It was planning of 4 months.
D-day arrived.
Everyone from group of 15 entrepreneurs were excited to travel.
We were at Trivendrum airport in India on 24Th Feb 2010.
Check in done smoothly.
That was the moment when i saw red colour dressed air Asia hostess at the counter.

We were at security hold area looking outside toward runway.
That’s it! AirAsia’s flight from Kuala Lumpur to Trivendrum was landing.
Now, everyone was eager to board the plane.
Boarding announced.
Air Asia’s plane ready for boarding.

Pilot and co were standing near aerobridge.
FA were standing inside the plane near the door welcoming passenger.
I entered the plane.

“Welcome sir, Namastey.”

I was shocked,
I had not expected Namastey from Malaysian airline AirAsia.
At that moment, i realized that AirAsia will rule the Indian sky for south east Asian destinations.

Everyone settled in the seats.
As we picked our seats during on-line booking, our group was together in the plane.
Looked around, flight was almost full.
Take off announced and our dream trip started.

Pre-ordered meal served by ever smiling flight attendants.
We were the first to get the meal.
Fried rice was good but i had not enjoyed chicken satay.

Happy faces after food

I was little concerned about seat pitch but to my surprise, 6 feet tall guy like me was very comfortable.

Comfortable seat pitch

We were flying over Sri Lanka but there was no announcement by pilot.
After crossing bay of Bengal, plane entered in Indonesian sky but again, no announcement.
Shortly after some time, pilot announced final descend.
Then, i saw some port of Malaysia.
After 180 degree turn, it was smooth landing at KLIA.

While leaving the plane, it was thanks and dhanywad from FA.

Arrived at immigration counters of lcct, it was smooth procedure.
Collected our baggage and cleared customs.
Now, we were officially in Malaysia, the first choice of Indians for overseas holiday destination.

It was very easy to find red coloured sky-bus to travel toward kl sentral.
As we reserved our seats for sky-bus while booking AirAsia tickets, the staff handed us the pass after confirming the booking.
The sky-bus is really comfortable.

Me at front in comfortable skybus

Reached to kl sentral at @ 6 pm local time.

In next four days, we enjoyed the fabulous places in and around KL.
Batu caves, kl tower, kl aquaria, twin towers, Putrajaya, kl bird park, Dataran Merdeka, Genting highland are some of the places to visit.

Twin tower

Kl tower

Done shopping at various malls at Jalan Bukit Bintang and Petaling street.
Though it was hot and humid, we enjoyed every moment in kl.

We went to Singapore for one day by Air Asia’s first flight from kl and returned back by last flight of Air Asia from Singapore to kl.

Both times, bought in-flight food and coffee.

1st march, day of return to India,
It was almost 11 am,
we were in hurry to catch 2:50 pm flight from kl to Cochin.
came to kl sentral by taxi,
it was almost 12 noon,
settled in waiting sky-bus scheduled to leave at 12:30pm,
at 12:20 pm, i realized that i may have lost my flight booking papers mentioning our reservations about sky-bus,
all 15 guys were in tense mood,
if we can not show our booking papers, we have to pay for sky-bus,
me and my friend ran into kl sentral station,
found one internet cafe,
somehow, managed to print two booking tickets but could not print third ticket for single pax,
time was running out,
ran back to sky-bus,
it was almost 12:45pm,
i realized the mistake,
we may miss the flight,
tried to call AirAsia’s call center,
but could not get third booking number,
came to lcct at @ 1:50pm,
went to self check in kiosk,
entered the data,
check in done,
three boarding passes printed,
remaining passes came out blank,
no ink in the machine,
what next?
ran toward the counter mentioned on the printed boarding pass,
time 2:05pm,

”sorry sir, check in closed, please go to counter no R12″,

again ran like Ben,
found the counter number R12,
lost paper story told to the gentlemen at the counter,
he checked the status,

”sir, you are already checked in”,

“yes, but our boarding passes are not printed and we have to deposit our bags”,

“what, check in for Cochin already closed”,

“sorry sir, we are 15 pax and we are late”,

a young lady with walky talky near the counter came for our rescue,

she immediately gave instructions to some one,
and directed us to counter number R13 which was meant for check in for some other flight,
the lady at R14 shown how fast and efficiently check in of 15 guys can be done.

I, Ashish from India, on behalf of group of 15, thanks to the lady at counter no R13 on 1st march at @ 2pm, thanks to the gentleman at counter no R12, and thanks to the lady with walky talky near counter no R12/13 for your timely help.

Then, it was run for immigration and done,
quick stroll at duty free for some purchase, we boarded the plane.

It was again same friendly experience of service,
In the flight our group bought the items offered by redmegastore,
The rates are reasonable compared to quality,
I had made purchase worth 200RM and it was the best shopping experience.
Landed in Cochin on time,
The routine life started.

I asked my wife “have you flown AirAsia”? and pillow hit my face.

Now, my hands are itching to book the tickets for me and my family for longer holiday in Malaysia,
Hope, i will be in Malaysia within a year.