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16 March 2013

Discovering A Whole New World – Semarang [Part 1]

AirAsia Social Media team

By AirAsia Social Media team

Flying has always been a distant dream for me, let alone to travel the world. However, that dream has turned into reality after a month of working in AirAsia as a newbie. AirAsia is sending me to SEMARANG, Indonesia – My very first “non-Malaysia” destination! I arrived at the airport with my luggage in hand, ready to bid Malaysia a farewell as I met up with fellow media representatives whom will be my travel buddies for the week.

It couldn’t have come sooner that we finally board our flight and took off into the vast blue skies, hovering over white, cotton-candyish clouds which of course, triggered my hunger pangs. If you ever felt the need to munch sky-high, don’t hesitate purchasing the in-flight meals because they are simply delish! I know I really enjoyed my special monthly combo, the cheese baked rice that came with a 100 Plus.

Hours later, our plan landed and a rush of excitement runs through me as I step now the plane and onto the ground of Indonesia! HELLO INDONESIA! Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the Indonesian tourism board with a special tea ceremony just before heading off to our bedazzling hotel! We were given an hour to rest and freshen up before we head off to a beautifully night-lit floating restaurant by the shores. Dinner was a new experience to me. They are of the same ingredient as back home but a whole new cooking style and taste. It really nice to try something entirely new and different from time to time. I was really pleased with the soup and avocado juice!

The next morning, we were greeted by a delicious buffet breakfast meal that holds the fluffiest pastries, steamy hot bun, sizzling omelette and freshly squeezed juice! I literally ate like a king that morning!

Once our tummies were happily filled, we proceed with a visit to the Semarang wood carving village where we were exposed to the process of wood carving and furniture production. The carvers developed these skills since young and have relied on their hands, making exquisite art as a source of their livelihood!

The wood carving village has left us at awe as we contemplate in purchasing as much wooden art as we could possible carry but the time for us to depart to the jetty has arrived. The jetty was a familiar experience to most of us whom enjoyed visiting islands in Malaysia, but this was different! If you’re one who enjoy bumpy boat rides (like me!!) then this is perfect, otherwise I would suggest that you make sure you take the upper deck where fresh air is unlimited and to bring a plastic bag. Well anyway, after 2 hours of ferry ride we have finally arrived at the exotic, hidden paradise of Semarang – Karimunjawa!

Follow me next week, as I journey with my fellow media buddies through Karimunjawa, experiencing the village life, touring the seas and enjoying fun activities. Till the, toodles!