Excellent visit with my family to Yogjakarta, Indonesia, a must see is Borobudur, very ancient Buddhist temple where there’s still lots of unanswered questions.

There’s also Prambanan, very old Hindu temple, Merapi volcano and the Sultan’s Palace.

And off course shopping for batik, finest in Indonesia, handicrafts very cheap and great Indonesian food.

We had a good flight, on time to and fro. Food was pre ordered when I book the tickets, so we got our food first. Only thing we should have bought is the pre boarding, otherwise have to rush with the rest. So if you have young children and elderly, do book the pre boarding it’s worth it. Also pre-purchased the check in bags charges. Everything was smooth sailing.

Many hotels available to cater to various budgets, which I think is great. We decided to stay in small local managed hotel, more like a home actually, with only 11 rooms. We took 1 Family room and 1 Standard room. Pool was nice; landscaping was beautiful, very clean and good breakfast. Hotels is called Rumah Mertua, away from the busy bustling city noise. We liked that. To move around, taxis are aplenty, but we decided to rent an MPV since there were 6 of us. Rental fee was not too bad Rp450k for 10 hours with driver and petrol.

There are 2 shopping malls, the best is Ambarok Mall, newest. The older one is Malioboro Mall, should visit both. Jalan Malioboro is the main shopping street, you can spend the whole day there, Must visit is Mirota Batik, I went crazy there, the batiks are so beautiful and reasonable priced.

Majority of people there are very friendly, especially the sales staff at the shops, always smiling and eager to assist.

With the above experiences, do include Yogja as one of your future destinations for a short break, 3 nights is sufficient.


  • Yvonne

    how long will a visit to borobudor take? a whole day? a whole afternoon?

  • Aliza

    Hi Yvonne, journey will take 1 hour to Borobudur you’ll probably spent 1 hour there. There’s also Prambanan Temple to visit and Merapi area where the earth quake happened. So these 3 places will take the whole day.

  • Yvonne

    cool Aliza, thanks for the tip!

  • Azlizam

    Yogyakarta is a city with outstanding historical and cultural heritage – RECOMMENDED 😉

  • Ekarin

    Would like to visit there after read this blog.

    Many thanks.