I refer to the ad in The Star on the 5th of November (page 21 – refer to attached). Is this really a bad case of not checking an ad or is it a blatant disregard for the intelligence of us consumers? I’m definitely not one who is a rocket scientist, but I think a simple calculation of adding and subtracting can be accomplished by even a child 3 years and above. I have never seen anything like that before. Was it really a mistake? If so, it’s totally UNACCEPTABLE for a company such as MAS. It then makes me wonder, was it intentional and deliberate? If so, shame on you! It’s a disgrace if it is so. Don’t ever insult my inteligence!! Check out the circled figure.

I refer to a fellow blogger on this site earlier, who stressed that he can’t seem to get a seat on an MAS flight with their stated offers. So, having those offers may not necessarily be an offer after all, if only an extremely limited number can get hold of them.

AirAsia, thank you for managing my expectations as far as fares are concerned.



  1. MAS low fares are only meant for publicity gimmick cos there are limited seats available. In the end still AA is giving us lowest air fares. Keep it up!

  2. Mohamed Ghouse Reply

    It is really shameful..whether be deliberate or outright careless…

    If it is due to carelessness, how can I trust MAS to fly me to my destination safely?

    On the fare, I can affirm, every time I want to travel, I will do a quick check in MAS and AirAsia website on fares, and AirAsia fares always turned out to be 50% or more cheaper than MAS…So MAS..your attempt to confuse readers will always be in VAIN….Instead of bad mouthing, look at your ownself and see how you could improve yourself…

  3. i think it’s good if AirAsia apply this idea instead of promoting free seats with hidden cost which will mislead someone.

  4. OMG… I just can’t believe how our dear supposed-to-be nationally prominent airline can make such dumb, careless and tasteless mistake in an ad. they spent millions of dollars on.

    Now… this is what you call 5-star?

  5. Ha ha ha… i didn’t even notice…
    MAS u really got me…

  6. Sulaiman Tang Reply

    Yes it really nonsence of MAS. You will never find any seat with the Low Fares seat offer even you try to book from second they start the promotion (i mean 00.01 am). This has been from the very promotion they start offer Free seat

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