Cu-mu-lo-nim-bus ˌkyu myə loʊˈnɪm bəs [kyoo-myuh-loh-nim-buh s]
–noun, plural -bus.
a cloud of a class indicative of thunderstorm conditions, characterized by large, dense towers that often reach altitudes of 30,000 ft. (9000 m) or more, cumuliform except for their tops, which appear fibrous because of the presence of ice crystals: occurs as a single cloud or as a group with merged bases and separate tops.

Also called thundercloud, thunderclouds, thunderhead.

Cumulonimbus. That would exactly be the descriptive word of my first week at AirAsia; simply a magnificent experience of uncertainty and excitement at the “highest peak”.

I remember the hustle and bustle at LCCT and the restlessness of the various crew units hustling and bustling in and out. The clockwork just rushing by as everyone simply knew what he or she was doing is simply fantastic; crew clocking in and out of their stations and ground staff running on the tarmac. It was a whole new window into the airlines industry and it still is.

Blogging as part of the airlines family had been absolutely fabulous with absolute access into the operations and the run down of an airlines. Watch this space as I go on myth buster adventures slash insightful journeys into the daily mysteries of Asia’s best low cost carrier. More ramblings and great insights to come!


  • Almond

    Myth buster adventures and daily mysteries? I like! Can’t wait for it!

    BTW, Cu-mu-lo-nim-bus, sounds like a word out from Harry Potter book. LOL.

  • Amirul

    I’ve been in AirAsia for a little over a year now. If growth is a slope, I’ve yet to see a peak, coz we seem to keep growing. =)

    Fun Fact: Christopher Cumulonimbus discovered America in 1492. LOL

  • Derek

    I hope we never see the end of the slope and heres to many more stories to entertain us all ahead.