Last month my flight to MIRI was delayed by 2-3 hours due to the 1st engine failure during the push back and engines start up sequal. so the captain announced that the flight was a “No Go Flight” after been confirmed by the engineering team and aircraft replacement need to be done. so after 2-3 hours waiting at the LCCT boarding terminal we manage to on board the replacement aircraft and immediately takeoff to our destination. As for me the delay was not a big deal if you are looking at the safety issue hence when somebody asked me during the flight whether the passengers can claim something from Air Asia? since they know that I’m a lawyer, so i answer them what is the most important to you, safety or money?

For me this delay was beyond the control of the aircrew, management and also the engineering team since engine failure sometimes cannot be detected during the maintenance normal checkup so thanks to the Pilots who detected it and the right decision was made. In my opinion if the delay was due to the clear cut negligence cases of the pilot error or the engineering team or due to the inefficiency of the management ground staff then only Air Asia is liable for the compensation however my opinion this is not the case.

The bottom line here was that we reach to Miri airport safely although a bit late from the actual schedule and most importantly yesterday i received email from AirAsia giving me the e-gift voucher for RM200.00 due to delay and On Time Guarantee compensation.

Thanks Air Asia and i will use it for my trip somewhere November 2009 to Kuching or Bali.


Nor Azril Roselan
Legal Practitioner and frequent flyer of Air Asia.


  • David

    Agreed………..Safety 1st, for me Air Asia is for leisure so delayed as long as because of safety reason will be no big deal for me.

  • Chuo

    Dear Mr Roselan
    I was curious when is your flight taken place? My flight were purely delayed due to previous sector and it made us waited for 3 hours delayed in July. Sadly when asked for the OTG e voucher, the reply i got is ” Soory to say that the OTG is terminated on July 15″ simply mean, ‘hey dude u ain’t getting any money’.

  • Kung Yung

    Hi Roselan,

    How I wish every passenger is as considerate as you. There have been way too many examples of passengers demanding compensation whenever their flights are delayed. I’ve worked for one of the best airline in the world and I dare say there is NO airline that are delay-free. Too many factors are beyond the airline’s control, but many passengers fail / choose not to understand. It’s also clearly stated under the T&C whenever tickets are purchased:

    Article 9 Schedules, Cancellations
    9.1 Schedules: We will use our best efforts to avoid delay in carrying you and your
    baggage. We will endeavour to adhere to published schedules in effect on the date of travel. However, times shown in timetables, schedules or elsewhere are subject to change at any time and from time to time and we shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any loss incurred by passengers as a result of such change.

    Anyway have an enjoyable trip in NOV.


  • Din Effendi

    I agree with cannot be compromised for whatever reasons.
    AA should hire you as their Legal & Safety Advisor from now on :)

  • Ahilan

    Dear Mr.Roselan,

    You are right about choosing safety over money. AirAsia had always ensured the safety of their passengers before anything else and I am glad you had written such a meaningful post highlighting this message.

    Thanks and Hope you will continue being an AirAsia fan…

  • Sayang

    i thot airasia no longer give on time guarantee…?????

  • Nor Azril

    hi thanks for the comments i received from you guys regarding my tread, well i guess its just a plane thought and honest comment, i always dream of working with AirASia (obviously not in AirAsia but with AirAsia) as external panel lawyer i guess…anyone knows how can i apply? like to give it a try… :)
    thank you.

  • Chuo

    Well, i bet naturally all pax will choose safety over money. I’m just curious why AK says the OTG E Voucher is terminated and yet they offer to their delayed guess in this case. Double standard?

  • Wai Jin

    I am not surprise why they discontinue the OTG e vouchers….too many being issued due to abuse and not merely numerous safety issues?

    I personally feel OTG e vouchers or minor compensation should be given to passengers who are delayed upon returning to Malaysia LCCT especially for arrivals (where their booking ETA is usually before midnight) after 12 midnight!

    This is because the passengers who are using Malaysia LCCT taxis have to Pay 50% more in their taxifare after 12 midnight!!