Does AirAsia passively condone smoking on its flights? I’ve experienced cigarette smoke on at least 3 AirAsia flights including my recent flight Friday from Johor Bharu to Kota Kinabalu and on Sunday from Kota Kinabalu to Johor Bharu.

I reported the problem to the flight attendants in all three flights as soon as I smelled the cig smoke in the cabin and each acted as if they were investigating the problem by going and sniffing around the bathroom where the passenger presumably smoked but then they didn’t take any further action such as making an additional announcement to remind passengers not to smoke in flight and didn’t make an effort to alert the Captain. It is dangerous and unhealthy for other passengers for there to be open flames and bad air on the flight. Why is it tacitly condoned by flight crew?

In one instance, the 2nd time I reported it on Sunday night to a 2nd flight attendant since it was the 2nd time on that flight that someone was smoking, she told me she didn’t smell it! All the passengers around me in mid cabin smelled it. I think this makes for a very very negative customer experience to be trapped in a medal tube filled with cigarette smoke recirculating throughout the cabin and a flight crew that doesn’t really care.

Please fix it and make it so the smoke detector can’t be tampered and that passengers face stiff penalties if they choose to smoke on board. I’d be interested to see if other customers have similar experiences and what solutions AirAsia thinks can be implemented.


  • Krshna

    Well, I never have that experience before. I believe that it would be a dangerous flight if that happens. Thanks.

  • Chu How

    Need to take serious action for the passenger who smoke.. Before the flight have announcement that aircraft is a non smoking flight.

  • Hiromi

    I had a same experence fron bangkok to hanoi last summer.

  • Alyeanne

    Indeed, I came across with it several times when I travel with AirAsia. Hope AirAsia look into this matter seriously.

  • Yusrizal

    smoking on flights is indeed a serious offence.

  • Koh

    We share your concerns regarding smoking onboard the aircraft. It is indeed prohibited but there are many who have no regard at all for rules or regulations or safety of others. Unfortunately, we cannot take any action unless we catch the culprit in the act. If caught, we will hand over the recalcitrant to the authorities and make a report upon landing. Without proof, there is really nothing we can do. Thanks for sharing!

    Evelyn Koh
    Regional Head, Legal

  • Bomba

    Evelyn is right – if you cannot catch the ‘criminal’ in the act, there is no crime, and just to share with all of you the following:

    Civil Aviation Regulation 73(2) of the National legislation/regulation states that – The penalty on conviction of smoking onboard an aircraft is a fine not exceeding RM 1,000 and/or up to three months imprisonment.


  • Adrian

    Definitely a serious offence, which, rest assured, we in AirAsia take very seriously. All offenders caught are handed over to the local airport security, on arrival, for further action. This is done discreetly, so as to not embarrass anybody.

    Sometimes it is difficult to catch these so called offenders, because the crew have no proof of the crime. Unless of course they catch the person as he or she is coming out of the toilet, with cigarette smoke still lingering in the air, leaving the person no choice, but to own up to it. By this time, the cigarette bud would have been long gone. The flight attendants are also reminded to constantly monitor the toilets, that being the likely crime scene.

    As for smoke detectors in the toilets, the crew check them before the start of the day’s flight and at every crew changeover, for it’s serviceability. Tamper proof detectors? Can’t do much there, they’re standard issue from the aircraft manufacturers.

    Thank you all for the input, it’s all taken on board and we’ll continue to look at ways, in the hope that we’ll be able to eradicate it one day.

    Captain Adrian Jenkins
    Regional Head, Flight Operations

  • Wee Kiak

    pasang more smoke detectors… put these uncivilized smokers in the jail!