Note from Blog Team: Due to personal reasons, Jian How has asked us to retract his entry from the competition. This opens up more spots. We would like to leave his post as inspiration for the others. With that we will release one more entry for today. With that, congratulations to Jessica Lee. You are our fourth shortlisted candidate and one step closer to your dreams. We feel you are simply amazing.

Being a pilot has been my ambition since i was very young . Having a chance to fly was such an exhilarating experience for me , but what about steering an airplane ? Wow , it would be too exciting !!!
I believe everyone can fly ,and why not me ? I believe as long as we have the spirit, then we can work hard to achieve our dream , and that’s what I am doing . Since I was very young , I have always admired those who have a chance to be up in air in an airplane , but air fare is so expensive ! Thanks to Air Asia , its low air fare gained me a chance to be up in the air . I believe that everyone can fly , as what Air Asia said , and what I want is not just to fly in an airplane as a passenger sitting in a fuselage , but is to fly in an airplane as a pilot ! I believe when there is a dream , there is an opportunity . Every time when I saw an airplane flying in the air on the top of my head , I will start to imagine how the feeling is like if I am in the cockpit now .
Learning that to be a pilot must be excellent in English , Physics , and Maths , I strive hard in those subjects . I entered Science stream since form 4 and that is when I started to exposed myself to Physics . Frankly speaking , I was not good in Physics in my early form 4 , however finally I managed to perform as times went by .Having great enthusiasm in Physics , I put my heart and soul not only in every lesson , but also in every question . I was so fortunate that I had a very responsible teacher during my form 4 and form 5 . She was very willing to help me to solve any problems that I don’t understand and she always gave me courage and confidence to hold on and continually give a try when I stumbled and fell .It was too fortunate for me to have her as my teacher . She was my Physics teacher , and now still she is my teacher in my heart , and she will be my teacher forever in my heart . Not only that she taught me Physics , but she also taught me many other things . Being a senior teacher who have so much loving and caring for her students , she gave me so much courage whenever I failed . Thankfully after so much hard works , I managed to score A1 in Physics in my SPM which I sat on 2007 . I was on cloud nine when I got my result and the first person I would like to send my appreciations to is my teacher . From this , I strongly believe that when we have a dream to fly , then we can fly . Even though through tough times , courage , hardwork , determination , and a lot of love , can give us wings to fly .
Besides that , my father also inspire me a lot in my way to realize my dream . As the station head of Johore in Air Asia , my father Jackson Lee inspired me a lot where I learned more about this career through him . My father gave me a lot of courage in chasing my dream . Moreover , I got a chance to know more about the qualifications and many questions about a pilot .
Apart from that , Air Asia is a rapid growing listed company . AirAsia has been expanding rapidly since 2001, to become an award winning and the largest low cost carrier in Asia. It started on two used Boeing 737 until today it has 72 brand new airbus A320 and flies to over 61 domestic and international destinations with 108 routes, and operates over 400 flights daily from hubs located in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. It creates the greatest working environment and opportunity .
Last but not least , having a chance to study with Air Asia will help me to solve my financial problem also . Studying pilot need a lot of money and my family is unable to support me to private flying school . Although we are not considered very poor , but to support my education fees is impossible as my parents need to pay for my grandma’s medical fees . My grandma is handicapped and she need to depend on wheelchair in order to move around .My parents always remind us the importance of filial-piety and that’s what they are practicing now . Moreover , my parents want us to be independent and that’s why my parents told me that I need to settle my education fees after I finish my form six . I strongly agree that filial-piety is important and it is good that my parents train me to be independent so that I need to be responsible for all my actions and its consequences .
Finally , I hope that Air Asia can give me a chance to fly with them and to realize my dream . And before I forgot , thanks to Air Asia for holding such a meaningful competition . Thank you !!!

# For your kind information , I am studying in upper six now and I will be taking STPM by the end of 2009.
Thanks .


  • Kong Sun

    Wow simply amazing. Really admire what you wrote.

    True oso we must be independent. I have been independent since young.

    I understand on your situation as well.

  • Lee

    Thank you …
    Please bless me to be success in achieving my dream …
    Work hard and work hard …
    So that when opportunity comes , I am prepared to go for it …
    I am prepared !!!

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    You have our blessings Jessica. Go forth and unleash your powers. But before that, remember to reply us with your contact details through email. Have a nice day.

  • Low

    Form 6 rocks! but it’s a different level all together for the studies. (I went, I played, I failed LOLz) but I’ve fixed myself during degree time =p

    study hard dude~*

    more girls coming in YAY!

  • Wan Siong

    Jessica Lee,

    Great job there Jessica.
    Very sincere words all put together.
    Wish you all the best ya.

    Siew Wan Siong

  • Daphne Siew Li

    Would be looking forward to be working together *hopefully* and get to know each other :)

  • Hare

    Well done! Second girl power is in.

    I believe by now the BlogTeam is reading my post^^ and soon it will reach the readers :)

    I’m so anxious about this!

    you’ve made it 1 step closer to your goal, keep it up and I’ll meet you up above the clouds. 😛

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    You better believe that we’re reading your post and the others as well Hare.

  • Dinagaran


  • Hare

    haha^^ I know, it’s not easy to read so many posts within a short period, but u people rockz no matter how heavy the task is! ^^
    I trust you guys are doing a good job! ^^

  • Chee Keong

    i don think the blogging team will ignore the post la..

    anyway lee,

    now, we have an equal number of males and females in the list!!

    there’s just this misunderstading in the eyes of the public that only males can be a pilot…
    well, girls, i salute u all for standing up for your dream!

    good job!!

  • Lee

    Thank you everyone for your encouragement …
    Hope that all of us can be success in realizing our dream…
    :) Have a nice day ~

  • Hare

    Hi, it’s not that girls can’t make gud pilots BUT the regulation prevents them from being one, the condition that the height of an aspiring commercial pilot is fixed to at around 163cm by most airlines for safety concern.

    ‘The height requirement is the required height for the cockpit gender notwithstanding. Apologies but no compromise due to safety concerns.’

    and maybe that’s the 1st obstacle girls facing ?

  • Jasper

    Nice post, Lee. Glad you made it.

  • Lee

    Ha ha ~ Thankfully I am 167cm tall … so height requirement is not an obstacle to me ~ :p

  • Lee

    To Air Asia blog team ,
    I hope you don’t mind to let me know if you have received my e-mail regarding my contact details , do you ?
    Thanks and regards …

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Jessica, we have received it. Unfortunely, we were away in Perth on official business. Our apologies in our late response.

  • Dominic

    Good luck in your chosen path!

  • Lee

    To Air Asia blog team ,
    Thank you for letting me know that you have received my contact details . Looking forward for any good news from you … :p

  • Chua

    I found out that the airline ticket price for bkk can be start from rm200++ drop to rm89,after that drop to rm25, and now current promotion drop to rm9. Is that this call World’s Best Low Cost Airline because of YOU. Although you can get this awards but it was unfair to many early bird users that booking ealier.

  • Chua

    you all only post good news then how about complaint??

  • Kong Sun

    Owh no wonder the blog team does not always approve cooment like usual. You all are on official business trip that’s way.

    I wish the blog team all the best in your business trip.

  • Wai Weng

    Jessica, agree with you that independent is very important, no matter you are guys or gals. Congrats…

  • Lee

    Hi everyone ,

    The interview is just around the corner and I am so eager to meet you all !!! Especially to the other 34 applicants , I am so eager to get to know with all of you , friends who are sharing the same dream and looking for the same path ….Would you mind to leave your e-mail address to me ? thanks … thanks to air asia blog team for helding such a meaningful competition too ….