AirAsia should not wait for LCCT to expand. Instead of increasing your flights from LCCT, you should try to regionalise your flight to other airport for example from Malacca Batu Berendam or from Ipoh to destination in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and etc. Batu Berendam in The Heritage state of Malacca sure have enough customers for you. All these foreign tourists can fly to other destinations in Malaysia, eg. Sabah, Sarawak, Penang, Langkawi, Terengganu and etc. via Malacca intead of driving to LCCT and congest the airport. Quick hop to Batu Berendam without stress of traveling to KL, tourist can explore other part of Malaysia. It will be convenient for tourists to visit Malacca because there is direct flight to Malacca from Domestic airport and maybe International destination. Let me summarize the advantages of utilizing Batu Berendam Airport.

1. You will decongest LCCT
2. Tourists in Malacca can easily explore other state because the gateway is just in front of their doorstep.
3. Tourists from other states and countries can also easily visit Malacca without having to go through LCCT.
4. Cost reduction for AirAsia customers because now everybody can fly “from Malacca” with AirAsia. No traveling expenses to LCCT.
5. I am sure the Batu Berendam airport is much more better and comfortable for consumers than LCCT. No discrimination against AirAsia being a customer of MAB.
6. AirAsia can becaome key player to promote Heritage states such as Penang and Malacca to customers in Indo-China, Indonesia, China, India, and etc.

Grateful if you could explore the bove suggestion and help your customer to save money.


  1. Melaka is only 1.5 hours drive away from LCCT. I don’t think it is necessary and economical to do that. People from other parts of the country don’t come to Malaysia just for Melaka you know…

  2. Well, indeed there are factors to be considered before making a major mave such as creating a new route though we might think that it is rather easy to do so, well let’s hope for the best to come….

  3. Well… AirAsia, is there a plan to use Batu Berendam airport?

  4. What I can suggest to Air Asia that all flights to Indonesia to flight from Batu Berendam airports…

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