I didn’t expect culture shock in Hong Kong, since I lived in Kuala Lumpur city all my life. However, the busy streets, LOUD and trendy citizens, having the ladies wearing the same Louis Vuitton handbags and men in black all the time, really shocked me. That aside, this post is about “The FOOD” in Hong Kong that should not be missed. *huge grin*

Food Set Number One

Polo Pao (Pineapple Polo Bun) + Chin Dan (Fried Egg) + Chee Cheung Fun (Rice Noodle) + Pei Dan Sau Yuk Zhuk (Century Egg and Lean Pork Porridge) + Nai Cha (Milk Tea)

Food Set Number Two

Dan Tart (Egg Tart) + Ling Mut (Ice Lemon Tea)

Food Set Number Three

Chu Pa Pao (Pork Steak Bun) + Dan Tart (Egg Tart ) again.. + Ling Mut (Ice Lemon Tea) again..

Food Set Number Four

San Chu Yok Kon (Wild Boar Dried Meat) + Chu Yok Kon (Pork Dried Meat) + Kai Yok Kon (Chicken Dried Meat) + Whatever dried meat that you want

Food Set Number Five

Seriously..I have no idea what are they buying or choosing. But, the locals claimed it to be good for blood circulation. Standing next to me, was an old lady. I asked the po po (grandma) in Cantonese language “Po po mat lei ke?” (What are all this grandma?) She answered “Wa.. kang hai ho ye lo. Lei emm sik sek” (Wa.. good stuffs. Don’t you know how to eat?) I went bewildered and *gasp* =_=””

LASTLY, Food Set Number Six

How can you not have seafood in Hong Kong? Pao Yu (Abalone) + Scallops are popular especially. It is cheaper than Malaysia, that I know of.

Sincere appologies to all Muslim friends. Pork somehow very much served in Hong Kong dishes. You can find pork burger in Mc’Donalds too. Muahahaha…
Less than 4 hour plane ride to Hong Kong from Malaysia was worth while for me..*drool**


  1. I’ll be there on chinese new year!
    *droooolllllling* already

  2. Yummy…looks nice. Makes me miss Hong Kong. Should plan for a trip back there soon.

  3. Where is the place in Hong Kong that is selling Wild Boar Dried Meat, Would Like to Give it a Try?

  4. Hi Que Seng: You can find it at Temple street. A famous brand called “Koi Kee” If you are visiting Macau, you can find ample of branches there..

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