptops cannot be used on taxi, take-off, landing etc – but its safe to use during flight

  61. Hi Azzam

    Like many other correspondents, I am also concerned about the potential lack of in-flight entertainment for the flight to the UK. With 3 kids, this is a big concern for us, and is a major factor in whether we choose AA. (Our family lives 20 mins from Stanstead, which is great!)

    I note your response to John re laptops. My laptop will not last 13 hours!! what are the options for providing power to keep the laptop running?

  62. At the moment, we don’t have in-seat power sockets available for our guests.

    Most people don’t use their laptops continuously for the full duration of the flight – and we’re not in a position to cater for those who want to use a laptop continuously.

    These days, portable DVD players are quite affordable and have longer battery life than laptops.

    My kids also have their Nintendo DS’s that keep them occupied.

  63. Christopher Reply

    Hello Azran. First of all its really good to be able to talk to someone first hand on this blog site. Thanks for your time.

    We are flying from London Stansted to KL on Saturday and i’m hoping you can get back to me before this time to answer a few concerns that i have at the moment.

    After reading the above posts, i’m quite concerned about leg room on the above flight as I am 6’5″ and usually suffer on shorthaul flights let alone longhaul. I few Virgin Economy to NYC last year, could you let me know how the legroom would compare to this?

    Due to my height there is very little chance i will be able to get sleep so i’m also concerned about entertainment. These ‘screens’ that you rent on board….are there only a limited number?? Is there any way i can reserve one prior to the flight? Does it show the latest films / etc or are the movies quite dated?

    I called your customer helpline today to ask what plane we will be on and they told me it was an A330. Is this correct as above you mention our route is operated by a A340?

    It would be great if you could get back to me before Saturday.

    Maybe a suggestion for the website would be to add some ‘in flight entertainment’ details with some interior pictures of your fleet. Hope you dont mind the suggestion?!

  64. Aleksandra Reply

    Hello Azran,

    I am flying to KL in nov this year are the in seat screens available?,

  65. Hi Christopher,

    Our London flights are definitely with the A340s, not the A330s.

    The A340s are from AirCanada, so the seats are equivalent to any full-service airline. Check out pictures of the A340 seats on another of my blog postings.

    If you’re still concerned, you can ask for an upgrade to our extra-legroom seats (the exit-row seats with no seats in front of them) or our XL Premium seats – for a GBP25 for the former and GBP100 for the latter.

    For the moment, our portable players on the A340s are limited – only 60 units available onboard and we are not able to take advanced bookings. Do let the crew know you want one as soon as you board.

    Good suggestion re info on website.

    Movies this month are Dragonball Evolution, Watchmen, Duplicity, Transformers 1, etc

    Feel free to send us emails to

  66. Just booked our flights from Melbourne – KL – London Stanstead and again for the return back to Melbourne. Traveling in Jan 2010. What sort of In flight entertainment (handheld or seat screen) will there be on the flight and what is the cost of drinks such as wine/beer and soft drinks ???

    Due to the fact we have booked all connecting flights with Air Asia what would be their policy if we miss our connecting flights due to flight delays from Air Asia.

    thanks for any advice on the above


  67. Dear Hadleigh,

    It depends on which date you’re travelling. Some of our Aircraft will have the in-seat entertainment option on the Melbourne-KL route, some will only have the portable version.

    The London route will only have the portable version in Jan 2010.

    We’re currently working on a transit service product to help make the transit in KL easier – i.e., transferring your bags and bypassing immigration/customs. Hope to debut later this year, in time for 2010, so stay tuned.

    If one of your flights is significantly delayed because of us, we will get you a seat on the next available flight on the connection. Always advisable to sign up for travel insurance for additional coverage on significant delays.

  68. Hi there,

    After reading through this blog, I noticed that you are planning to have the A340s (KL-London route) re-fitted for next year. I have a few questions about the potential changes:

    Will the seats have built-in screens or will portable ones still be used?

    What seats will be put in during the re-fit (with regards to the size and legroom, because the current seat configuration is pretty good for a 13-hour flight)?

    Will the seats be provided with power sockets (eg. for laptops/USB)?

    I hope these are alright. Many thanks in advance for any information you can pass on.


  69. Hi Nigel,

    Stay tuned for future seats on our refit programme.

    Comfort is an important consideration for us.

  70. Its not 100% but most Taipei flights are with the new A330 aircraft with IFE. There is a chance that our one older A330 may be used for Taipei occassionally and it would have the portable units.

  71. Hi

    My question is regarding in-flight entertainment.

    Towards the beginning of this blog (08/25/08) it says that as of Jan 2009 all MEL-KL flights will have in-seat entertainment. A few posts back (07/08/09) it says that not all flights have in-seat entertainment and that it depends on the date of travel.

    I am traveling with AirAsia MEL-KL on 20/8 and KL-MEL on 28/8.

    Two questions:
    1. Is it possible to know if in-seat entertainment is available on both my flights?
    2. Is there a website or anyway to know the entertainment schedule (eg. music channels, movies shown).


  72. Hi Julio,

    1. I wish we can be 100% sure, but unfortunately, we cannot conclusively predict whether our one A330 without in-seat entertainment will be used on a particular flight. As a rule, we avoid it for sectors like Melbourne – unless an issue crops up and we need to swap the aircraft to avoid flight delays.

    2. We’re working on putting up the movies/TV shows on our website. Coming soon.

    Kind regards

  73. Hello,

    We are looking to fly London-KL-London end April/beginning of May next year. Will the aircraft have seat-back screens in by then do you know?



  74. Hi Azran,

    Firstly I think it brilliant to have direct contact for any questions.

    I am flying from London-KL on 30th Nov 09 then KL-Melbourne on 3rd Dec. Do you know what entertainment optons are availble on board? When boarding is it definatley possible to request the hand held media units straight away? (as were sat at the very back)

    Is extra food & drink availble between our prbooked meals?

    Many thanks

  75. Hi Shane.

    London-KL will definitely be the portable players. I don’t have a good process solution yet to pre-confirm the limited number of units – open to suggestions that can balance passenger convenience with operational ease – although we’re trying to come up with a process.

    BEst to tell one of the smiling cabin crew as soon as you board – make a friend! And only less than 5% of the flights do the units run out.

    The KL-Mel should be in-seat units.

    Yes, extra food, snacks and drinks are available for purchase in between meals. Check out the menu from under Products & Shopping / Snack Attack / AirAsia X Menu.

    Beer and Wine are also available for purchase.

  76. Have read through all this useful information. Want to add my thanks that this forum is available.

  77. Hello there
    Another question re inflight entertainment, baggage and insurance! Sorry!

    * In April 2010 I am travelling from Perth-KL then from KL – London. Will there be in flight entertainment? If so, will it be those hand held devices, or will the tv be installed on the backs of the seats?

    * Will my bags go right through from Perth-London – as when I booked the travel I had to do it separately.

    * I took out insurance (your own one) – which I am now lead to believe only covers you from KL-London. If the first flight is delayed and I miss the 2nd flight – will I be covered?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  78. Sorry – I havent made myself clear re insurance comment – if the PER-KL flight is delayed and I miss the KL-London one (THE SECOND FLIGHT) – will your insurance policy cover me for this?
    Please advise….

  79. Hi I am now to this blog. Can anyone tell me when the 340 refit on the stanstead route is planned in 201?

  80. Hi Laura,

    1. There should be in-flight entertment. Definitely portable units for KL-London. Perth-KL could either be portable units or in-seat units, depending on the aircraft rotation for that particular flight.

    2. If the Perth-KL flight is delayed, we will get you on the next available London flight. We’re definitely planning to introduce a baggage transfer service and are currently working with Malaysia Airports to develop a process. Will keep everyone updated when we’re ready to launch – targeting before year-end peak season.

  81. hi we are flighing from melb-KL-lon, and we booked these flights sepretly is it possable to check our baggage through from melb-lon? and also when we are travling (jun/jul 2010) will we have in seat entertainment all the way? and also for extra leg room seats do you have to book them before the departure date on at check in?


  82. Hi Michael,

    1. You still book flights separately. We are working on developing a transit service in KL to move your bags. That’s subject to solving the process with Malaysia Airports, but should be done well ahead of Jun-Jul 2010. Stay in touch as we progress on this.

    2. By Jun/Jul 2010, most aircraft will move towards portable units and hopefully by then we’ll get even better units.

    3. Extra legroom seats – book now. They are marked ‘Hot Seats’in the seat map in the booking page. If you’ve already booked your flights, you can choose seats from under Bookings -> Manage My Booking

  83. Hi I was wondering about the XL seats on the A340 STN KUL STN I have just booked some and are looking forward to the flights. Can you tell me are the A1 C1 bulhead seats good for stretching out on or are they restricted by the bulhead at all. Should I be going for the ones behind where I can stretch under the seat in front ?(I have a very tall partner…)

  84. Hi Juliette,

    All XL Premium seats on our A340 have full 60″ pitch. The first row is not blocked or restricted by the bulkhead.

    The slight advantage of the rows behind is that you will have space to put small bags underneath the seat in-front.

  85. i was looking to fly from perth to kl then kl to london in july 2010. when i went to book it looks like the perth-kl flight lands 10 minutes befor the kl-london flight takes off and this is different from the current timetable shich gives more time. is the july 2010 times correct?

    also will the xl seats be new by that time or not- what type of xl seats will there be on each of the sectors in terms of incline and pitch?


  86. Dear Anonymous,

    Yes, the timing for July 2010 has changed from current schedule. This was due to the unexpected change in daylight savings by the state of Western Australia, which left us a bit stuck.

    The XL seats should be new by then – the full 60″ lie-flat bed seats.

  87. re july 2010 timing, does that mean we would need to stay overnight at kl or are there other flights we could take from kl to london?

    also with the lie flat beds is that for both sectors including kl to london?

    thanks for allyour help

  88. Unfortunately it does mean you have to overnight in KL (Shopping stopover? Rejuvenate at a spa?) Affordable and convenient airport hotel ( walking distance from our terminal.

    we are trying to work on a second daily flight to London and this will help resolve most connection timing issues.

    Lie Flats will be for both PER-KUL and KUL-STN sectors by July 2010.


  89. Hi, I see after reading all the messages that you say the Melbourne – KL route should have had in seat entertainment by Nov 08, but friends just flew this route and tere were no entertainment offered at all, not even the portable ones. We have booked for June 10 Mel-KL, will the new aircarft be ready by then? Thanks

  90. If the aircraft does not have in-seat entertainment, it should have the portable units. However, there was a period of 2 weeks where there were no portable units available because we were waiting for additional units to arrive and had used up the ones we have for the longer London flight.

    Strategically, I think we’ll be moving away from in-seat entertainment and will continue only with portable units so chances are this will be the case for a June 2010 flight. We’re on the lookout for better portable units then the ones we use now (picture above).

  91. i am flying in feb 2009 from london to kuala lumpur then to melbourne, would my flight have entertainment ?? as these are both long flights!!??

  92. Dear Keri,

    As per the article, London-KL will have about 60 units of portable media players. Do ask the flight attendant early on, as we’re not allowed to carry more than that for regulatory reasons (batteries). But we rarely sell out all 60 (less than 5% of flights).

    Melbourne will most likely have in-seat entertainment units.

    Don’t forget your own books and ipods for variety.

  93. Does AirAsia accept Debit Card (Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Debit Mastercard, etc) for the payment of in-flight entertainment?

    I strongly hope that the debit card stated above will be accepted. Thank you

  94. I will travelling to Melbourne in tis 25 Dec 09 and come back to KL on 23 Jan 10. Jus wan to know whether the flight got 3-pin to charge my psp? I wish to know is that any in-flight entertaiment for the flight. I would recommend AA should let us to pre-book online and get a discount.

  95. Dear Melissa,

    1. No 3-pin socket.

    2. Yes there is in-flight entertainment

    3. Working on it – we’re going through a major IT systems overhaul to upgrade our booking engine to give us the ability to make more options available for pre-purchase at a discount.

  96. To Azlan,

    Can you please tell us which features in In-Flight Entertainment in seats are free and which features not free?

    And, I have another suggestion. Since there is USB port, hope that passengers can plug-in their external portable hard disk drive and USB flash drive, and can watch any video files (inclusive of video files in .rmvb format) and listen to the music files inside their USB hard disk drive / flash drive by using the In-Flight Entertainment in seat.

    Any reply/comments to my question and suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you!

  97. Hi Shi Hong,

    Basically, only the entertainment content is charged one fee for access to movies, TV shows, and music.

    Other functionalities are free – e.g., chat, destination videos and info, etc.

    Good idea, will investigate re using USB port.

  98. Hello Azran,
    We are a family of two adults and four children [2 to 9yrs] and will be travelling K.L to Gold coast this December.
    Can you please tell us what movies and what games will be available on board for younger viewers during December and also whether the entertainment system will be hand held or seat back on this route.Can payment for screens be made using mastercard?

    Many thanks

  99. Hi Andrew,

    The IFE content is available on the website. Under Products and Services -> Snack Attack -> In-Flight Entertainment.

    The December menu has not been published yet. Please check on 1 December. If you face any problems, do contact us at

    Your flights from Gold Coast should be operated using a new A330-300 with the Xcite seat-back entertainmnet (unless there’s a small chance of an unscheduled aircraft rotation).

    Yes, payments can be made directly on the screen via Visa/MC.

    From personal experience with my kids, I wouldn’t 100% rely on just the IFE – we travel with Nintendo DS, books, toys to supplement IFE content 🙂

  100. Dear Azlan,

    Not everybody in this world are rich enough to be eligible for Credit Card.

    Acceptance of Debit Card (including Visa Electron, Visa Debit,Debit Mastercard, etc) on board will be appreciated.

    Any comments to my suggestion above will be appreciated.

  101. Christi Das Reply

    Hi Azlan,

    I am traveling to KUL from MEL in Dec 09 in premium seats. I am travelling air asia for the first time.

    I read the whole fourm but still want to confirm, if there is an on board entertainment available on fleets between MEL-KUL? Is there a list of movies on the website somewhere? is there a fee? is there a provision to use laptops?

    Wat is the fleet used between these two destinations?


  102. Its Azran, not Azlan 🙁

    We use A330-300 aircraft.

    Details on the IFE can be found at our website, Click on Products and Services, and then select Snack Attack.

  103. Hi Azran,

    My partner and I are flying Air Asia for the first time. We fly regularly and may make this our new carrier if these flights go well.

    My flights are:
    – Wed 16 Dec 01:25 from Melbourne to Kuala lumpur arriving same day at 06:40 via D72723
    – Wed 16 Dec 15:50 from Kuala Lumpur to London Stansted arriving same day at 21:50
    – Sun 03 Jan 23:20 from London Stansted to Kuala Lumpur arriving the next day at 20:20
    – Mon 04 Jan 23:50 from Kuala Lumpur to Perth arriving the next day at 05:20

    My questions are these:
    – Which planes will be flying those routes (I’d like to know especially because I’ve heard the ex-Canada planes are larger and have more comfortable seating)? Where do I find this info?
    – How do I pre-book an entertainment pack (I’ve heard there are limited numbers but ‘Manage My Booking’ doesn’t seem to show me how)?
    – ‘Manage My Booking’ also doesn’t show me how long these flights are. Where do I find this info?

    Speedy advice would be much appreciated.



  104. Hi Jo-anne,

    1. Any flight on AirAsia X (flight number starts with D7) will be operated with A330-300 aircraft, except for London Stansted, which will be operated by the ex-AirCanada A340-300s.

    Currently Abu Dhabi is also served by the A340-300s.

    To know more about our aircraft type, check out and select ‘Our Fleet’

    2. Unfortunately, we have not yet introduced the option of pre-booking the in-flight entertainment. For your Melbourne flight, its on every seat. For London, please indicate your interest to the cabin crew as soon as you board.

    3. Your flight itinerary shows departure and arrival time. Sorry we do not display flight duration. The Melbourne-KL flight will be approximately 8 hours and the KL-London flight will be approximately 13 hours.

    Thanks Jo.


  105. Azran,

    I just wanted to say thanks for the very quick and informative response to my questions. I value this inquiry service which I haven’t found in any other budget airline.



  106. Hey there. Love air asia.. waiting for you guys to fly to Canada.. Ha. A girl can dream, can’t she?

    I am flying out on December 18th. I had rung to pre book the inflight entertainment and was told I could do that online. However i do not see where i can.

    This is a flight from Gold coast to KL.

    Or do we have to book onboard? I am in XL seating so hoping that I will be able to get two.

    Any info you have would be wonderful! Love air asia. xx

  107. Hi Tammy,

    Unfortunately, we have not yet introduced a function to pre-book entertainment online. I’m sorry you were mis-informed.

    For Gold Coast to KL, you will most likely have entertainment on every seat, so no need to pre-book online.

  108. Hi Azran,

    I am currently in the process of organising my family holiday & will more than likely be flying from Mel to KL with Air Asia X. My question is how much time should I allow for transit if I have a connecting flight out of Kuala Lumpur airport to a further destination.
    Thankyou in advance

  109. Dear Maan,

    We don’t give out any official recommendations for transit. It depends on where you are connecting to, and how many flights are available. If you are going to Langkawi, Penang, Bangkok, KK, Kuching, Singapore etc with lots of connecting flights, there are a lot more options.

    Personally, I would allocate 3 hours.
    And sign up for travel insurance (or check your credit card whether they have travel insurance coverage included).

  110. To Azran,

    Since you said AirAsia are working on transit service to help transit passengers in transferring their luggage to their next flight, does passengers need to pay “transit fee”?

  111. Dear Azran,

    I’m flying to London April next year, and I’m aware that it would be a long 13-h flight. I would therefore be hooked with my Nokia5800 most of the time, and it would probably run out of battery when the flight lands. Mymain concern is whether there is anyway I could recharge my phone in-flight?

    BTW, does the portable media player come with earphones? I wouldn’t want to wake the other passengers up with the loud volume, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be disturbed too. And, if the battery runs out, are we charged for asking for a new battery? Also, since a fee of RM35 is charged for the device and no pre-booking is available, when and to whom do we foot the bill?

    Jing Kai

  112. Hi Azran,

    We are flying to Taipei on Thu, 24 Dec 2009 and back to KL on Sun, 27 Dec 2009.

    Are these flights comes with in-seat IFE ?

    What are the new destinations for Air Asia X next year ? Is Japan one of the destinations ?



  113. Dear Azran,

    We would like to request for a free upgrade to XL seats for our flights to Taipeh this Thu, 24 Dec 2009 and back to KL this Sun, 27 Dec 2009 if your flights are not full.

    Hope you could consider our requests reason being, we are a full fledge Air Asia X supporter and have booked our flights to Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Taipeh and Chengdu and many more Air Asia flights to Macau, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali and many domestic flights for the past years. You could check our records in my account and there are many more flights to come next year – already been booked.

    We are looking at booking the premium XL seats to STN and would like to try these seats out.

    Hope you could grant us our “Xmas wishes”.



  114. AR

    the economy seats in your A330, can the seat armrests be lifted up?

    Also, am told that in the A320, the armrests cannot be lifted.

    Also, in the A340, can the armrests be lifted.

    According to the seat chart of the A330, the lasts few rows are 2-3-2, instead of 3-3-3. Are there gaps between the 2 window seats, such that the armrests are not shared?

    Appreciate your response.

  115. Dear Azizul,

    Yes, armrests can be lifted up, for A320, for A330, for A340.

    The only seat rows where you cannot lift them up are in the first rows of every section (where there are no seats in front, so the seat trays have to be in the arm rests).

    No gaps. Arm rests shared at 2-3-2, but they are retractable.

  116. Assalamualaikum Azran,

    What aircraft is use for flight from KUL-AUH-KUL?”Is USB Port available to charge Iphone and also 3 pin plug for laptop?. Do you have IFE in that route, if have, may I know what movies will be shown in January 2010? Thank you.

  117. Waalaikummussalam Susana,

    Currently we’re using the A340s that fly to London, for the Abu Dhabi flight.

    By April, it should change back to the A330-300s, once we retrofit the A330s to the new seats (including the lie-flat beds).

    Only the portable IFEs available on Abu Dhabi.

    3-pin plug will only be available for the lie-flat beds in the new A330s.

    January movies should be available online: Under Products & Shopping -> Snack Attack -> In-Flight Entertainment.

    Look for movies under ePlayer (for A340), not Xcite (Which is for A330)

  118. Christopher Reply


    I am flying STN to KUL in March. I take it this will be in the A340.

    When is this plane due for maintenance check you mentioned earlier, when you are to replace all the seats to include in-flight entertainment and USB ports?

  119. Dear Christopher.

    The A340s will be retrofited in June.

    March is status quo – portables.

  120. hi azran,
    cant wait for our air asia flights at the end of april this year. am flying from melbourne to kl and then to langkawi and back and then on to london.
    i have pre booked seats on most flights and i have booked premium seats on the kl to london leg.
    my questions are-

    i have booked seats 45d and 45g on the melbourne to kl leg. are these seats ok? what is in front of the seats-is there more leg room-can armrests be adjusted? what other seats do you suggest if they are not ok? when will the planes be fitted with the new seats promised for 2010?what would be the cost to upgrade to premium at the airport if premium seats still available?
    i have booked premium seats from kl to london-will the new lay down seats be fitted by the end of april?
    looking forward to your reply-love your website and thanks for all of your information.
    regards sandra

  121. Hi Sandra.

    Sounds like a fabulous trip being planned.

    row 45 is a regular row – there is no extra legroom. All extra legroom seats are specially tagged as ‘hot seats’ on the seat map.

    That being said, by April, Melbourne flights should be operated with our newly configured seats which are more comfortable. Only a very slim chance that your particular flight will not have new seats (e.g., if the new aircraft has to go for unscheduled maintenance and it has to be swapped)…

    We don’t do airport upgrades for premium anymore at the airport. With the new layout, the number of new lie-flat bed premium seats will only be 12 on the A330 and 18 on the A340 (london), so no more airport upgrades (unless you were to pay the fare difference btw economy and premium at the airport counter).

  122. Hello,

    We are flying with air asia from KUL to LONDON in late June this year. We have decided to go XL seats, with these seats I see there is a picture and its has tvs coming out of the armrests. Are we able to use these ones or can we only use the portable tvs ?

    Thank you

  123. Dear Jessica.

    For late June, one of our A340s should have be retrofitted to the new lie-flat bed seats, but will be the existing seat that you see in the picture.

    We’ll be disclosing pictures of the new lie-flat bed seats early Feb. Those will come with power sockets in Premium seats (sneak preview).

    The existing AirCanada seats in the pictures don’t have functioning armrest IFE.

    In both new and current seat configurations, the IFE option will be portable media players for London flight.

  124. Hi Azran,

    I will be travelling from MEL-KUL-LON (Stansted) on April 28, 2010. Just one question because i feel like i’ve read some conflicting reports on the matter, will the USB port be available on both the MEL-KUL and KUL-LON flights or just one?

    This is very important because the ipod battery for videos lasts about only 3 hours and i’m thinking of buying a separate battery pack. However, if its available in both flights, i might not have to.



  125. Dear Matthew,

    I would recommend you get a spare battery pack.

    Your trip is during a period where we will have a mixed config of aircraft.

    In any event, the KL-London on the A340 will not have any power supply or USB ports.

    The MEL-KUL may have one if its one of the A330s but you may also get the newer seats (more comfortable) but without In-Seat IFE and USB port.

    The new lie-flat beds in Premium that we will start to introduce one aircraft at a time from Feb 2010, will have power sockets.

  126. Hi Azran,

    Firstly I would like to say how great it is to see an airline have a blog that people can ask these sorts of questions and get responses to. Now, my partner and I are travelling from Perth to London (via KL) in Feb, and I have a few quick questions:

    For the Perth to KL leg we have booked exit row seats (row 15), we have been given seats A and C. Is there a seat B in between us?

    For the KL to London leg is there anyway to get extra leg room seats without booking the Premium Economy fare? Can you pay more for just the exit row seats? Or are these part of the premium economy? My partner is 6’5″ (something we should of considered when we bought the seats!!)

    Thank you very much

  127. Dear Hanna,

    6’5″. Oh my. Row 15 will work well.

    There is an empty mini-seat in between 15A and 15C that we do not sell because its too narrow – so you have that extra space for stuff (books, etc) and more elbow room. But does make keeping each other warm a tad bit difficult.

    With our new seat configuration that we’re rolling out, this B middle seat will be the same size – but you’ll have the current seats for February.

    Yes, there are extra leg room seats on the A340 to London and they are priced higher (looks like we have to fix it to make them more visible).

    From memory, I think they are rows 12 and 31.

  128. Hi, Azran,
    We are booked to fly Economy from the Gold Coast to KL on Wed 10th Feb 2010 then onto Hanoi on the 11th Feb. We are also returning from Hanoi and KL to the Gold Coast via AirAsia later in the month.
    Whilst we are quite excited about the trip I am quite concerned about the seat pitch as both myself and my son are 194cm tall. We have heard that the seat pitch in economy is 28 inches, which means we will simply not fit into the space available!
    I pre-booked seats 14C to 14F for the four of us but am unsure as to what to do re seat allocation.
    Can we upgrade or change seat location to a seat with a minimum pitch of 32 inches?

  129. Dear John,

    On the AirAsia X A330 aircraft that flies long haul (incl Gold Coast-KL), all economy seats are standard 31″ pitch. We have extra-legroom seats at the exit doors with ample legroom. They are rows 15 ABC and HJK, as well as 16 DFG. Also 34 DFG and 35 ABC and HJK.

    The A320 shorthaul aircraft (KL-Hanoi) are all 28-29″ pitch. The exit door rows (rows 12 and 14) have bigger seat pitch.

    You can change seat assignments from the website ( -> Bookings -> Manage My Booking).

    Enjoy the awesome coffee and art scene in Hanoi!

  130. Roderick David Reply

    We are flying Per>KL>Stansted,I cant find ife on the home page,I looked under products ,but no snack attack tab?,Also will our baggage be auto forwarded from KL to london,or do we collect in KL and re check it at KL dept?

  131. Dear Rod,

    When are you flying? We’re about to launch a pilot service to transfer bags from connecting flights and we’re starting with PER-KL-Stansted! (starts in a couple of weeks once we get clearance from Immigration and Security).

    Sorry about not finding ‘Snack Attack’. The Commercial guys just changed it to ‘’.Click Products & Shopping and ‘

  132. Christopher Reply

    Can you please advise when the KL-Stansted plane will have in seat entertainment as standard please?

  133. Dear Christopher,

    We dont plan to have in-seat in-flight entertainment on every seat. Cannot make that work when less than 30% of passengers take it up.

    We’ll continue to use portable solutions for entertainment.

  134. As’Salaam Alaikum AZRAN,
    I frequent flyer with AA ,and I must admit the savings I made are great . I reside in Oman and the introduction of AUH-KUL last Nov09 was fantastic, infect I traveled to KUL on the 28th Dec 09 from AUH and the flight was great arriving on time at 13:55. I also booked for another flight AUH-KUL on the 5thJune10,however,recently I hard that this sector is going to be discontinued after only a short while from the inaugral flight in Nov.09, can confirm if this is true?? and the way forward on the refund.My flt.Ref is SZ3GLQ .Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks .

  135. Will write to you directly re Abu Dhabi. Thanks for providing Booking Ref no.

  136. Hi Azran,

    I noticed that your newly fitted aircraft -xxe is now flying.

    I’m flying Per-Kul on Feb 10 and return on 17 Feb in premium.

    Is this aircraft on this route and if so, whats the entertainment system?

    Many thanks

  137. Dear Kieron,

    I dont think XXE is scheduled to fly to PER in February, so it will be one of the current seats – with the Thales in-seat IFE system.

  138. Is there possible that AirAsia introduce in-flight WiFi system?

  139. Dear Wai Tian,

    Studying this carefully, but not rushing immediately as we do not feel the satellite transmission costs make it affordable for our guests yet.

  140. Hi Azran,

    I have booked KUL-CTU-KUL earlier and now considering adding another person.

    However, when I checked the website just now, Sunday, 24 Oct 2010 Flight D7 2625 – there is no fares at all.

    Is this flight being cancelled ?

    Please advise.



  141. hi tang.

    that flt on 24Oct had been cancelled. if you have make booking for this previously, kindly contact our call center to furhter assistant. thank you ^^

  142. Hello Azran,

    Please let me thank you for giving me the possiblity to fly cheap to australia.

    However,i booked a flight from Kul to Londen on 29th of october 2010, but i cant’t find any fares on this day as from today.

    Please let me know what is goign on.


  143. Hi Azran,

    I have made a booking from KUL – LON for May this year and when I rang your call center to ask about the flights, they told me if necessary I could change my flights to fly somewhere else e.g. anywhere in Malaysia instead of London. I am wanting to change it so I fly from KUL – HONG KONG as I can no longer travel to London. I have gone online and cant find where I can change this. Could you please help me

    Thank you 🙂

  144. Dear Jessica,

    I’m sorry you were mis-informed by the call centre agent. Can you email to your Booking PNR reference number and the date and time that you called, so that we can try to identify the agent who spoke to you?

    Unfortunately, our low-cost model does not allow us to offer you the flexibility to change destinations.

    Your options are:

    1. Change a flight date to London. A change fee and fare difference will be applied.

    2. If you have a normal fare ticket instead of a promo fare, you can change the name on the London flight booking to someone else. Change fee applies. If you purchased on promo fare, this is not possible.

    3. We always advise people to sign up for travel insurance coverage if you are concerned about changes to travel plans. Try to check with the credit card company you used for booking to see if they have travel insurance coverage that would cover the cost of your flight ticket if you cancel your travel plan.

    Kind regards,

  145. Dear Bob,

    Probably a system glitch. Please try London-KL on 29 October again. I can see booking availability from my computer.

  146. Hi Azran,

    I am getting on the flight from Melbourne to KL tonight. Same old question, am I able to charge my iphone by USB on the flight? Thanks!


  147. Hi Chee. Yes, tonight’s flight will be on a plane with in-seat IFE and the USB port to charge.

    However, we’re eventually phasing this out. in-seat IFEs not working economically. Portables the way forward.

  148. Hi Azran,

    Wow you sure are sitting next to a computer replying messages. Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, I actually don’t see much people taking up the in flight entertainment. So Airasia is better off take out the little seat tvs than having to maintain them all the time.

  149. I would like to know how to recline seats on the Melbourne-KL leg. I did a round trip in November and none of the seats would recline, I even asked the head engineer whilst speaking to the supervisor at KL and he said the seats do not recline but rather you push the base pad forward. I tried it on the way home but all it did was leave a 3″ gap between the base and the back. Will Air Asia upgrade their seats to be like every other airline.

  150. What causes all the rescheduling to the flights. I have just noticed that 3 of 7 flights have been rescheduled, causing 1 to miss a connection. I booked over 8 months ago and was never advised by phone, email or SMS of the changes, checked all details on my booking and they are correct. 3 months ago I was stranded in KL due to a reschedule of 8 hours earlier, in the 8 months from booking to flying I was never informed, now I check every month my itenary to see how an rescheduling will effect my flights. I would like air asia to follow its terms of carriage which states that In the event of a flight delay/retime/reschedule, we will contact you in advance to inform you of the change in the flight schedule either by email or via SMS!!!!!
    Has anyone ever been advised of a reschedule

  151. Dear Rita,

    Yes, we are changing all of our seats – economy and premium. Blog post soon. Pictures already available on facebook site.

    Dear Rita, if its an AirAsia X related rescheduling, please email to

    We do our best to avoid rescheduling, but some times they are unavoidable.

    Some times we get updates from Airbus to check on certain aspects of the aircraft as a precautionary measure – and that can mean grounding the aircraft (leading to potential rescheduling).

    Sometimes its weather – we’ve had terrible luck with the winter conditions on flights to Stansted, Tianjin and even recently in Hangzhou (airport closed off due to ice on runway). These can affect other flights as a schedule spillover effect if aircraft is stranded overseas.

    Sometimes airport slot timings change.

  152. dear Azran,

    I am travelling to gold coast for the 2nd time with airasia-x this coming may 10! 🙂

    1) is the flight’s entertainment option in-seat or portable?
    2) if it is portable – it is possible to book in advance via online?
    2) is my flight already equipped with the ‘new seating’?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Tqvm

  153. dear Azran,

    I am travelling to gold coast for the 2nd time with airasia-x this coming may 10! 🙂

    1) is the flight’s entertainment option in-seat or portable?
    2) if it is portable – it is possible to book in advance via online?
    3) is my flight already equipped with the ‘new seating’?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Tqvm

  154. Dear Wong,

    You should have the new seats for Gold Coast in May. See my other blog post on NEw Seats for pictures.

    The new seats will no longer have in-seat IFE.

    Most likely portable. No option yet to pre-book online. System limitation unlike later in the year.

  155. Dear Azran,

    Just wanted to say that Air Asia is a lifesaver. Me and a girlfriend are travelling to Phuket for our combined 21st Birthdays and with the money we have saved on our flights it has paid for our whole accomodation for TEN DAYS! It’s a wonderful feeling.

    I just have a few questions though.
    I am travelling from the Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur then from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket and then back again.
    Reference #: W3D6LC
    Reference #: W3J8BG

    Do our flights have onboard entertainment and ipod/iphone (USB) plugs so we can charge our devices for our wait at the airport in Kuala Lumpur. This also leads me to my next question. Once we land in Kuala Lumpur we have quite a long wait until our connecting flight to Phuket. What is the terminal like in Kuala Lumpur? Can we leave and have a wonder around?

    Thank you very much


  156. Dear Stacey,

    Good news, your May Gold-Coast-KL flights will be with our new economy seats (see my other Blog Post). Bad news, they no longer have in-seat IFE or USB plugs.

    We’re going with portables, and I’m also trying to find a solution to provide portable ‘power’ to charge personal devices like laptops and iPods. Still not confirmed yet.

    Good news – we’re currently trialling a new transfer connection service (haven’t announce it yet) – but should most likely be available when you travel.

    With this service, you can check your bags from Gold Coast straight to Phuket (we will transfer the bags in KL). You then don’t need to go through immigration/customs at KL, but go through the transfer desk (instead of arrivals), to collect your Phuket boarding pass, clear security and then straight into departure lounge.

    There is also a service lounge in the departure area:

    You may elect not to do this for your transit though, since you have 5-6 hours. So just check in only for KL and clear immigration/customs and get your bags. You have to check in again for PHuket flight. Around the LCC Terminal vicinity, a bit more dining options and Tune Hotels if you want to rest.

  157. Chee Cheng Reply

    Dear Azran,

    I am traveling to Taipei with Airasia X this coming mid of April, will my flight equipped with the new seating?






  159. Hi,
    I am travelling with my wife and 3 kids on march 25th from london to kul can you direct me as to where i can find movies in march on this flight. and can i pay for it up front in uk with my card.

  160. Hi Azran,

    I will be travelling with AAX for the first time from KUL-MEL-KUL in March.
    I have read your post on seats 15 HJK, and good to know that middle seat on emergency is always left unoccupied 🙂

    My question…is 15 K (window seat) have restricted leg room as there is/might have a protruding bulge from the emergency door?
    If there is, is it still comfy as compared to other regular seats?


  161. Hi azran

    just booked my tics with family to gold coast in late Nov, i have booked the standard seats at row 44 ACDFG, from the seating plan , it looks like there is a room bet Row 43 and Row 44, is that correct ? will your new seating plan affecting my choosen seats in Nov ?

  162. Dear Kok Full,

    No, there is no extra room between Rows 43 and 44. That space is used for the seat map to indicate the change in the alphabets because the row changes from 9-seats a row to 7 seats a row.

    Only seats marked Hot Seats in red have extra legroom.

    New seating plan is already in the system for your flight.

  163. Hi Alex,

    Yes, there is ‘protruding buldge’ for seat 15K. That’s why we don’t sell it as a Hot Seat with extra legroom.

    However, its def more comfortable for me compared to a regular seat.

  164. Priscilla Erica Reply

    hi azran,

    how does the bassinet seat look like? is it a smaller version of the adult seat? whats the max weight for a child on the bassinet seat? i have booked a bassinet seat from GOLD COST TO KL and where will i seat, will it be nect to my child on the left or right? the seat number is 34G (BASSINET SEAT. thanks.

  165. Dear Priscilla,

    The actual seat is the same as any regular seat. This seat is designated a bassinet seat for guests who want to use the baby bassinet that will be fastened to the ‘wall’ in front of the seat.

    Bassinets are for babies less than 2 years old. The babies don’t need a seat for them. They stay fastened to mommy’s seat belt during take-off and landing, and can be put into the bassinet during cruise.

  166. Hi Azran,
    I’m proud to see Air Asia flies to all international destination.

    Any idea AirAsia X fly to New Zealand ? I’m waiting to hear good news from AirAsia .

    I’m very keen to hear your good outcome .

    Cheers and Go AirAsia ,

  167. Dear Velan,

    Thanks for your comments. We’re keen on NZ because the fares from Southeast Asia to NZ are quite high. We’ve visited both Christchurch and Auckland, and both are promising destinations that we’d like to fly to.

    In the mean time, there are a lot of govt regulatory issues to sort out, and match against our aircraft availability – before we can launch a service to NZ.

    However, we’re starting to find a lot of people taking advantage of the cheap Trans-Tasman fares to combine our flight to Gold Coast or Melbourne, with a connecting flight on Jetstar/Pacific Blue to Christchurch or Auckland. The combined fares can sometimes be quite low and worth the additional time to connect. What do you think?

  168. Dear Hashim,

    You’re right – we haven’t loaded up our March in-flight entertainment menu on the website (its under My Flight, AirAsia.Cafe, In-Flight Entertainment).

    For March, our portable media players (ePlayer) for London will have
    – 2012
    – Alvin & Chipmunks 2
    – Couples Retreat
    – Pearl Harbour
    – Madagascar 2
    – Last Samurai
    – Happily Ever After

    Plus a bunch of TV sitcoms, CSI, etc and music.

  169. Hi Azran,

    We are flying london to kl dec,can you let me know which seats are exit seats not bulkhead seats.


  170. Hi Kevin,

    Rows 27 (ABC and HJK) are exit door seats and not bulkhead. Highly recommended for extra legroom.

  171. Hi Azran,
    I have booked the family to travel on Air Asia with the spl promo you did recently, some questions on leg space on the A320, do row 1 seats have the same extra leg room like the exit rows 12 & 14? and on the A330 on MEL – KL, I have booked seats 15H & 15J (shown as hot seats), can I confirm that they have extra leg room as the diagram is not clear, many thanks & keep up the good work, Ganesan

  172. Hi Ganesan,

    Can’t officially comment on AirAsia’s A320 planes, but from personal experience, Row 1 does not have as much legroom as Rows 12/14. The advantage of Row 1 is no one in front, and near exit door.

    For AirAsia X’s A330 to Melbourne, yes seats 15H and 15J are good seats. maximum legroom as it is right next to an exit door. We did not make 15k a ‘hot’ seat even though its got good legroom, because the door protrudes a bit into that space.

  173. Hi there Azran

    Wondering if the transit at KL is going yet, we are flying perth – KL, then KL to London early May 2010 i noticed in an earlier post you said it would maybe up and running Thanks

  174. Hi David,

    Yes, we’ve commenced trials, and we’re currently running it for Perth-KL-London, so you should have it for your May flight. Just ask the check-in counter when you arrive to make sure your bags are tagged all the way to Stansted.

  175. Thanks Azran for your quick reply, looking forward to flying in may, and yayy for the transit,
    hopefully will make things alot easier.

  176. hi there
    i am flying from Melbourne to KL this week.
    Would like to bring my macbook pro with me.

    Til’ now, what’s the update on the plane being able to charge laptops? I am very interested 🙂

    thank you 🙂

  177. Hi Kin Meng,

    We’re moving ahead with seat power sockets only for our lie-flat bed premium seats. The economics don’t work to wire up all the rows of economy seats.

    I have asked the Engineering team to see if there are ‘portable power’ solutions but none in the near term.

    There is the option of using the power sockets at the exit doors, but we can’t officially sanction this, because it may not be properly surge protected and not cleared for use by public.

  178. hi Azran,

    Sounds good. I’ve got my bookigns for the premium seats ready.

    So, am I hearing that the lie-flat bed premium seats will be having power sockets for laptops? Do you have universal power adapter heads/converters on board? Australian plus differ from the Malaysian/British ones.

    We’re moving ahead with seat power sockets only for our lie-flat bed premium seats. The economics don’t work to wire up all the rows of economy seats.

  179. Dear Kin Meng,

    Universal power adapters. You can see a picture in my other blog post on New Seats.

    Please note that this week, only one of our 2 daily flights to Melbourne are with the new aircraft with new seats. From 5 April, all Melbourne flights will have new seats.

  180. I will be flying from the Gold Coast to KL on 24 April 2010. Can anyone tell me please what the seat pitch and width is for the A330 on that flight in economy seat 16H. Many thanks.

  181. hi azran,
    flying late april melbourne to kl and read that the new seat refit will be on all melbourne flights-looking forward to this trip. can you tell me if the seat numbers will be the same for these flights once the refit is done.
    thanks again for all of your great information and fast replies.

  182. Hi Azran ,
    It’s nice to hear Air Asia keen to fly NZ destination. Any idea when is it ?
    Is it in 2010 or 2011 ?

    Looking forward soon fly with Air Asia .


  183. Dear Anon,

    There shouldn’t be a change in seat config in Economy.

  184. hi, Sir
    i have questions,
    1)i heard that air asia is going to change the seat for air asia x in this year?is yes, i totally support.coz i used to fly with air asia x, frankly speaking, even after pay extra to get better seat, i still cant sleep due the seat is too straight..i rather the air asia x ‘s seat just like the 320 seat, at least can lay down a bit…
    2) Air asia x is landed in which airport in melbourne?is Avalon or Tullamarine?

    Thank you very much,
    because of you, i can fly many times in a year..please keep on moving…


  185. hi, Sir
    i have questions,
    1)i heard that air asia is going to change the seat for air asia x in this year?is yes, i totally support.coz i used to fly with air asia x, frankly speaking, even after pay extra to get better seat, i still cant sleep due the seat is too straight..i rather the air asia x ‘s seat just like the 320 seat, at least can lay down a bit…
    2) Air asia x is landed in which airport in melbourne?is Avalon or Tullamarine?

    Thank you very much,
    because of you, i can fly many times in a year..please keep on moving…


  186. Dear Jet,

    Thank you for your comments.

    1. Yes we are changing all of our AirAsia X seats to more comfortable ones. Please see my other Blog post on New Seats for AirAsia X, with pictures and details.

    2. Tullamarine.

  187. Hi Azran

    Is there any in-flight entertainment for the gold coast to/from KL flights in March/April? Are these portable players?

    Also, are the seats for this flight going to be the old ones?



  188. Azran, I will be travelling to London via KL from Gold Coast in end of July 2010 and am travelling with my wife and small child (4yo). For the KL to London leg where would be the recommended place to sit on the plane with a small child? Which seats are next to the galley and which ones next to the toilets? Also can we take a pushchair free of charge. Lastly, in the post above to Jet, do you include the London A340 in your comment about upgrading seats on the Air Asia X planes and will it be done by end of July. Sorry for all the questions.

  189. Hi Viv.

    Gold Coast.
    Before April 5 (old/existing seats – with in-seat IFE)
    April 5-17) – a mix of new and old seats.
    APril 18 onwards – new seats.

    New Seats now will not have in-seat IFE. We’ve moving towards portables, but there may be stock unavailability during the next few months as we work with our supplier.

  190. Hi Azran, just wondering flight from KL to Melbourne D7 2722 and return D7 2723, do they have built-in in-flight entertainment. Will be flying in October this year.

  191. Dear Tan,

    This is a 2008 outdated blogpost. Please see my latest post on New Seats on AirAsia X.

    We are moving away from in-seat IFE. Only portables going forward.

  192. Hi Azran,

    Had flown with AAX to MEL in march, and quite an enjoyable trip i must say!
    Although my transit time from CGK-KUL is preety long with limited facilities in LCCT.

    Do let me know should there be any promo on this leg again soon?

    Can’t wait for my next MEL trip mid May 🙂

  193. Hi Azran,

    proposed SYD-KUL route

    I’ve been waiting for sometime now to see whether the malay government has reached and agreement with AA to fly from sydney to KL (such high demand). Has there been any further progress with this and what month in 2010 can we expect AA to begin this route?

  194. Dear Harry,

    Sadly, no progress. We’re not making any headway to get approval from the Malaysian government to fly to Sydney.

    Apparently this route needs to be protected, at the expense of consumer choice and economic growth.

  195. Hi azran

    Am travelling to london in Sep. Do i need to book Portable Media player when I book the ticket. Also do I have to keep holding on to it – would be quite cumbersome if I have to hold it for 2 hrs to watch a movie.

  196. Dear Marcia,

    Currently we don’t have a system capability to accept pre-bookings for media players.

    We are upgrading our system in July and we’ll see if we can introduce pre-booking for media players. A lot depends on the successful rollout of that new system.

    It comes with a stand, which you can then leave it on the meal tray – you don’t have to hold it.

  197. Dear Azran
    Thanks for reverting so quickly. So how many sets would you have for the KL-Lond route(sep)and how can I ensure I get one. I go crazy if I have no movies to watch on long flights. Thanks.

  198. Dear Marcia,

    Sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer on how to book the portable players other than try to ask the cabin crew right up front once you board.

    We only carry about 40-50 units onboard.

    From my own experience, I load up my laptop with DVDs and movies on iphone/PSP

  199. Hi
    I am flying from the Gold Coast to KL on the 24 June 2010 I only have 3 hours to make it to my connecting flight Air Asia flight to Bali. Can you tell me

    1. Do you have baggage transfer as both flights are with Air Asia?
    2. What happens if the first flight is delayed and I miss my connecting flight to Bali?
    3. Do you think that 3 hours is enough time to get me to my connecting flight.

    I thank you for this forum it is great and provides excellent information to the traveller. I hope that you can assist me with my questions.

  200. Dear Liz,

    Not sure if we’ll be ready for GoldCoast – Bali automatic baggage transfer by 24 June, although its being worked on now.

    Many passengers currently make that same connection currently manually and the 3 hour window is very adequate.

    If your Gold Coast – KL flight is delayed due to our operations, we will get you a seat on the next available Bali flight. For additional coverage beyond the flight, best to sign up for travel insurance.

  201. Hi
    I’ve noticed you say that those missing connecting flights due to Airasia’s delays will be placed on the next available flight. Is that now a general policy? I am flying Melbourne to KL and then on to London (all with Airasia) and was very concerned with the prospect of a missed connection forcing me to purchase a new ticket.

    Can I assume that if I miss my connection in KL that I will be placed on the next flight to London?

    Also, if I have no checked baggage and check in for both flights online, do I still need to clear customs in KL?

    Thank you very much for this forum….very helpful.

  202. Dear Julian,

    We are developing a more specific service for transfer connections on AirAsia X that will be launched in Q3 this year, once we have our new booking engine (new IT platform).

    In the mean time, what we’ll do is get you a next available flight if your inbound flight is delayed due to our operations.

    You don’t have to clear customs whether you have bags or not, if you’re part of our transfer service on selected routes (currently Perth-KL-Stansted and rolled out soon to more pairs).

    If its not an offered transfer service route, then you have to clear customs and check in again.

  203. Hi Azran,

    I know I am probably on the wrong blog but Im desperate, we are due to fly out of MEL-KUL-HKT-MEL 20 June, we booked these flights a year ago and have counted down the days, however, my wife has become ill and has been told not to fly from the Dr. I have called the call centre to no avail… there anything that can be done to at least re book at a later date???? booking numbers RJMDEM and BNJQAT. Hope you can help us! Thanks

  204. Abdul Karim Reply

    hi azran, just wondering flight from KL to Christchurch D7 2754 and return D7 2755, which aircraft air asia x will use and do they have built-in in-flight entertainment. Will be flying in somewhere in june 2011..


  205. Dear Karim,

    1. We’ll be flying our A330-300s to Christchurch.

    2. This Blog article is outdated. We have stripped out all the in-seat In-Flight Entertainment Systems due to poor take-up. We only have portable media players (as above) on all of our flights.

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