Hmm…..sometimes when we watched Hollywood movies that screened nice sunset view. I am always keep thinking when and where I can see that fantastic view without going to America or Europe. but then when I come to Bali…gosh…..I saw not just fantastic but also dramatic and speechless sunset view that can make us always thinking about our God, how amazing he is…

So, people if you never been to Bali then you recommend to go there, you will see how amazing is our creature. AirAsia already increase the flying time, it is very flexible now for us to choose the time to go Bali and return to KL

Here are some of the sunset pictures that taken by not yet-professional photographer, of Bali Sunset view, but of course it is quite nice, and believe me it is not just in the pictures, but what you can see in the pictures also exactly the same in real…… (or maybe we can say what we see in the real is like pictures/painting) amazing rite….

so enjoy the pictures and enjoy Bali also…



  1. Amirah Kausar Reply

    yes, i trust many who have been to Bali couldnt agree more with David .. i have not been to many other parts of the world, but comparing with Gold Coast, Bali, is the best. The sunset is indeed fantastic and you are actually admiring one of God’s great creation in the entire universe .. if i can remember well, it only took about 30 min before the sun to totally disappear at the end of horizon .. dats the end of it, and nite falls .. one would certainly miss such view as it is not ‘available’ here .. d pic of the lake, is it at the volcano, David ??? so beautiful pic, i must say ..

  2. Your pictures are really beautiful, you’re a very good photographer! Thanks for sharing.

  3. i love the last picture. I had to admit that bali have the best sunset view. This is also a reason why i love bali alot. There dont have big tall building but all they have the beauty of nature which god given to them.

    Bali, is on my 2009 vacation list. wish to go there after my bangkok trip. =)

  4. The most balanced place on earth..there’s no stress.

    I would like to come back, even though I have been there twice ..I Love Bali so much !

  5. you have a bright future as an photographer.thanks for sharing and hope to see more of your travel pictures. gogo david!!

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