My Melbourne day 1 trip video is now available on YouTube.

My sister, Joanne said to me before the trip that it was hard for her to imagine how she would feel living in 10C weather. As soon as we reached Melbourne, she could feel the coldness in her every cell. :) haha.

We decided to go with Joy’s homestay which is located in Glen Huntly (20 minutes from the city by Metro tram). It was a little inconvenient to live in the suburb, but I really wanted to travel and to live the local way, so I chose homestay accommodation.

I’ve planned to do travel research online, so I was caught off guard to find out that there’s no internet in the house. Ooops!

So, I had to use other options: internet cafe, guide book, visitor center, or just ask the locals. :)

Watch the video for the summary of our day 1 trip in Melbourne.

Also, thanks to AirAsia X for making our trip more affordable!


  • Gerald

    Hey thanks for putting this review together .. it portrays a lot of the things which we Australians take for granted – the relative space, the friendliness, and great too that your video caught the colour and aspects of chilling out, even the view of an Australian downtown home kitchen.

    Very watchable editing and I don’t think I saw your sister hitting you once. As in STOP filming me!!

  • Muneer

    Great information about Malbourne, it gave me some insight as to what to expect . I am due to travel in March 2011 and have my booking confirmed.Can any one tell me what would be the weather like then. Perhaps “Gerald” can chip in with the information. Also can any one suggest the names of the budget,Comfortable and Secure Hotels in downtown City of Melbourne and the rates to expect. Thanks .

  • Yew Ming

    Gerald, it’s always fun to travel with my sister. :) We are goof balls and make fun of each other.

    Muneer, you can check for weather forecast and has reviews on hotels and restaurants. There are other sites as well. Just google.

  • Muneer

    Hi Gerald,

    Many thanks for the directions .

  • Kar Mun

    hey, i’ll travel to Melbourne next year April for 8 days.. wondering if u have any suggestion for accomodation for backpackers=me? erm….. i plan to go to victoria then great ocean road then adelaide and to Tasmania…… i still don know how to plan my trip….. can u please advise?

  • Yew Ming

    I bought a copy of Melbourne Insight Guides (Know the City Like a Native) by Discovery Channel. It was really useful. You can also look up backpackers inn/motel on google.

  • Yat Yuen

    Hi Kar Mun,

    I would recommend doing it from Adelaide-melbourne-tasmania if you can afford to do it that way by driving all the way. Drive to Melbourne from Adelaide via the great ocean road, then cross the ferry (overnight) from port melbourne to devonport of tasmania :). It is best to rent a car and drive around on your own freedom if you have the time and money to spare :)